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2007-07-11 Overvoltage protection regulator suits car, industrial apps
Linear Technology has introduced an overvoltage protection regulator with overcurrent protection and inrush current limiting for car and industrial apps.
2007-08-09 Overvoltage and overcurrent protection IC and Li+ charger front-end protection IC
This application note from Texas Instruments discusses The bq24314 and bq24316 highly integrated circuits that are designed to provide protection to Li-ion batteries from failures of the charging circuit.
2014-12-29 Optimise system energy consumption with MRAM
Find out whether the fast-write and power-up-to-write times for MRAM can significantly reduce total system energy consumption compared to either EEPROM or Flash.
2007-07-10 Op amps enable power savings, extended operation
Intersil has launched a new family of power-efficient, rail-to-rail I/O operational amplifiers and comparators designed to deliver battery savings and extended operation.
2014-09-29 Online monitoring of resistive power load (Part 2)
As we have already tackled the models and topologies for continuously monitoring the resistance of power load in Part 1, we will now look into interesting cases and examples.
2008-06-19 On-chip sensors regulate environment temp levels
NEC Corp. has made a possible breakthrough in the data center and related environments with the development of an on-chip temperature sensor technology that is set to ''visualize'' the thermal distribution levels in a device, reducing power consumption.
2003-07-08 ON Semi power MOSFETs reduce board space
The company has expanded its portfolio of power MOSFETs with the release of the self-protected SmartDiscrete family of devices that are suitable for use in automotive apps.
2004-04-06 ON Semi MOSFETs rated to 10A
ON Semiconductor has extended its line of simplified power supply design solutions with the release of a new line of 600V MOSFETs.
2007-06-13 O2Micro wins DC/DC patent
The U.S. government has granted O2Micro Intl Ltd rights to 19 patent claims for its DC/DC converter power management architecture.
2008-03-13 NXP transceivers first to comply with FlexRay PHY test
NXP Semiconductors claims its TJA1080A chip has passed the FlexRay PHY Conformance Test, the industry standard for FlexRay products, making it the first transceiver to comply with this test.
2016-04-08 No more frustrating connection tries with AQ15 Series USB
Phihong's latest USB power adapter is versatile enough to be used in a wide range of devices and designs, and is available with North American and European prongs.
2005-10-26 New transmitter from TI available in miniature MSOP-8 package
Texas Instruments announced a high accuracy 4mA to 20mA transmitter in a miniature MSOP-8 package that features low offset and span errors.
2005-09-02 New LED driver from austriamicro
austriamicrosystems extended its LED driver family with the release of the AS3691 4x400mA LED driver, designed for the fast-growing high and ultra high brightness LED application market.
2013-06-18 New IEEE 1149.1-2013 supports accessing Silicon Instruments
Intellitech announced support for accessing "Silicon Instruments" (SM) through the latest IEEE 1149.1-2013 JTAG standard.
2006-09-29 New CompactPCI boards are conduction cooled
The new D601 SBC from MEN Micro feature Intel Pentium M processors and conduction cooling for fanless operation.
2011-02-28 New architecture enables ready-to-use touch controllers
Atmel's AT42QT1070 and AT42QT2120 QTouch capacitive touch controllers for button, slider and wheel functionality offer up to 203.2mm proximity range making 3D gesture capability possible.
2002-09-10 National temperature sensor integrates fan control
The LM63 temperature sensor from National Semiconductor Corp. integrates fan control programming, enabling the IC to be used in desktop PCs, laptops, workstations, and servers.
2002-01-08 National Semiconductor switching controller features easy-use design
The LM3485 switching controller is designed to enable a switching regulator solution for a wide range of step-down requirements without the need for compensation.
2008-10-27 National Semiconductor beefs up analog portfolio
National Semiconductor unveils a series of innovative, energy-efficient automotive products that enable emerging applications in LED lighting, powertrain, safety and infotainment systems.
2005-09-08 National rolls two new converters
National Semiconductor introduced two new high-performance converters that promise to increase efficiency and extend battery life in high-current applications.
2006-06-08 Multiplexer packs VGA switching in a single chip
Maxim has introduced a single-chip solution that promises to perform the entire VGA video switching task.
2008-09-04 Monitoring ICs convey real-time power info
Summit Microelectronics has introduced the SMM151/2/3 product family of environmental monitoring ICs.
2014-01-06 Monitoring heart rates with PSoC
Here's the design of a heart rate monitor using programmable system-on-a-chip.
2009-11-09 Mobile phones get solar-powered
Sharp is diversifying its solar component portfolio to address a wide range of mobile applications, such as mobile handsets.
2008-10-15 Mixed-signal FPGAs heed medical calling
Increasing health care costs, the prevalence of chronic diseases, aging populations and large emerging markets are creating tremendous demand for affordable, robust and reliable medical devices to improve the treatment and care of millions of patients worldwide.
2011-05-17 Miniature connectors reduce form factor by 30%
Hypertronics has introduced its new miniature connectors that are designed to reduce the form factor by nearly 30 percent, while providing maximum signal reliability.
2003-05-13 Micrel power controllers boast improved sequencing
Micrel Semiconductor has announced the availability of a pair of dual-channel hot swap power controllers that provide flexible power sequencing capabilities.
2005-08-16 Micrel high-current power switches offer cost, space savings
Micrel launched a family of high-current power switches that are designed for PCs, STBs, game controllers and USB host devices, including the market's latest printers which all require current limiting as protection against short circuits.
2007-10-26 MEMS inclinometer makes tilt sensing affordable
ADI has released a dual-axis inclinometer that makes extremely accurate, easy-to-use tilt sensing an affordable and accessible option for industrial equipment manufacturers.
2010-02-02 MCU packs 3.5Kbyte flash, 10bit ADC
The PIC12F617 MCU features 3.5Kbyte of self-programmable flash, and peripherals such as a 10bit ADC, comparator, PWM and VREF for closed-loop-control apps, all in 3mm x 3mm DFN package.
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