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2012-11-19 X7R MLCC delivers leap in capacitance value
The StackiCap X7R Multilayer Chip Capacitors increase the maximum capacitance values now possible in larger case sizes and high voltages, significantly reducing printed circuit board real estate.
2005-03-14 Termination system protects MLCCs
AVX developed a soft termination system for its line of MLCCs that allows nearly three times the amount of board flexure when compared to standard termination systems.
2003-10-21 Shenzhen Capacitors announces new multilayer line
Shenzhen Capacitors Industrial Co. Ltd has released its CC42 (NPO dielectric) and CT42 (X7R, Y5V and Z5U dielectric) type axial-leads multilayer ceramic caps.
2006-09-11 Kemet extends capacitance values of MLCC products
Kemet has announced the expansion of their surface-mount multilayer ceramic capacitor portfolio with the extension of capacitance values in the X7R dielectric.
2003-06-11 Fujian ceramic caps boast better performance
Fujian Putian Holder Electronic Co. Ltd has released its CC4 and CT4 series of multilayer ceramic capacitors that include NPO, X7R, and Y5V dielectric types.
2015-05-20 Capacitors survive extreme down-hole drilling conditions
Read about capacitors that can withstand the harshest environmental conditions observed in the oil exploration and production industry.
2007-05-18 Surface-mountable capacitors prevent surface arc-over
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has released what it claims as the industry's first surface-mountable X7R multilayer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs) designed to prevent surface arc-over.
2008-09-23 MLCCs weather extreme mechanical stress
In a move to decrease capacitor failures related to mechanical cracking, Vishay announced that its HVArc Guard surface-mount X7R MLCCs are now available with optional polymer terminations especially constructed to withstand higher levels of mechanical stress.
2011-08-17 MLCCs achieve 6.3C3000VDC voltage rating
Vishay's non-magnetic surface-mount MLCCs tout a wide capacitance range of 0.5pFC56nF (with C0G dielectric) and 100pFC6.8?F (with X7R/X5R dielectric) and operates from -55C to 125C.
2008-12-02 Flexible termination on MLCCs reduce cracking
KEMET Corp. has announced that it now offers flexible termination (FT-CAP) in cap sizes 1808 through 2225 in X7R dielectric.
2002-03-01 Darfon chip capacitors suit high-speed circuits
The company's 0508 and 0612 low-inductance chip capacitors feature an X7R dielectric and are designed for use in high-speed circuits such as microprocessor decoupling in computers and servers.
2005-08-10 Ceramic devices offer 8.2?F to 10?F capacitance range
KEMET announced the addition of voltage and capacitance extensions to its commercial X7R ceramic surface mount portfolio
2006-08-11 Ceramic capacitors with reduced board mounting area
AVX has introduced a new single-layer ceramic capacitor series that features X7R characteristics and a dielectric constant of 60,000.
2004-01-13 Yageo to install MLCC line for mobile phones this year
Yageo Corp. has announced plan to install a production line for multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) designed for mobile phones at its manufacturing plants in Taiwan and Netherlands this year.
2002-11-04 Yageo MLCC suits dc motor, data line apps
Designed for high-speed data line filtering apps, Yageo's X2Y series of MLCCs is available with capacitance values from 10pF to 1?F.
2013-09-13 Wireless power chip eases dev't of Qi charging stations
The bq500212A transmitter from TI allows designers to quickly take to market Qi-compliant wireless charge pads or stations that can operate from a USB port or 5V power adapter.
2005-05-02 Voltage-mode control curbs power issues
Learn practical recommendations for designing voltage-mode control synchronous buck converter based on technology advancement.
2013-10-08 Uses of copper barrier capacitors in medical field
Read about the growing demand for capacitors for use in a various medical devices.
2011-11-23 Surface-mount MLCC operates from -55C to 125C
Vishay's ceramic chip capacitor offers voltage ratings from 1-1.5kVDC and capacitance range from 33-560nF.
2008-09-15 Surface mount chip capacitors target telecom apps
AVX Corp. has developed a low profile, surface mount chip capacitor specifically designed for tip and ring telecom applications.
2008-09-01 Sn-Pb plating for capacitors meets lead form needs
AVX has produced a new series of part numbers for its line of conformally coated, radial leaded, multilayer capacitors, which offer Sn-Pb plating on its wide variety of lead form configurations.
2006-07-11 SLC capacitors deliver high dielectric constant
AVX has introduced the Ultra Maxi series of single-layer ceramic capacitors claiming a record high dielectric constant.
2006-07-11 Resistor-capacitor chip network saves PCB space
BI Technologies' new series of resistor-capacitor chip networks promises to replace up to 16 discrete components, saving 50 percent of PCB space.
2008-01-17 Putting small color LCDs in handhelds
There are a number of factors that need to be considered when incorporating a small color LCD into a design to achieve the right balance of cost, performance and battery lifetime in a handheld product.
2003-05-12 Prosperity to install another MLCC production line
Prosperity Dielectrics Co. Ltd spokesperson and VP Edmund Chen said the company will install a new production line for making MLCC powder during 2H of this year.
2009-01-30 Preventing capacitor arc-over in lighting applications with HVArc Guard MLCCs
A series of recent high-voltage multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) technology breakthroughs at Vishay have resulted in a new range of surface-mount MLCCs that are better suited for the ballast application than any previous type of capacitor.
2012-07-27 Power tip: Avoid common multilayer ceramic capacitor issues
Learn about the potential pitfalls with ceramic capacitors and know how to avoid them.
2002-07-03 Murata chip capacitors meet IEEE 802.3 specs
The DC2KV GR4 series capacitors from Murata Electronics are designed using highly sophisticated Base Metal Inner Electrode (BME) technology.
2003-04-03 Multilayer ceramic capacitors rated to 100V
The VCM series of multilayer ceramic capacitors from Vatronics Technologies offer capacitance values ranging from 0.5pF to 10?F.
2006-01-24 MLCCs target hi-rel apps
AVX has developed an Automotive Plus Series (APS) of multilayer ceramic chip capacitors that are qualified to the Automotive AEC-Q200 standard.
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