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2012-04-25 China to define national CPU architecture spec
The China National Instruction Set Architecture initiative expects that the processor will be a requirement for any project seeking government funding such as purchases of computers or smartphones.
2010-04-14 China TD-SCDMA market set for explosive growth
China's 3G TD-SCDMA handset shipments is expected to grow 600 percent during 2010, according to the latest research of Strategy Analytics.
2015-02-18 China smartphone market reveals marginal growth in 4Q14
IDC reported that 107.5 million smartphones were shipped to China in 4Q14, representing a 2 per cent QoQ growth, which tallies the smartphones being shipped to China in 2014 to 420.7 million.
2010-03-26 China slashes telecom capex by 21%
With its 3G building binge almost over, China's three major telecom operators is expected to slash their spending on capital equipment by more than 20 percent in 2010.
2005-06-27 China set to delay issue of 3G licenses, says report
Technical hang-ups with China's domestic 3G standard look likely to delay the handing out of 3G licenses this year, according to research firm iSuppli.
2004-05-25 China promoting its own interoperability spec
China is moving ahead with an effort to promote a homegrown standard for interoperability among electronics devices in the home, apparently undeterred by its latest clash with the U.S. concerning a proprietary wireless networking standard known as WAPI.
2014-12-11 China ousts South Korea as smartphone leader
With a combined global market share of 31.3 per cent, nine Chinese smartphone makers have surpassed their South Korean counterparts for the second quarter of 2014.
2014-02-06 China OS spells trouble for Google, Microsoft
Developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Liantong Network Communications, the China Operating System (COS) is designed for use in smartphones, tablets, TV STBs and PCs.
2009-05-28 China Optics Valley ready for broader terrain
Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province in China, is known as the country's "Optics Valley," but the city's ambitions don't end with optoelectronics.
2009-05-20 China OEMs boom as wireless market slides
Revenues for wireless infrastructure systems fell off a cliff in Q1 09 despite record sales of base stations. Sales are expected to be generally flat over the next four years, forcing a consolidation in which China's top OEMs will rise.
2005-01-03 China mobilizing on 3G IP
A group of influential Chinese companies and industry organizations has formed the Mobile Multimedia Technology Alliance to promote Chinese-driven technical innovation and standards and to popularize 3G applications.
2007-06-13 China Mobile, Ericsson seal $1B GSM deal
China Mobile has sealed a $1 billion agreement to use Ericsson core and radio network equipment, a deal that is expected to help boost GSM coverage in China.
2013-03-18 China Mobile's LTE plans garner chipmaker interest
China Mobile's announcement that it will spend $6.7 billion to develop 4G technology has triggered speculation that the company is finally getting ready to roll out Apple iPhones.
2008-06-04 China MII grants 29 TD-SCDMA terminal licenses
The China Ministry of Information Industry has granted network access license to 19 TD terminal manufacturers, including foreign brands Motorola and Philips.
2003-10-01 China hunts for competitive talent
Headhunters in China are still on the lookout for skilled, high-end talents and compound engineers.
2008-06-05 China handset suppliers prefer MediaTek mobile solutions
Taiwan's MediaTek Inc. reports that total shipment of mobile solutions chipsets reached over 150 million in volume in 2007, securing a significant market share in China.
2009-04-15 China eyes growth in comms segment
CCID Consulting has analyzed the development trends of China's communications market in 2009. Here are the highlights of the research firm's findings.
2009-08-11 China boosts fabless startup efforts
China is stepping up its initiative to seed as many as 30 fabless semiconductor startups that could grow to $200 million or more in annual revenues, according to an industry executive involved in the effort.
2004-02-26 China bides time on 3G, WAPI
The intensely competitive Chinese wireless market is biding it's time on issues ranging from which 3G technology to adopt to whether or not to proceed with a controversial Wi-Fi encryption scheme, a China market researcher said.
2002-11-28 Change of guards at IDT bolsters comms focus
In January 2003, when Greg Lang ascends to the CEO job at Integrated Device Technology Inc., a 1980 high-speed SRAM startup, the move will reflect the company's ongoing shift to an exclusive focus on comms space.
2010-01-14 Cellular broadband chipsets boom through 2014
Worldwide cellular chipsets will grow at a 9.3 percent CAGR on a unit basis from 2009 to 2014, according to IDC.
2008-07-23 CCID: Steady growth seen for China mobile market
A new report from CCID Consulting on China's handset and mobile chip market stated that mobile phone output continued to grow in 2007, reaching 554 million sets, with a growth rate of 25.4 percent, driven by export and domestic demands.
2014-11-18 Can Marvell lead China's LTE market with new SoCs?
While Qualcomm remains the dominant player in the global LTE market, Marvell's quiet success with its LTE base band business in China has gotten little notice.
2014-04-21 Building Galaxy S5 costs more than iPhone 5s at $256
IHS has run the maths on the latest Galaxy model, revealing a BoM that pushes up to as much as $256.52. The amount includes the $5 assembly cost and several hardware upgrades featuring a Snapdragon 801 MPU, a MIMO Wi-Fi module, a power management IC, and a host of sensors.
2013-10-30 Broadcom rolls C-DOCSIS chipset for Chinese operators
The BCM3227 supports advanced modes in the C-DOCSIS standard to boost downstream speeds by 25 per cent to 1Gb/s, and to boost upstream speeds by 33 per cent to 160Mb/s.
2013-02-27 Broadcom debuts small cell SoC
Broadcom became the latest player competing for the emerging market of small cell base stations when it rolled out its first femtocell chip to integrate RF and baseband modem.
2011-09-15 Broadcom acquisition shakes embedded comms market
Broadcom's acquisition of NetLogic has turned it into an embedded communications player to compete with Freescale, Intel and Cavium Networks.
2013-07-22 Broadband CPE market to ship 149.4M units this year
ABI Research said continuous growth in broadband adoption as well as upgrading to better quality services among existing broadband users will allow continuous growth in the broadband CPE market.
2014-03-31 Bluetooth Smart charts course to widespread IoT adoption
Bluetooth Smart's adoption rate in mobile devices saw an acceleration over the period of 2010 through 2013. This year, TechInsights expects a full adoption as uses in wellness and wearable expand.
2013-02-04 BlackBerry ready to catch second wind with BB10 smartphones
Junko Yoshida discusses why the tech community, not the financial community, has to give credit to BlackBerry's entry into the Apple and Android dominated smartphone market.
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