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2006-09-08 ATI lowers sales forecast by $140M
ATI said that consolidated revenue for Q4 of fiscal 2006 is currently expected to be around $520 million, which is more than $100 million below estimates before AMD offered to buy the company.
2006-01-31 Applied to sell sites in Japan, Korea, U.S.
In what appears to be a cost-cutting measure, Applied Materials said that it plans to take a charge of $212 million for selling and disposing select real estate assets.
2014-12-29 Apple, GTAT debacle: Underlining OEM-supplier negotiations
What started out as a supposedly win-win situation for both Apple and GT Advanced resulted in a horrible falling-out as negotiations crumbled that eventually led to the supplier filing for bankruptcy.
2008-04-29 Apple ventures into the IC world
Apple has acquired embedded PowerPC designer PA Semi for a reported $278 million last week without saying a word to investors or even PA Semi's customers about what it has in mind for the startup.
2011-04-21 Apple sues Samsung for iPhone, iPad imitation
Apple has accused Samsung of imitating the look and feel of its iPhones and iPads with its own smartphones and media tablet.
2012-07-26 Apple seen to post sales decline before iPhone launch
The phenomenon is not new but the question is how much Apple's iPhone sales will fall off in advance of the new model, widely expected to be available in October.
2005-06-07 Apple parts with IBM, plans to use x86-based MPUs
Apple Computer Inc. plans to announce that it will use Intel Corp.'s x86-based microprocessors for its Mac computers, thereby ending its MPU partnership with IBM, according to a report from CNET on June 3
2011-01-21 Apple needs Steve Jobs back, here's why
Industry analysts believe that filling Steve Jobs' shoes would by no means be easy. They cite five things that Apple would sorely miss and must contend with in his absence: his vision, drive and showmanship as well as the company's fan club and stock price.
2015-05-20 Apple HomeKit makes market debut next month
The HomeKit software development platform aims to simplify home automation by allowing Apple devices to control connected home appliances such as lighting, music, thermostats and garage doors.
2014-06-23 Apple gears up for entry into wearables
The tech giant is introducing a smartwatch that will integrate as many as 10 sensors for tracking the user's vitals and movements in as early as October.
2016-04-28 Apple finds bright spot in India amidst iPhone sales slump
While sales slump in China and the more developed markets, Apple CEO Tim Cook found a bright spot in India, where iPhone sales grew by more than 56%.
2005-09-30 Apple fesses up to Nano screen problems
Apple Computer cried "uncle" Tuesday, and promised it would replace defective iPod nano screens that have cracked.
2009-04-24 Apple feels downturn sting
Apple Inc. may have defied gravity by posting its strongest ever non-holiday quarter in Q1 09 but the company said it expects to see declines in its revenues, profits and gross margins in coming months as component prices firm up, ending significant declines.
2009-05-05 Apple beefs up chip design efforts
The confirmation that Apple Inc. has hired two former ATI/Advanced Micro Devices Inc. chip designers has rekindled suggestions that the company is handpicking a team of engineers and semiconductor specialists as it seeks to create its own semiconductor design business.
2013-03-28 Apple aquires WiFiSlam for WiFi geolocation tech
WiFiSlam develops technology that provides indoor tracking and similar services. Big tech companies such as Apple and Google have been racing to provide more and better map applications for users.
2013-02-22 Analysts: Will there be an Apple designed GPU?
Two technology analysts discusses what's in store for Apple's A-series processor family.
2011-04-08 Analysts weigh in on TI-National Semi deal
TI's acquisition of National Semi will make it the world's third largest semiconductor company.
2010-03-24 Analysts highlight IC growth drivers
From their recent trips in Asia, Barclays Capital analysts enumerate growth areas to watch this year.
2010-01-19 Analysts hail Apple, Qualcomm CES winners
Analysts were left upbeat and singled out Apple and Qualcomm as two of the big winners from the CES, although they cited overcrowded markets and carrier bandwidth as two limiting factors to watch.
2009-04-24 Analyst: Inconsistent profitability brought Sun down
While Sun Microsystems struggled to keep costs down, the most significant challenge it faced was its inability to show consistent performance, according to analysts.
2010-01-15 Analyst sees more acquisitions in IC world in 2010
A JP Morgan Securities Inc. analyst said in a report titled "Top 10 Semiconductor Predictions for 2010" that the year could bring a big strategic acquisition to the semiconductor space.
2015-01-21 Analyst finds IoT pill hard to swallow
A recent survey revealed that eight out of 10 C-level executives expect IoT to account for less than 10 per cent of revenue in 2017, and five out of 10 said it represent less than five per cent of revenue.
2003-10-31 Analyst downgrades EDA sector
Despite remaining bullish about a broad-based recovery of the electronics industry, a financial analyst is bearish on the entire EDA sector.
2010-08-24 Analysis: Will Intel eventually rely less on chips and more on software?
An analyst sees Intel's acquisition of McAfee as a step down the road to diversification that will find the company eventually relying less on chip sales and more on software and consulting services.
2009-11-16 Analysis: What's next after Intel-AMD settlement?
Intel's acceptance of a $1.25 billion settlement deal delivered to AMD what it has always sought: an implicit admission by Intel it had not always played fair in the global chip market.
2008-10-06 Analysis: Micron cuts costs amid ongoing crises
Micron has announced some cost-control strategies that the company will adopt after reporting a $1.6 billion loss for its fiscal year that ended Aug. 28. It said it is facing ongoing challenges in the memory market brought by oversupply and price decline.
2008-11-24 Analysis: Merger sparks hope for UWB market
The announced merger of UWB startups Staccato Communications and Artimi Inc. offers a way forward for others in what one executive recently called a venture capital winter.
2008-02-28 Analysis: Demise of India's IC manufacturing dreams
India's manufacturing dreams appear to be doomed as SemIndia's $3 billion fab project is likely to die a premature death as will another fab planned by IEMC.
2008-10-17 Analysis: Cadence to face 'layoffs' after Fister's farewell
The resignation of Mike Fister, president and CEO, Cadence, along with the four other top officials, signals the start of a major change at a time when the company faces multiple challenges and is rumored to announce a huge layoff.
2012-03-02 AMD, Intel exit WSTS
Some analysts believe Intel concluded the WSTS data was no longer valuable to the company after the withdrawal of AMD, it's only meaningful competitor in the PC microprocessor space.
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