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2006-04-03 ZIF connectors increase reliability, decrease crosstalk
ITT Cannon's DLP series of Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) connectors are said to provide greater contact reliability and reduced signal crosstalk
2008-08-01 ZIF connectors boast secure lock, high reliability
AVX Corp. has the 6288 Series of secure lock zero insertion force (ZIF) connectors that provide enhanced robustness and dependability for applications that require high reliability
2009-09-18 ZIF connector combines plug security, variability
Yamaichi Electronics has expanded its boar-to-cable connection portfolio with a flip type ZIF connector for FFC/FPC.
2005-10-04 SMK's latest FPC connector features locking mechanism
A new vertical ZIF-style FPC connector from SMK Electronics features a flip-lock mechanism to secure the flex circuit, which ensures greater stability and reliability, said the company.
2006-09-04 SMK offers 'shortest' FPC connector for portable devices
SMK said its new FPC connector, the CFPB130-0101F, has a height of only 0.75mm when mounted and a depth of 3.6mm, making this connector the industry's shortest
2002-11-26 SMK FPC connector suits portable apps
The EC-03 0.3mm-spaced FPC connector of SMK Corp. features a 1.3mm profile when mounted and is suitable for use in portable device apps
2003-09-25 SMK FPC connector has 0.85mm profile
SMK Corp. has released what it claims is the industry's shortest FPC connector that features a profile of 0.85mm
2009-08-26 Miniature connector requires zero force
ITT Interconnect Solutions has developed a miniature zero insertion force connector that is suited for portable medical equipment
2012-01-06 FPC connector offers 0.3mm front flip lock
TE Connectivity's connectors incorporate a low profile height and light-weight features with centerline spacing of 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 1mm and 1.25mm.
2003-05-02 FCI rolls out 0.5mm pitched, ZIF FPC/FFC connectors
FCI Communications has introduced its 59453 (SFVL) series of surface-mount, ZIF connectors that terminate FPC and FFC
2002-07-29 Corex ZIF PGA socket offers 20-milliohm contact resistance
The 1318 series of ZIF PGA sockets have 478 contacts made of gold-plated phosphor bronze with a pitch of 1.27mm and contact resistance of 20 milliohms
2005-01-12 Yamaichi offer alternative for thin coaxial cables
Yamaichi Electronics introduced a new generation of high-speed connectors and cables.
2002-09-06 Hirose FPC connectors have 0.9mm profile
The FH19 series of PCB connectors has a 0.9mm profile and a pitch of 0.5mm, addressing the need for a low-profile connector that closely matches the height of other components found on the PCB
2003-07-14 AVX connectors have flip-lock, slide-type versions
AVX Corp.'s 6238 and 6292 series of FPC/FFC connectors provide an environmentally-friendly method of making PCB connections in PCs and handheld equipment.
2003-12-24 AVX connectors have flip-lock, slide-type versions
AVX Corp.'s 6238 and 6292 series of FPC/FFC connectors provide design engineers an environmentally-friendly method of enabling PCB connections in PCs, handheld equipment, and digital A/V devices.
2003-02-14 Suncagey FPC/FFC connectors have 1.2mm profile
The BL114 series of FPC/FFC connectors from Taiwan Suncagey Ind. Co. Ltd features a profile of 1.2mm and is suitable for use in PDAs, LCD monitors, and cellphones.
2012-05-23 Microminiature connectors target medical, automotive, consumer apps
Molex's new 0.12mm flat flex cable can be terminated to Zero Insertion Force (ZIF), non-ZIF or Low Insertion Force FFC connectors and are suited for complex board-to-board interconnections in confined spaces
2008-09-10 Reviewing lessons from giants' flop modules
Apple and Microsoft spent unspecified millions in the design, development and introduction of the iPod, iPhone and Zune, but less attention was given by them to the basic components, sealing, USB protection and connector quality of the products, according to Rapid Repair
2008-12-01 Nüvi 205 expands horizon for GPS navigation system
No longer at prices that force PNDs into locked glass cabinets, the $199 PND is driving the growing commodity status of standalone GPS systems.
2005-10-18 Hitachi, Denali collaborate on CE-ATA simulation models
Denali Software Inc. and Hitachi Global Storage Technologies have announced the availability of advanced CE-ATA simulation models for Hitachi's 8GB
2004-10-08 Socket combo supports 1-mm pitch, 3,528-position BGA ICs
Ironwood Electronics' new high performance BGA GHz socket combo allows 1mm pitch, 3,528-position BGA ICs to be used in socket without performance loss.
2005-03-18 Samtec releases new high-speed cable design guide
Samtec released a new high-speed cable design guide that covers data rate cable assemblies, RF cable assemblies, I/O cable assemblies and high-speed flex circuit assemblies.
2013-03-22 Readers' top product picks of 2012
The top ten most read product announcements of EE Times Asia's engineering community.
2014-01-22 Develop sense electrodes for 3D touchpad surfaces
Know the most important design choices that need to be made when designing a touchpad for a 3D surface.
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