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2005-11-08 WitsView: LCD monitor panel prices drop, TV stays hot
Prices of liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor panels are starting to drop this month after several months of stable prices, but brisk demand continues to keep prices of LCD TV panels high, according to data from display market research firm WitsView
2008-09-02 WitsView warns of low-profit cycle for panel makers
Says WitsView analysts: Whether a downturn will occur again between 2H 08 and 1H 09 remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: the current macroeconomic woes are causing panel makers to face bigger pressures in sustaining profits.
2006-08-08 Panel price of notebook sector to rise, says WitsView
Mainstream monitor panel price is expected to see a significant increase starting from this month, according to research firm WitsView.
2006-08-24 Things starting to look brighter for LCD market
The LCD market seems to be shaking off its almost year-long slump. In a recent report from iSuppli, the prices of 17-inch LCD panels for desktop PC monitors are set to increase to $123 in December, compared to $102 in July.
2012-07-16 Tablet panel shipments hit 7.5% MoM in June
Spurred by robust shipments of new iPad, Surface and Nexus 7 from their supply chains, tablet PC panel shipments achieved 10.95 million units.
2006-05-09 Slow seasonal demand for display panels pulls prices down
The continuous price decline of display panels is mainly driven by the slow seasonal demand, revealed industry analyst WitsView.
2012-07-31 Q2 large-sized panel shipments grew 10% QoQ
WitsView revealed that large-sized panel shipments in 2Q12 reached 188 million units with QoQ and YoY increase of 10.2 percent and 4.5 percent, respectively
2004-11-30 Prices of LCD monitors record new lows
Taiwan-based WitsView Technology reports that average selling prices (ASPs) of 17- and 15-inch LCD monitors are heading for a downturn.
2012-07-11 LCD monitor shipments dropped 4.8% YoY
According to TrendForce, global top 10 LCD monitor brands' shipments amounted to 10.67 million units with MoM growth of 4.9 percent and YoY regression of 0.4 percent in May this year.
2013-12-03 LCD monitor brands bolster year-end shipment
The global top ten LCD monitor brands' shipment in October 2013 rose 0.2 percent from September and dipped from the same period last year, stated Witsview.
2012-11-01 iPad mini unveiled with target of 6M unit sales volume
WitsView said that although the panel in iPad mini doesn't have Retina display that Apple emphasized, the narrow bezel is a huge breakthrough for the mass-production of medium-sized panels.
2007-01-23 December shipments of large-sized panels slip
Global shipments of large-sized LCD panels in December fell by 13.3 percent sequentially to 22.8 million units, noted market research firm WitsView.
2006-09-25 August panel shipment saw sharpest monthly growth in 2006
The aggregated panel shipment last month reached 25 million units with a 15.8 percent increase, the sharpest monthly growth this year, according to LCD market research firm WitsView.
2012-11-06 Analyst: Average utilisation of panel makers to top 90% next year
TrendForce forecasted that the utilisation of the above Gen 5 fabs would be about 82 per cent in 4Q12.
2013-07-31 Taiwan LCD TV SI shipments plagued by persistent decline
According to WitsView, Taiwan LCD TV SI makers' Q2 shipment grew 12 per cent from the previous quarter to 8.35 million units, the sector's second consecutive annual drop.
2012-06-29 Samsung, LG decrease monitor panel production
A study conducted by WitsView indicates that despite improvements, monitor products are being overlooked by consumers.
2008-06-12 PC panel prices to wobble in June, says report
PC panel price increases will face enormous challenges as prices are expected to fluctuate and fall slightly by end of June, forecasts WitsView's Frontline in its latest industry report.
2013-07-08 Panel oversupply to cloud market after 2014, says analyst
WitsView's survey on the global large-sized TFT-LCD panel capacity reveals the impact of the waning demands for monitors and NBs this year.
2009-04-13 Panel demand growth fuels price increase
Downstream clients will continue to show a strong demand for monitor and TV panel products, according to WitsView's forecast for April 2009.
2013-05-30 Low OGS cost key to higher touch notebook sales
WitsView said lowering prices will be the strategy to promote touch NBs this year and cutting the one glass solution (OGS) touch module cost will be the key to reach that goal.
2010-12-09 LCD TV, monitor makers face tough times
Global LCD TV shipments grow less in 2010 compared to 2009, according to market research firm WitsView, and the market is staying tough for now.
2012-02-13 LCD monitors face feeble market, inventory jitters
WitsView predicted that shipments of LCD monitors will fall by 3-5 percent QoQ and three percent YoY in 1Q12 due to the Economic debt crisis and weak economy, among others.
2012-08-17 Large-sized panel shipment drops 0.5% MoM in July
WitsView reported that the total shipment of large-sized panels for July reached 62.91 million units, but sees a 3-5 percent MoM growth in August.
2012-04-20 Labor Day in China boosts large-sized panel shipment
According to WitsView, large-sized panel shipments in March totaled 61.58 million units with an increasing MoM of 5.6 percent, with LCD TV panel shipments reaching 16.59 million units with 18 percent MoM.
2013-07-26 iPad sales down to all-time low, says analyst
The iPad mini's shipments dropped to 14.6 million units in Q2 compared with 19.5 million units in Q1, falling to an historically low 35 per cent market share, stated WitsView.
2012-10-18 In cell touch rises, G/G structure falls, says analyst
WitsView revealed the decline of G/G structure, driven by the new generation products' lighter and thinner design, leading to a drop in smart phone market share from 15.4 per cent in 2012 to 6.4 per cent in 2013.
2011-12-08 Controller IC price key to touch module market
WitsView said the cost structure of touch module components used in tablet PCs is projected to drop by 4-5 percent.
2012-09-13 Analyst: Non-Apple entities to rule tablet market
WitsView forecasted that by 2015, platforms such as Windows and Android will gain a sizable market share, with Windows eating away a considerable portion of Android's market share away.
2012-01-30 Analyst: New size TV panel shipments stay high
WitsView reveals that new TV sizes such as 39in and 50in remained strong in December last year.
2013-03-01 Analyst: LCD market to focus on 19.5W monitors
WitsView reported that the global top 10 LCD monitor brands held a total shipment volume of 10.61 million units in January surging 11 per cent from December last year.
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