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What is WLAN?
Wireless local area network or WLAN links two or more networks without using wires. It is a type of LAN that transmits in the 2.4GHz or 5GHz unlicensed frequency band.
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2004-02-09 Fitting WLAN into personal electronics
The first WLAN devices to appear in the market were add-on units which include PCMCIA cards, Compact Flash cards and USB adapters.
2004-04-22 Fitting WLAN into personal electronics
This paper examines the tradeoffs involved and the approach that WLAN solution suppliers are following to make these products a reality.
2006-06-15 Fairchild's dual-band PA extends range in WLAN apps
Fairchild Semiconductor introduces the FMPA2151, a highly integrated dual-band WLAN PA module optimized to increase performance and reduce PCB board footprint.
2014-07-08 Explore pre-compliance testing for WLAN transmitters
Cost-effective and familiar test equipment can be used for in-house pre-compliance testing to uncover potential problems early on and reduce the risk of costly failure at the compliance test stage.
2002-04-16 European group certifies Philips' WLAN card
Philips' WLAN PC card is the first product meeting the IEEE 802.11a specification to receive CE Mark, opening the EU market to its device, where concerns over possible interference with European satellite communications have limited penetration of 5GHz WLANs.
2003-07-31 Epcos WLAN module measures 5.4-by-4-by-1.4mm
The company's WLAN module integrates a complete dual-band front-end circuitry in a package measuring 5.4-by-4-by-1.4mm.
2002-07-10 Envara tips one-chip, multiband WLAN radio
Envara Inc. has announced that it has samples of the RF front end of its much-heralded WiND dual-band, 2.45GHz/5GHz wireless LAN two-chip set.
2005-09-01 Enhancing WLAN security with cognitive radio
Examine how cognitive radio allows uninterrupted 802.11a/b/g access point functionality while eliminating the need for a separate monitoring network
2004-07-16 Engim upgrades multiport WLAN AP chipset
Engim is hoping to boost adoption of its multichannel access point technology with the release of its second-generation wideband WLAN chipset.
2002-05-01 Embedded controller considerations for WLAN apps
This article describes the architectures and features of modern embedded controllers employed for network security for wireless and portable devices.
2012-12-21 Direct mount antennas support WLAN, 4G LTE
Pulse Electronics's high-performance, rugged, IP-67 rated antennas are provided in a slim, low profile radome of only 63.5mm to 76.2mm tall with a 38.1mm diameter base and high gains of 4 to 5.6dBi.
2003-08-01 Direct conversion shrinks WLAN radio costs
The combination of advanced technologies and good design practice has brought the benefits of direct-conversion radios to the masses.
1999-11-01 Designing economic, standards-based WLAN solutions
Highly integrated chipsets for wireless LANs enable you to meet high-bandwidth needs at low costs.
2005-07-18 Design, verify 802.11a 5GHz WLAN systems
Delve into the IEEE 802.11a physical layer and the integrated software/hardware design flow for a typical IC design and verification
2004-08-02 Design challenges in next-gen WLAN architectures
Solution providers take diverse roads for WLAN. Success lies in identifying architectural issues that span RF and DSP domains.
1999-06-29 Design challenges for a multi-standard 2.4GHz FHSS WLAN radio
This article takes a solution-oriented approach in presenting a viable architecture and implementation detail of a 2.4GHz to 2.5GHz radio and wireless data controller that serves the wireless applications.
2002-05-10 CRC-16 algorithm for packetized WLAN protocols on the HFA3824
This application note describes the process of detecting bits errors in messages through the use of the CRC-16 algorithm.
2006-02-16 Confused about security of VoIP over WLAN?
WLAN IP or converged cellular/WLAN phones pose many security problems. Here's how to solve them.
2004-11-04 Conexant WLAN solution achieves WMM, WPA2 certification
Conexant Systems Inc. announced that its IEEE 802.11a/b/g dual-band PRISM WorldRadio MiniPCI module reference design has achieved Wi-Fi certification for WMM (Wi-Fi multimedia) and WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2).
2002-09-06 Conexant selects Intersil WLAN technology
Intersil Corp. will provide Conexant Systems Inc. with its PRISM Wi-Fi WLAN technology for integration into Conexant's next-generation DSL modems, cable modems, and home networking chipsets.
2004-07-09 Conexant cuts outlook, blames Taiwanese WLAN chip entrants
Conexant Systems Inc. has reduced its earnings forecast for the third quarter citing weakness in its wireless local area network business in the face of what it says is very tough competition from Taiwanese based suppliers.
2009-01-07 Coming soon: WLAN-powered supermarkets
Altierre Corp. offers a WLAN platform that helps a supermarket employee update prices throughout the store in a matter of minutes with a few keystrokes.
2002-05-10 Clarity and understanding: Important issues to consider in the high-speed WLAN standards debate
This application note discusses some of the important issues regarding high-speed WLAN standards.
2007-09-06 Cisco to ship draft 802.11n WLAN gear in October
Getting a jump on the next big leap forward in enterprise wireless networking, Cisco Systems said Tuesday it will ship initial WLAN gear based on the draft 802.11n standard in October.
2007-12-21 Cisco readies for WLAN takeoff in 2008
Cisco Systems detailed plans to push WLAN in 2008 as the new 802.11n Wi-Fi standard will be a major component of advancing the wireless environment.
2002-08-19 Cirocomm WLAN filters suit 802.11a, 801.11b apps
Cirocomm Technology Corp. has announced the availability of WLAN filters that suit the 802.11a and 802.11b frequency bands, and can be used in WLAN transceivers.
2006-08-31 Chipset enables 802.11n performance at WLAN prices
According to Atheros, its new AR5008V XSPAN chipset is for customers wanting to deliver 802.11n performance at mainstream WLAN prices.
2007-02-09 Chips enable WLAN, Bluetooth, FM in handsets
TI has announced two devices built on the company's DRP single-chip technology designed to drive affordable WLAN, Bluetooth and FM technologies into mass market handsets.
2004-08-17 Chipmakers pitch for broadband WLAN proposal
Broadcom Corp., Conexant Systems Inc., STMicroelectronics NV and Texas Instruments Inc. have formally proposed a broadband wireless standard that achieves 540Mbps data rates while maintaining interoperability with existing 802.11 WLAN devices, the companies claimed.
2009-06-23 China WLAN protocol gets a second chance
WAPI, the WLAN security protocol that the government tried to force companies to adopt three years ago as a de facto standard, is being re-submitted to the ISO.
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