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What is WLAN?
Wireless local area network or WLAN links two or more networks without using wires. It is a type of LAN that transmits in the 2.4GHz or 5GHz unlicensed frequency band.
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2007-11-14 China researchers claim 'first' WLAN .11a/b/g + DVB-H chip
The Suzhou Chinese Academy of Sciences Semiconductor Integration Research and Development Center has developed what is claimed to be the first WLAN IEEE802.11a/b/g + DVB-H RF chip.
2007-06-26 China GrenTech wins Olympic WLAN contract
China GrenTech has come out tops in China Mobile's bidding process to supply the state-owned enterprise's coverage equipment for the Olympic WLAN.
2003-12-01 Challenges confront RFIC, WLAN testing
Two major challenges associated with testing WLAN devices are the broad-frequency spectrum of each channel and measuring error-vector magnitude.
2003-08-05 Centralized WLAN interface proposed
A multi-vendor consortium, led by NTT DoCoMo and Airespace, has put before the IETF a proposal for a standardized interface between WLAN access points and switches in centralized WLAN architectures.
2003-03-21 BVS offers 802.11a WLAN analysis tool
Berkeley Vitronics Systems has introduced the Yellowjacket IEEE 802.11a analysis tool that is designed to work with Compaq's iPAQ PocketPC device.
2002-07-25 Broadcom WLAN chipset supports 802.11a, 802.11b
Broadcom Corp. has announced the release of a WLAN chipset that supports the existing 802.11b WiFi standard.
2002-02-22 Broadcom launches WLAN ICs, Bluetooth headset
The company has launched the BCM2051 direct-conversion radio, the BCM430x baseband processors, and the BCM2013 Bluetooth headset to complement its mobile communication and computing platform.
2012-10-29 Boundary scan controller boasts WLAN interface
GOEPEL electronic's SFX/WSL1149-(x) is touted by the company as the world's first controllers for WLAN geared for testing, programming and debugging of complex chips, boards and entire systems.
2013-08-14 Bluetooth, WLAN lead wireless industrial automation market
WLAN accounted for 31 per cent share of shipments of wireless-enabled industrial automation equipment in 2012, while Bluetooth held 22 per cent of the market, according to IHS.
2002-05-13 Bermai WLAN chipset supports 2.4GHz, 5GHz apps
Bermai Inc. has announced the availability of its single-chip OFDM SoC product for 2.4GHz 802.11b/g networks, and provides 5GHz 802.11a functionality via plug-in interface.
2004-12-10 Berkeley rolls out software for mapping coverage of indoor WLAN
Berkeley released Hive, a PC- and Pocket PC-based software for mapping coverage of any indoor WLAN using its Yellowjacket 802.11 Wi-Fi Receiver.
2007-02-13 Avago tailors LNA for WLAN, WiMAX apps
The new MGA-645T6 is an easy-to-use LNA with integrated bypass switch and shutdown function optimized for CPE and base station equipment used in 802.11b/g, WiMAX, WiBro and S-DMB applications.
2003-03-17 Atmel unveils chip to link WLAN to WAN
A second-generation single-chip device from Atmel Corp. provides a seamless connection between a WLAN and a WAN.
2004-02-02 Atmel PAs eye WLAN, Wi-Fi markets
Atmel Corp. has developed two WLAN power amplifiers (PAs) for the high-volume WLAN/Wi-Fi market.
2004-09-06 Atheros WLAN to test WPA2 certification test bed
Atheros Communications Inc. WLAN products have been chosen by the Wi-Fi Alliance for inclusion in the WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2) certification test bed.
2002-03-14 Atheros WLAN chipset ready for upcoming .11g spec
Atheros Communications is sampling a WLAN chipset that supports both IEEE 802.11a and .11b WLAN standards and is capable of supporting the 802.11g specification once it is finalized later this year.
2005-04-28 Atheros unveils PCI-compliant single-chip WLAN solutions
Atheros Communications announced what it claims are the first single-chip wireless local area network solutions that comply with PCI specifications.
2004-05-18 Atheros unveils fully integrated USB 2.0 WLAN chips
Atheros Communications Inc. has introduced AR5005UG and AR5005UX featuring a completely integrated USB 2.0 interface.
2004-07-09 Atheros takes ARM license for next-gen WLAN chips
ARM Ltd has extended its reach in the WLAN chip market with the addition of Atheros Communications Inc. as a licensee for its ARM926EJ-S and 946E-S processor cores.
2004-07-26 Atheros hits home with WLAN chipset
Atheros Communications has extended its WLAN chipset for high-definition TV and other multimedia distribution throughout the home.
2006-04-28 Atheros acquires Taiwan WLAN specialist
Atheros Communications signed a definitive agreement on April 24 to acquire Zydas Technology, a Taiwan WLAN specialist.
2002-10-28 As arrival of combo WLAN chips near, 802.11b spike is expected
Some chip and systems makers are reporting an uptick in the growth rate of 802.11b WLAN capability in notebook computers, just as a transition to next-generation WLAN products nears.
2005-11-28 Anritsu rolls new WLAN test set for design proving, production test
Anritsu's new MT8860B wireless LAN test set is designed for radio layer measurements on all 802.11b/g devices.
2005-07-26 Analyst says consumer WLAN adoption still in its infancy
The wave of wireless LAN (WLAN) in consumer applications is just beginning and will have a profound affect on the lives of consumers, according to an industry analyst and executives at fabless semiconductor supplier Marvell.
2004-03-30 Anadigics ships InGaP, WLAN, PA units
Anadigics has begun shipping its InGaP, HBT, WLAN, power amplifiers (PAs) to a leading supplier of WLAN chipsets for PC notebooks.
2003-04-04 Anadigics buys RF Solutions' WLAN power-amp line
Anadigics has purchased the WLAN power amplifier product line from RF Solutions Inc. for $2.8 million up front, with a contingency clause for 3 million common Anadigics shares, based upon 12-month performance.
2003-07-01 Anadigics amp module powers WLAN apps
Anadigics Inc. has released the AWL6152 power amplifier module for 802.11b and 802.11g WLAN systems.
2002-01-22 Amphion launches WLAN baseband IP cores for 802.11a and HiperLAN2
Providing solutions for PHY implementations of IEEE 802.11a and HiperLAN2, the CS3720 transmit and CS3820 receive cores use direct-mapped DSP functionality to accomplish end-to-end WLAN baseband processing.
2003-02-17 Alps WLAN combo card comes in Mini-PCI, PC Card formats
Alps Electric's UGJ series of IEEE 802.11a/b WLAN combo card is available in both Mini-PCI and PC Card modules.
2004-06-14 Agilent test set measures WLAN 802.11a/b/g, Bluetooth modules
Agilent disclosed that it has developed the industry's first test set that measures both WLAN 802.11a/b/g and Bluetooth modules from a single platform.
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