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2007-07-26 Femtocells challenge Wi-Fi dominance in the home
Femtocells represent the first real challenge to the increasing dominance of Wi-Fi routers in the home.
2004-10-15 Asian Wi-Fi players urged more innovation
As wireless LAN (WLAN) technology shifts from 802.11b to 802.11g and 802.11a/g, Asian vendors are starting to realize the need to work on the technological innovation side of the Wi-Fi business
2015-01-20 Shift in China's mobile market threatens U.S. chip companies
Among big changes in the works are China Mobile's shift in procurement policy from five-mode smartphones to three-mode models and plans among Chinese apps processor vendors to embrace connectivity.
2008-01-09 Wireless: Ripe for global takeover
The PC era is all but over, replaced by a faster-growing market that places greater emphasis on equipment connectivity; ease of use; and data generation, distribution and processing.
2013-06-03 NXP, ST top car ASSP semiconductor market
IHS revealed that NXP last year posted automotive infotainment ASSP revenue of $459 million, giving it a market share of 15 per cent.
2008-09-01 Network HD video over powerlines
The viability of Ethernet-over-powerline technology is proven. Powerline is by far the most convenient and cost effective medium in home networking for providing high bandwidth to any device in any room. All that remains to be seen then is which competing technology that offers at least 150Mbit/s bandwidth will win the race to market dominance
2011-02-07 Survey reveals phone features consumers will buy
A survey by In-Stat found that consumers in the market for mobile phones are willing to pay more money for features, the top three being GPS, camera and a memory card slot.
2012-10-17 Super-capacitors have potential to overtake Li batteries
Super-capacitors can deliver a considerable amount of energy at high power, making them suitable for supplying high power in multi-functional devices where current batteries cannot.
2013-06-20 Nvidia opens GPU family for vendor licensing
Nvidia to license current Kepler GPU product family as well as the modem technology Nvidia acquired from Icera a few years back.
2009-04-16 Marvell bets big on connected devices
Leveraging its homegrown ARM-based Sheeva CPU processors, Marvell Technology Group's co-founder and CEO has a clear vision: Enabling the next billion users of connected devices.
2011-02-11 IP phone shipments to cross 40 million in 2015
In-Stat forecasts IP phone shipments will exceed 40 million units in 2015 driven by businesses as well as consumers using their phone system for more advanced communications.
2008-01-14 HDMI crosses over to mobile world
Silicon Image has rolled out technology and chips to bring its high-end wired HDMI to mobile devices including digital cameras, portable media players and cellphones.
2008-05-06 Forum pushes spec to unify home nets efforts
A group of companies that hopes to define a standard for chips that drive gigabit-class networking on coax, phone and power lines by 2009 has been launched as the HomeGrid Forum.
2008-07-08 Embedded designers face tighter schedule challenges
Juggling more projects this year, embedded systems developers say meeting schedules is their biggest task, according to the 2008 Embedded Market Study from TechInsights/Embedded Systems Design.
2008-04-30 CSR taps Virage Logic's IP for next-gen Bluetooth devices
CSR has picked Virage Logic's semiconductor intellectual property (IP) to enable its next-generation Bluetooth solutions.
2009-09-03 Comment: Nokia loses its magic touch
Rick Merritt predicts that the once darling of the cellphone business and still the largest handset maker is set to be slowly eaten by its PC and cellphone competitors.
2008-05-01 Chip rush promise from IP-enabled CE?
The market for semiconductors enabling Internet Protocol connectivity in CE devices will soon cross the billion-dollar threshold.
2015-06-01 CES Asia: Riding China's consumer electronics wave
The latest CES Asia saw a plethora of products from a number of startups, as well as from long-standing companies, evidently showing a close proximity between product design and manufacturing.
2012-11-08 Basic iPad mini carries $188 BOM, says IHS report
The latest IHS iSuppli teardown analysis found that the base model of the iPad mini carries a bill of materials of $188.00.
2011-07-14 ARM leads in digital home space
For several years, ARM has held on to the #1 spot as the processing architecture in the digital home but is now getting competition from the Power Architecture, says Semicast.
2010-09-02 Analysts' say on Intel-Infineon deal
Here are some comments from analysts regarding Intel's purchase of Infineon's Wireless Solutions Business for $1.4 billion in cash.
2011-03-07 50 million residential gateways ship in 2011
In-Stat forcasts that service providers will push residential gateways over DSL broadband modems to create opportunities for future service add-ons and manage networks better.
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