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2007-12-28 Newsmakers: The (not so) golden Apple
Apple outdid itself this year with the heavily hyped rollout of three electronic eye candiesthe Apple TV, the iPhone and the iPod Touchtriggering a frenzy in the consumer market that reverberated to the supply chain
2014-12-23 Impeccable debugging reflected on iPhone 6
Lauro Rizzatti, a verification consultant, believes that the elegance and simplicity of all Apple chip designs suggests that hardware emulation is the foundation for the iPhone 6's verification strategy
2010-01-28 ESD group urges more OEM support
An ad hoc group drafting guidelines for ESD specifications for ICs is hammering out a new campaign and white paper that hopes to get more of the systems-level community on board
2006-09-18 E-paper display rolls for handset markets
Tapping a new display technology, Motorola's 9mm-thick Motofone uses an electrophoretic displayan ultrathin, low-power display often referred to as electronic paper
2014-08-22 Designing efficient LED luminary, LCD backlight
Find out how to achieve optimal designs that feature reduced heat sink size and minimal heat output, yielding a desirable industrial design while sipping a bare minimum of electrical power
2007-06-22 Connectors stack up for increased functionality
One of the challenges faced by design engineers of electronic equipment is how to manage the tangle of individual wires that provide power and control signals for various system functions
2007-10-04 Compact camera modules use Dynastron technology
Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. is now sampling a new line of ultracompact camera modules featuring its Dynastron image sensor technology
2005-06-07 Backlights use one LED to illuminate LCDs
Global Lighting Technologies offers a range of custom LED backlights that use only one white LED to backlight color and monochrome LCD modules for a variety of apps
2005-08-30 Ansoft unveils high-speed serial interconnect design
Ansoft Corp. has presented a white paper unveiling the technical details of a new reference design flow for high-speed serial interconnect
2016-02-25 A primer on signal bandwidth
As the speed of analogue and digital designs increases, we need an even more thorough understanding of the errors caused by insufficient bandwidth
2016-04-08 No more frustrating connection tries with AQ15 Series USB
Phihong's latest USB power adapter is versatile enough to be used in a wide range of devices and designs, and is available with North American and European prongs
2016-04-11 AQ15 Series USB connects with efficiency
Phihong's latest USB power adapter is versatile enough to be used in a wide range of devices and designs, and is available with North American and European prongs
2008-05-26 LCDs address commercial, military requirements
WEDC has expanded its family of enhanced LCD displays with the introduction of three standard displays aimed at a variety of applications.
2008-06-27 High-res display, older processor give eBooks second wind
Sony Corp.'s Portable System Reader (PRS) 500 boasts a new high-contrast, high-resolution display that can be read in bright sunlight and offers a near 180 viewing angle.
2014-12-29 Top 10 technical articles and tutorials of 2014
Here is a compilation of our biggest technical articles for the year 2014. Topping the list is the teardown of iPhone 6 Plus, followed by stories on Bluetooth Low Energy and on PCIe-Ethernet clash.
2005-04-01 Tale of a survivor in sea of embedded design
In his 15 years stint as an embedded guru, Jack Ganssle knows that his mission in the embedded world is far from over.
2007-07-05 ST fields capacitive sensor to simplify user interfaces
Making room for itself in the already maturing capacitive sensing market, STMicroelectronics launched the QST108, its first device under its QST portfolio of touch sensors.
2003-06-03 Sipex boost regulator eyes PDAs, digital cams
Sipex Corp. has released the SP4446 micropower boost regulator that is suitable for use in PDAs and digital cameras.
2008-03-18 Simplifying movable-headlamp motor control
Using LIN-enabled smart micro-stepper motor drivers lets designers perform intelligent system partitioning and simplifies complex multi-axis real-time programming.
2005-06-29 New capacitive touch sensor interface
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. introduced CapSense technology, a new capacitive touch sensor interface based on its Programmable System-on-Chip (PSoC) mixed-signal arrays.
2013-05-02 Mouser, Philips Lumileds partner up for LED distribution
The deal with Mouser gives Philips Lumileds an opportunity to bring their portfolio of application specific LEDs to an even broader group of new and innovative companies.
2007-09-27 Moto Fone packs a punch of simple, elegant features
Quietly launched in rural India initially, the F3 Fone is aimed mostly at first-time cell users in markets offering low-cost prepaid or monthly service.
2013-05-09 MOSFET package increases power circuitry efficiency
ST's STW57N65M5-4 in TO247-4 package provides a direct source connection used for switching control, whereas conventional packages provide one connection for both switching and power.
2003-10-16 Mixed-signal integration key to future power management in portables
IC integration is simplifying the design of portable power electronics--maximizing battery life in the smallest board area and lowering cost.
2014-07-01 MEMS startup focuses on Chinese ODMs for growth
Ben Lee, CEO of mCube, said it secured $37 million of Series C venture capital to enter phase three of its progress, and will target Chinese ODMs, not a design win from either Apple or Samsung.
2007-11-16 Manage design resources for industrial apps
To better manage design resources and attain economies of scale, OEMs need solutions that enable customization of platforms with common building blocks, so that unique models may require only minor variations in components and/or firmware.
2003-01-13 Making a case for the analog designer
The debate has been raging as to whether or not digital technology should reduce the need for analog circuitry, said Microchip Technology's Rich Simoncic.
2014-01-30 Guide to hardware troubleshooting (Part 1)
Here are the steps needed to bring a systems approach to troubleshooting hardware in product development.
2005-05-12 Fairchild expands European power resource design center
Fairchild Semiconductor announced that its Global Power Resource power design and application lab in Europe is expanding to provide complete system power solutions for motion and motor control.
2015-08-21 Examining two simple secondary battery circuits
In this article, we tackle two issues where non-standard solutions are useful, and in each case a less well known feature of many voltage references complicated the design.
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