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2007-01-15 WiMAX, metro Wi-Fi beat cellular on power efficiency
WiMAX and metro Wi-Fi are both more energy cost effective than cellular, according to a report by ABI Research.
2008-03-27 WiMAX takes off at airports
WiMAX is set to make its commercial debut at airports, updating manifests, flight plans and onboard entertainment each time a plane lands
2007-01-08 WiMAX security gaps bring revenue opportunities
Profit from WiMAX technology will not only come from its application deployments as addressing the security vulnerabilities of the technology will create revenue opportunities for security solutions vendors, reported ABI Research
2007-06-18 WiMAX RF transceiver cuts chip count, board space
Maxim Integrated Products introduced the MAX2837, a single-chip WiMAX RF transceiver in high-volume production
2008-10-06 WiMAX emulator allows real-world network testing
Elektrobit has released what it claimed as the industry's first radio channel emulator aimed at makers of base stations and subscriber devices using WiMAX, LTE and other 4G wireless network standards
2008-05-16 WiMAX delivers TV to cellphones
Executives believe that WiMAX could deliver the last mile of wireless broadband service as an alternative to cable and DSL, beginning with network deployment in 2009
2007-03-29 Tiny dual-band RF transceiver supports WiMAX, Wi-Fi
Infineon Technologies released the what it touts as industry's smallest, single-chip multi-mode dual-band CMOS RF transceiver for WiMAX and Wi-Fi applications in a 5-by-5mm?footprint.
2010-07-09 Processor achieves wire-speed throughput over Wi-Fi
TranSwitch Corp. has introduced the Atlanta 1000 communications processor delivers wire-speed data throughput over IEEE 802.11n Wi-Fi
2007-06-15 Power amps step up linearity for WiMAX, Wi-Fi terminals
Sirenza Microdevices released two additions to its product line for Mobile WiMAX (802.16 e) and Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) applications.
2010-03-12 Power amps improve WiMAX apps signal quality
Avago offers power amplifier modules that feature low power consumption and improves signal quality for WiMAX and Wi-Fi applications that operate in the 2GHz range.
2006-05-23 Power amplifiers target WiMAX, Wi-Fi apps
Sirenza Microdevices announced the production release of a new family of linear power amplifiers for WiMAX (802.16 d/e) and Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g) applications.
2007-03-13 One-box tester meets WiMAX volume manufacturing needs
LitePoint has announced the market release of its IQmax-100 one-box manufacturing test solution designed to address the needs of WiMAX volume manufacturing
2009-12-11 Motorola, du team up for Dubai Metro WiMAX
Travelers will be able to access the Internet wirelessly while travelling at speeds up to 90km/hr using PDAs or laptops.
2006-08-11 MobiTV pledges WiMAX support
MobiTV, a provider for television and digital radio services for cellular, Wi-Fi and broadband enabled devices, has announced its official support for the WiMAX standard.
2007-12-14 Intel, Comstar take Mobile WiMAX to Russia
Mobile WiMAX in Russia will be developed by a collaboration between Comstar-United TeleSystems and Intel Corp. The collaboration aims to provide faster, lower-cost and truly mobile data broadband technology to the country
2005-09-30 Intel pledges WiMAX broadband connectivity in Asia
Remarkable efforts in advancing WiMAX wireless broadband are being made by Intel for the massive deployment of its infrastructure in Asia, especially in developing countries
2008-06-06 Intel mobilizes Web 2.0 with mobile WiMAX
Intel Corp. executive Sean Maloney said more powerful microprocessors and high-speed WiMAX wireless networks would usher in a new era of the full Internet on mobile devices
2009-06-09 Intel helps boost WiMAX adoption in Japan
UQ Communications Inc. and Intel Corp. have announced their extended collaboration to promote and expand "UQ WiMAX," the commercially available WiMAX service from UQ Communications in Japan
2006-12-11 Intel demos its first mobile WiMAX baseband chip
Intel Corp. unveiled and demonstrated its first mobile WiMAX baseband chip at the 3G World Congress and Mobility Marketplace in Hong Kong
2010-11-25 Indonesia switches on WiMAX-Wi-Fi roaming service
Indonesian broadband customers will now be able to seamlessly switch between WiMAX and Wi-Fi services, and possibly even LTE in the future, using a broadband roaming service launched by a non-profit organization.
2009-08-24 High-power SPDT switches fit WiMAX apps
NEC has released two new high-power RF switches, the ?PG2409T6X and ?PG2409TB, available through California Eastern Laboratories (CEL).
2010-11-25 Fujitsu technology powers WiMAX-Wi-Fi router
Fujitsu baseband chip and RF module at heart of portable WiMAX-WiFi router
2007-08-02 China Netcom gives up Olympics WiMAX service
China Netcom had to relinquish its rights to provide WiMAX services for 2008 Beijing Olympics, as a sponsor for the highly-anticipated global event, according to
2006-04-25 APAC to be WiMAX test bed
Compared to Europe and North America, the APAC region is expected to be the test bed for WiMAX given the lack of telecommunications infrastructure, low broadband penetration, and geographically dispersed population
2008-09-18 Wireless firm targets to bridge WiMAX, LTE
Continuous Computing Inc. has unveiled a hardware and software suite to allow network operators to upgrade from 3G to 4G wireless broadband.
2005-10-26 Wireless data's future? 3G, Wi-Fi, WiMAX combo
With wireless service providers and equipment manufacturers attempting to sort out the future course of mobile broadband data, some say the 'right combination of 3G, WiMAX and Wi-Fi' will be needed to achieve the most success.
2005-06-22 WiMAX trials slated for Georgia, South Korea
Intel's campaign to promote WiMAX high-speed wireless picked up important support in recent days as South Korea's KT Corp. said it plans to introduce the service and AT&T said it will test the service in Georgia this fall
2007-01-24 WiMAX trails in 4G race
WiMAX won't grab the brass ring as the technology that defines 4G cellular systems, but it is likely to capture a healthy minority stake in that emerging sector
2006-11-30 WiMAX rule unlikely this decade
For the next five years, broadband wireless technology in the form of WiMAX is unlikely to pose a big threat to 3G in the Asia Pacific, as it will take longer to mature, reported InStat
2005-12-01 WiMAX opens range of design options
There is not one WiMAX market, but a portfolio of distinct nicheseach with a different technology or set of requirements
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