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What does WCDMA stand for?
WCDMA stands for wideband-code division multiple access. It is a 3G technology that increases data transmission rates in GSM systems by using the CDMA air interface instead of TDMA.
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2004-11-23 WCDMA TX theory and measured results from Maxim's WCDMA reference design v1.0
This app note offers a broad technical overview of the key requirements for 3G transmitters.
2006-09-20 WCDMA to drive mobile capex, study says
Though GSM is the dominant cellular technology, WCDMA will account for the lion's share of capital investment by mobile operators in 2012, said an ABI Research study.
2006-02-17 WCDMA PAs tout industry's lowest power consumption
Anadigics's new HELP3 WCDMA power amplifiers tout to offer the industry's lowest power consumption and provide full compliance with HSDPA requirements.
2014-03-28 WCDMA baseband addresses low-end smartphone market
The WCDMA baseband SoC from RDA is based on a 1GHz ARM Cortex A5 processor, and integrates several components including RF transceiver, WCDMA modem and EDGE modem
2012-08-22 Unified 3G platform supports TD-SCDMA, WCDMA
Marvell's PXA988 and PXA986 integrate high-performance, 1.2GHz dual-core processors with cellular modems to support advanced multimedia capabilities consumers demand for their mobile devices.
2005-09-12 TriQuint pushes into GSM, WCDMA
Seeking to expand into new markets and offset declines in others, TriQuint Semiconductor Inc. is moving full speed ahead into the GSM and WCDMA chip markets.
2003-05-07 TI DAC supports four WCDMA carriers at half the power
The DAC5686 programmable dual DAC of Texas Instruments supports up to four WCDMA carriers, while consuming half the power of comparable solutions.
2012-09-19 Spreadtrum moves into WCDMA market
China fabless firm Spreadtrum is seeking to venture into the non-TD-SCDMA market into integrated baseband/apps processor smartphone platforms to compete with major players such as MediaTek and Qualcomm.
2003-08-01 SingTel appoints Ericsson as WCDMA supplier
Ericsson has been selected by SingTel as the sole supplier for their WCDMA system in Singapore.
2010-07-27 SiGe mixer supports 1500MHz WCDMA/LTE apps
The MAX19993 FROM Maxim Integrated Products is a fully integrated, 1200MHz to 1700M, dual, downcoverting mixer with an on-chip LO switch, buffer, and splitter.
2006-05-31 Rising unveils RF transceiver chipset for 3G WCDMA handsets
Rising Micro Electronics announced that it has successfully developed RF transceiver chipset for 3G WCDMA wireless handsets using Jazz Semiconductor's 0.18m SiGe BiCMOS.
2006-04-05 Qualcomm, Icera sign WCDMA software patent agreement
Qualcomm and Icera announced that they have signed a worldwide wireless software patent agreement.
2003-08-11 Qualcomm MSM chipset supports WCDMA, GPRS
Qualcomm Inc. has announced that is sampling the MSM6250 Mobile Station Modem chipset and system software that supports GSM, GPRS, and the FDD mode of WCDMA.
2012-03-01 Power amp for WCDMA, LTE/4G apps
RFMD's 4G LTE and WCDMA power amplifiers claim to deliver top notch efficiency and performance in smartphones and other data-centric connected devices.
2006-01-19 Peregrine SP7T switch tailored for dual-mode WCDMA handsets
Peregrine Semiconductor unveiled the PE42671 SP7T cellular handset switch that addresses the specific design requirements of next-gen dual-mode WCDMA handsets.
2006-03-03 PA module tailored for WCDMA devices
RF Micro Devices Inc. announced the availability of the RF5184 linear power amplifier module, which is designed for WCDMA wireless handheld devices and is a dual-band product that supports Region 2 (1,850-1,910MHz) and Region 5/6 (824-849MHz).
2002-02-20 Modem-Art WCDMA processor implements 3GPP
Built around the company's Programmable Modem Engine core technology, the MA1000 baseband processor enables rapid implementation of Release 1999 and 4 of the 3GPP standards through updates by software and firmware, rather than hardware.
2003-02-14 Metatron licenses Qualcomm WCDMA serial interface
Metatron Technologies has obtained a license for Qualcomm's WCDMA (UMTS) serial interface.
2002-12-05 Maxim power ICs target WCDMA, NCDMA handsets
The MAX1958/MAX1959 power management ICs from Maxim Integrated Products Inc. is capable of powering HBT amps in WCDMA and NCDMA cellular handsets.
2006-01-30 Infineon unveils one-chip WCDMA/EDGE solution
Infineon Technologies AG announced sample availability of the SMARTi 3GE dual-mode WCDMA/EDGE RF transceiver.
2004-12-03 IMT/WCDMA 4mm-by-4mm power amplifier module
This app note discusses the AWT6252 power amplifier module designed for IMT/WCDMA handsets.
2001-05-23 Implementation of a WCDMA rake receiver on a TMS320C62x DSP device
This application note describes how to implement a software-based wideband code division multiple access (WCDMA) rake receiver using the TMS320C62x DSP platform.
2004-02-25 Dialog controller eyes Intel WCDMA platforms
Dialog Semiconductor Plc has announced a new power management controller aimed at high-functionality single- and dual-mode wideband CDMA smartphones.
2006-09-27 DC/DCs extend battery life in CDMA, WCDMA handsets
Semtech's new DC/DC step-down power converters improve battery life by providing adaptive power management for CDMA and WCDMA handsets.
2006-07-14 DC/DC converter targets WCDMA, CDMA handsets
AnalogicTech has announced the AAT1171, a new voltage-scaling DC/DC step-down converter designed to control power to the power amplifier in WCDMA and CDMA handsets.
2006-11-03 Court forbids Broadcom from revealing Qualcomm WCDMA trade secrets
Qualcomm reported that a federal court has enjoined Broadcom from any further solicitation, use or dissemination of Qualcomm's confidential WCDMA trade secrets, including source code.
2006-01-30 CMOS transceiver targets HSPA, WCDMA and EDGE
Sirific Wireless announced that they have developed a single-chip HSDPA/WCDMA + EDGE (WEDGE) RF transceiver in CMOS.
2005-11-03 Chipset will bring multimedia to WCDMA
Qualcomm announced the development of the Value Platform Mobile Station Modem MSM6245 chipset
2003-04-04 Celeritek WCDMA PA eliminates passive components
The company's CHP2219-ML power amplifier module uses the "Passive-Free Technology," to eliminate the use of passive components.
2006-10-23 Broadcom WCDMA processor powers Panasonic 3G handsets
Broadcom announced that its WCDMA processor is now shipping in Panasonic's new SoftBank 705P 3G/GSM mobile handset.
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