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2002-04-19 AMD launches mobile Athlon XP processor
2004-11-24 Adding Windows NT/2000/XP support to the AN3315 parallel port 2-wire software
This app note is a supplement to two previous application notes, which effectively extends the usage of the parallel port 2 wire hardware (presented in AN3230) and software (presented in AN3315) to computers operating on the Windows NT/2000/XP platforms.
2005-04-25 ZiLOG unveils 8KB Flash memory
ZiLOG expanded its Z8 Encore! XP MCU line up with the release of the F08xA, an 8KB flash memory. This addition extends the flash memory range of the Z8 Encore! XP family to include 1-, 2-, 4- and 8KB varieties.
2003-01-02 Wireless ICs call on integration
Makers of ICs for Bluetooth and 802.11, or Wi-Fi, WLAN connectivity are readying a new generation of chips for volume delivery in Q1 of 2003.
2006-06-02 Troubleshooting Windows Plug-and-Play and USB for Maxim evaluation kits
This application note helps you install and troubleshoot the CMAXQUSB and CMODUSB evaluation-kit interface boards.
2002-10-29 THTD CPU cooler produces 4.17cfm airflow
The AE-2388 CPU cooler features a fan that rotates at 3,000rpm and produces an airflow of 4.17cfm.
2003-05-09 THTD CPU cooler produces 26.6dB noise
The AE-S06 CPU cooler of Tsinghua Huatian Technology Dev't Co. Ltd exhibits a noise of 26.6dB.
2013-03-18 RDC30 DC-DC converters ready for EMC standards
XP Power's converters are available with single, dual or triple outputs and conform to the railway industry transient standards EN50155, NF F 01-510 and RIA12.
2007-12-19 Philippine school sues Microsoft for copyright violation
A Philippine college has filed a suit against Microsoft Corp. for allegedly reproducing the school's copyrighted materials without consent, according to
2005-01-31 PCI graphics card supports Apple Cinema HD Display under Windows
Matrox Graphics has a new graphics card that supports very high-resolution dual-link monitors under Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
2006-11-29 Open-air resistor suits automotive current sensing
IRC provides automotive design engineers a power current sense surface-mount resistor with enhanced thermal characteristics.
2004-07-06 Open source movement gains momentum in Asia
The open source software movement is spreading to Asia.
2002-07-18 NVIDIA's PC graphics chipset gets an upgrade
NVIDIA Corp. has upgraded its integrated PC graphics chipset for AMD processors, expanding its drive to gain share from competitors in Taiwan.
2003-05-23 Netsec software automatically tracks hackers
Netsec has released v7.0 of Specter honeypot software that is optimized for Windows XP and is claimed to provide sophisticated intelligence modules to automatically track hackers.
2003-01-29 Molex CPU cooler fits Athlon XPs
The 37256-000x series of CPU coolers from Molex Inc. measures 62-by-70-by-48.6mm, and is designed for use in Athlon XP processors.
2002-01-08 Microsoft preps Windows info appliance
Microsoft Corp. is expected to roll out a concept for a Windows-centric information appliance at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show.
2002-01-14 Microsoft makes itself at home
Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates set the table for the giant Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Monday night (Jan. 7), announcing the long-awaited commercial version of the firm's new CE OS.
2004-08-02 Microsoft delays three Windows upgrades
Microsoft Corp. has fallen behind schedule with the development of three upgrades to Windows and is pushing back the timetable for delivering the software, the company disclosed Tuesday (July 27, 2004).
2002-05-01 MIC predicts DRAM prices to rebound in first half of '02
According to Taiwan-based IT research and consultancy house Market Intelligence Center (MIC), the global DRAM prices will rebound to $2-3 per die (128Mb equivalent) in the first half of this year due to increasing demand.
2006-06-14 Medical AC/DC switchers offer flexibility, reliability
XP Power's latest medical AC/DC switchers have an MTBF of over 300,000 hours and full medical agency safety approvals.
2006-09-07 Low-power COTS DC/DCs target avionics, defense apps
XP Power MTC's series of 4W to 35W COTS DC/DC converters are targeted at defense and avionics applications.
2002-06-10 KLA-Tencor rolls system for gate dielectric processes
KLA-Tencor Corp. has introduced Quantox XP, its next-generation, non-contact, in-line electrical monitoring and characterization system for controlling advanced gate dielectric processes at 130nm and below nodes.
2004-10-06 Jetcool CPU coolers offer 18cfm airflow
The JT-A02 CPU cooler from Jetcool Electronics feature an airflow of 18cfm and come in dimensions of 70-by-70-by-15mm.
2002-10-14 Intel: Forerunner of PC processor market
As Intel continues to raise its clock speeds and further reduce prices, the company is seen to maintain its lead in the desktop PC processor market.
2002-10-23 Huntkey PC power supply features >60,000h lifespan
Huntkey's LW-6300H PC power supply accepts an input from 90Vac to 264Vac and can operate with a full-load efficiency of at least 65 percent.
2002-10-31 eGalax ships touchscreen controller for Tablet PCs
eGalax Inc. has announced the availability of its touchscreen controller solution for the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.
2007-01-16 Design a smaller, more efficient AC/DC power supply
The possibilities for improvements in AC/DC power supply design will continue to be driven largely by improvements in semiconductor performance and functionality.
2006-03-13 Current sense resistors achieve higher power ratings
TT electronics IRC Wirewound and Film Technologies Division has developed a surface-mount current sense resistor with extended power ratings up to 5W.
2007-02-27 Convection-cooled power supply suits apps without internal fans
XP Power announced a convection-cooled power supply that is suited for IT and industrial applications where space is at a premium and there are no internal fans.
2006-11-29 Configurable power supply delivers up to 1000W
XP Power has added to its fleXPower family of configurable power supplies the X10, which delivers an output power of up to 1000W over the full input range of 85-264Vac.
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