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2015-09-16 HP to axe up to 30,000 jobs
As part of a plan to save billions in annual costs, Hewlett-Packard is cutting another 25,000 to 30,000 employees. The move comes as the company prepares to split into two separate businesses later this year.
2005-07-19 HP exec reaffirms channel commitment amid reports of restructuring
With a major restructuring in the offing, one of Hewlett-Packard's top channel executives reaffirmed the company's commitment to the channel.
2011-08-22 HP dumps WebOS, buys enterprise software firm
In a move that surprised analysts, HP decided it would drop its WebOS devices and announced its acquisition of enterprise software company Autonomy.
2005-06-28 House-price bubble set to hit semis, warns analyst
Malcolm Penn, chief executive of market analysis firm Future Horizons, warned that a house-price boom that has taken hold across the developed world is set to be biggest bubble in global economic history.
2007-05-16 Group pitches enhanced Ethernet for data centers
A broad group of chip and systems makers is taking a fresh approach to the long-sought goal of creating a single interconnect to link all systems in the data center. Broadcom, Cisco, IBM, Intel and others are in an early stage with an upgrade tentatively called Convergence Enhanced Ethernet.
2011-08-17 Google-Motorola deal causes tension in mobile market
Google's acquisition of Motorola promises protection of the Android ecosystem from legal threats, but is also expected to raise tensions among its competitor smartphone, tablet, and TV makers.
2007-08-06 Google phone rumors revisited
Speculations have been roused once more concerning Google's foray into the mobile segment after reports came out last week that the search engine giant had invested hundreds of millions for a cellphone project.
2015-07-24 Google gives clues to mobile plans
Google is giving consumers a sneak peek into its mobile roadmap with the recent acquisition of Pixate, a developer of mobile app tools, and with new details about Google Glass.
2006-11-16 Going private may mean going fabless
Analog Devices Inc. CEO Gerald Fishman believes the trend toward taking large semiconductor companies private almost surely will push any that are still holding onto fabs to go fabless.
2014-08-05 GlobalFoundries, IBM pursue separate interests
The wafer firm appears to have put all its focus to beat rivals to a solid 14nm capability that it had to turn down a reported deal to buy the fabs of IBM, which has struck a deal on its own with Apple.
2011-05-20 GlobalFoundries invests $8B for Abu Dhabi fab
Globalfoundries has announced its plan to invest $6B to $8 billion for the creation of a semiconductor fab in Abu Dhabi.
2006-06-12 Gartner sees slowdown in IC industry
Gartner Inc. reiterated its bullish chip forecast for 2006, but the market research firm sees a slowdown and consolidation in the IC industry.
2006-04-24 Freescale exceeds Q1 estimates
Freescale sales in the Q1 of 2006 were $1.53 billion, compared to $1.48 billion in Q4 2005 and $1.44 billion in Q1 2005.
2010-11-22 Freescale CEO sees IPO when the market is right
Richard Beyer is upbeat and confident of himself, his executive management team and Freescale Semiconductor, which he defines as an Embedded processor company.
2008-02-25 Flip Ultra camcorder delivers ode to clean design
When engineers at Pure Digital Inc. sat down a couple of years back to lay out their next project, they had many of the typical design criteria in mind: low cost, high quality, size, ease of use and low power.
2010-02-04 Five reasons why Micron stays optimistic
While Micron memory group VP Brian Shirley may still be worried about the overall economy, he shares five reasons why he remains upbeat.
2011-06-07 FBR: Media tablet production to decrease significantly
An analyst from FBR Capital Markets believes that the tablet bubble has reached its saturation and predicts significant decrease in media tablet production this year.
2010-11-22 Fab tool outlook mixed, says Applied CEO
Mike Splinter, chairman and CEO of Applied Materials Inc., said the company has increased its sales forecast for 2010 to between $29 billion and $30 billion.
2008-06-09 Exec highlights need for 'collaboration'
Capital demands and rising costs contributed much to the growing complexity of the semiconductor ecosystem. Synopsys said the semiconductor and design industries must excel at collaboration, continue innovation and strive more in execution.
2007-01-19 EU to rule on Intel anti-competition probe
Antitrust investigators have recommended that European Union Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes formally charge Intel Corp. with illegally thwarting competition in the computer chip market.
2006-10-06 EU has evidence for antitrust charges against Intel
Investigators from the European Union believe they have enough evidence to pursue antitrust charges against Intel.
2014-10-21 Ethernet Alliance meeting highlights emerging standards
The consensus meeting made clear that one or more 50G standards are needed, the debate over a 50G versus 100G serial lambda standard for optical nets is unresolved and the 2.5G/5G push looks promising.
2016-01-28 Enterprise breathes new life to Google Glass
Google recently filed documents for its Google Glass 2 where it is reported to having healthcare, manufacturing and energy-related companies test out an improved version of Google Glass.
2007-08-27 Dull cellphone designs bog down Motorola
Observers say Motorola has not implemented an institutionalized system for regularly turning out products that are compelling in design as well as rich in features.
2006-06-15 Driving away Intel's blues
Intel, the world's largest semiconductor company, is plagued with problems in its many businesses. We've put together ways how Intel can start chipping away its problems.
2015-10-29 Digi-Key COO talks about industry consolidation, evolution
Although the company logged relatively flat growth this year, Dave Doherty predicts continued growth as a result of new design and manufacturing trends in the semiconductor space.
2013-11-26 Despite flat year, Intel remains optimistic
The company revealed that 2014 will be another flat year for the company, yet it is maintaining historically high capex spending, seeing the need for a new 450mm fab on the horizon.
2006-08-17 Dell recalls 4M laptop batteries
Dell recalled 4.1 million Sony-manufactured laptop batteries, saying they could overheat and pose a fire risk. This is not the first for Dell. Last year, the company recalled 22,000 batteries in the United States.
2008-09-22 Dell mum over plans on Limerick facility
Dell Inc. has declined to comment on concerns that it could close its plant in Limerick, Ireland as part of measures to lower manufacturing costs and improve profitability.
2013-02-06 Dell agrees to be taken private for $24.4 billion
Dell will go private in a $24.4 billion deal with investment firm Silver Lake and Microsoft in a bid to restore the company's profits and legacy.
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