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2002-05-07 LR Series: Selecting high input voltage start-up ICs for SMPS
This application note describes the process of selecting high input voltage start-up ICs for switch-mode power supplies.
2005-04-01 Low-power MCUs in line-powered apps
Replacing higher-current MCUs with new low-power ones provide some advantages in most line-powered devices.
2012-08-30 Integrated overvoltage, overcurrent devices for consumer electronics
TE Connectivity's PolyZen CE, which targets tablets and other portable consumer electronics, claim to offer significant performance advantages over discrete solutions using fuses, Zeners and other passive devices.
2002-05-07 HT0638 for electronic line switch
This application note describes the functions and circuit description of Supertex HT0638 and how it is specially designed to replace the mechanical hook switch in telephone handset apps.
2013-09-09 Designing magnetic solenoid driver circuits
Read about the design of current-controlled, intelligent magnetic solenoid driver circuits.
2005-07-05 CMD's ESD protection devices tout highest levels of protection
California Micro Devices' new CM1215 and CM1216 diode arrays are said to be the industry's first low capacitance devices to offer 15kV of contact ESD protection, exceeding IEC61000-4-2 level 4 standards
2001-09-11 Care and handling of axial lead or SM diodes for testing and PCB mounting
This application note suggests some guidelines about the proper handling of Microsemi's axial lead or SM diodes for testing and PCB mounting.
2002-05-08 BIAS power supplies 1 output voltages
This application note provides instructions on creating positive and negative output voltages in BIAS power supplies.
2014-03-06 Utilising audio amps for voltage splitting
Here's a look at several voltage splitters built around power audio amplifiers.
2007-06-12 MOSFETs target low-voltage apps
Fairchild Semiconductor launches seven MicroFET products, which target low-voltage applications in the
2008-08-12 Micro-packaged transistors, diodes boost ON Semi's discrete lineup
ON Semiconductor has announced the expansion of its discrete packaging portfolio with new micro-packaged transistors and diodes.
2005-06-16 Diodes support up to 10A current in less than 100mm? packages
Toshiba America Electronic Components released its new L-Flat surface mount packages for high-power rectifier diodes, which utilize a lead-clamp structure to reduce mounting area by 50 percent or more.
2009-02-11 TVS diodes tout 67 W/mm? surge capability
NXP Semiconductors has launched a new range of transient voltage suppressor (TVS) diodes housed in its new FlatPower package, SOD123W.
2008-09-12 EMI filters integrate diodes for ESD protection
OnChip has introduced a family of EMI low-pass RC Pi filter arrays with on-board diodes for ESD protection.
2005-02-15 Supertex MOSFET saves board space
Supertex introduced a six-pair high voltage, low threshold N-channel and P-channel MOSFET with integrated gate-source resistor and gate-source zener diode clamps.
2008-09-16 How to meet 24-V Hot Plug-in test for charge front-end bq243xx
It is important for system designers to properly design the charging system with correct system-level protections. Usually, a TVS (transient voltage suppression) Zener diode is used for clamping such high-pulse transient voltage so that the maximum input voltage from the charge front-end (CFE) protectors bq243xx is less than absolute maximum voltage for safe operation.
2005-01-31 The System Advantages of Low-Power Microcontrollers in Line-Powered
It is ironic that the challenge in designing line power applications is not high voltages or dangerous currents.
2014-06-11 Techniques for enabling dimmable LED bulbs
Many LED lamps are advertised as dimmable, however in reality the performance of many of them is unimpressive with varying results depending on the dimmer used and loading of the circuit.
2005-08-25 Protecting the HDMI interface
HDMI combines a high-speed unidirectional TMDS data link with low speed, bi-directional control and status links and configuration protocols in a single user-friendly high-performance connector.
2005-08-25 Prema serial 12V-LED driver handles up to three LEDs
PREMA Semiconductor offers the new constant current driver PR4130 controlling up to three LEDs in series.
2002-06-19 Linear Tech capacitor charger has higher efficiency
Designed to charge photoflash capacitors in digital and film cameras, the LT3420 capacitor charger from Linear Technology Corp. uses a flyback topology to achieve efficiencies up to four times better than competing flash modules.
2016-02-17 Isolated potentiometer design (Part 1)
Here is an isolated analogue-actuated potentiometer design intended as a template for general application wherever a manually-actuated pot is to be replaced and actuated by an analogue voltage.
2006-08-15 IR unveils driver ICs for HID ballast apps
International Rectifier has introduced a family of integrated 600V self-oscillating full-bridge driver ICs for HID ballast applications.
2006-11-13 IR unveils 600V ballast controller for fluorescent lamps
International Rectifier's IRS2166D is a 600V fully-integrated and protected ballast control IC for advanced linear fluorescent lamp ballasts that incorporate active PFC.
2004-06-15 IR control IC targets electronic transformers
IR introduced what it claims as the world's first intelligent control IC specifically designed for electronic transformers that drive low voltage halogen lamps.
2004-05-27 IR control IC eyes electronic transformers
International Rectifier disclosed that it has developed the first intelligent control IC designed for electronic transformers that drive low voltage halogen lamps.
2004-07-06 IR ballast control IC increases lamp reliability
IR introduced a CFL ballast control IC that can adapt to changing supply voltage, frequency and lamp conditions to increase lamp life and reliability.
2014-02-04 Implement compact wireless battery charging
Wireless charging adds value, reliability and robustness in many applications.
2007-02-06 HVIC with PFC eases multilamp circuits in fluorescent ballasts
IR's IRS2168D HVIC features a wide range input voltage PFC to simplify complex multilamp circuits.
2007-05-22 How to implement high current LED arrays
This article summarizes the key requirements for driving Osram Ostar high current LED arrays and shows how these requirements can be met with an easy-to-implement driver based on Micrel's MIC2196 chip.
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