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2005-11-16 Zetex's P-channel MOSFETs reduce size of active clamp designs
The new 200V rated p-channel MOSFETs from Zetex promise to significantly reduce the size of active clamp designs previously reliant on much larger DPAK and SO8 packages
2006-08-28 Zetex to further push sales growth in APAC, appoints new Sales VP
Zetex Semiconductors, a provider of analog signal processing and power management solutions, has appointed Echo Li as vice president of sales for Asia Pacific.
2007-02-16 Zetex revamps LNB design with new IF switch
Zetex Semiconductors' 4:2 IF switch features integrated gain and control functions that dramatically improve IF signal reliability, eliminate false switching and reduce circuit complexity.
2005-02-01 Zetex regulator provides 3.3V output voltage
Zetex rolled out a new voltage regulator that meets the needs of circuits subjected to a wide variation in supply voltage
2005-11-24 Zetex opens China office
Zetex Semiconductors opened its first representative office in mainland China. Located in Shenzhen, the new office provides local customer service and technical support for the company's broad range of analog semiconductor solutions.
2002-04-05 Zetex offers motor controllers for 100W fans
The ZXBM2000 series of fan motor controllers integrates rotational speed sensing, locked rotor detection, and automatic recovery functions, and is targeted for variable speed control of two-phase, dc brushless fan and blower motors up to 100W.
2005-01-21 Zetex offers alternative to traditional SOT223-, DPAK-packaged parts
Zetex disclosed that the efficient high current operation of its latest bipolar transistors meets all the performance requirements of DC motor control
2004-08-06 Zetex ICs offer adjustable dc-dc conversion
Zetex Semiconductors launched two new PFM inductive boost converters that offer an adjustable dc-dc converter solution.
2003-04-02 Zetex H-bridge MOSFET replaces four discrete devices
The ZXMHC6A07T8 MOSFET H-bridge of Zetex Semiconductors comes in a 7.3-by-6.7mm SM8 package.
2007-05-08 Zetex expands Asian presence with new Taiwan office
Zetex Semiconductors has opened its first office in Taipei, Taiwan, which will focus on providing local customer service and technical support for the company's analog semiconductor solutions.
2005-07-08 Zetex diode extends battery life
With typical and maximum reverse current ratings at 30V of 1?A and 4?A, respectively, the new Schottky barrier diode from Zetex helps extend battery life in a broad range of apps, from chargers to LED drivers
2006-01-25 Zetex device delivers true short circuit current monitoring
Zetex's new current monitor enables true short circuit current monitoring with its wide common mode sense range of 0V to within 2V of the supply voltage applied
2004-10-20 Zetex current monitor tolerates high voltage transients
The new high accuracy current monitor from Zetex eliminates any ground plane disruption when sensing a load current
2005-08-04 Zetex current monitor avoids disruption of the ground plane
With a typical temperature coefficient below 100ppm/C, the ZXCT1011 current monitor from Zetex Semiconductors assures accurate measurement of DC currents over the temperature range -40C to 125C.
2003-04-10 Zetex chipset manages composite video signals
The company's two-chip solution for composite video signal management targets CCTV, video capture, and special effects apps.
2003-03-27 Zetex boost converter delivers up to 28V output
The ZXLB1600 boost converter from Zetex Semiconductors accepts inputs between 1.6V and 5.5V and delivers an adjustable output up to 28V.
2006-07-03 Trench MOSFETs ensure safe operation in higher power audio apps
Zetex has introduced a new generation of trench MOSFETs that promises to deliver the high efficiency, cool running and quality audio reproduction demanded by Class D output stages
2005-10-12 Transistors reduce PCB size
Achieving the same current handling capability as larger SOT223 equivalents, the new series of SOT23-packaged bipolar transistors from Zetex Semiconductors promises to significantly reduce PCB size
2006-05-15 Transistors maximize power handling in low voltage apps
Zetex Semiconductors introduced a new range of low voltage bipolar transistors that are said to extend the power handling capability of the SOT23 package.
2006-06-01 Small-footprint device eases high-power LED driving
Zetex's mini LED driver requires a single external resistor to set its output current, simplifying LED driving
2004-10-12 Schottky barrier diode guarantees high efficiency operation
Zetex's new Schottky barrier diode is claimed to outperform much larger packaged devices in terms of VF/IR performance and continuous current handling capability
2007-02-08 MOSFETs suit ultralow gate drive operation
Zetex Semiconductors has introduced three new n-channel enhancement mode MOSFETs developed specifically for applications with limited drive voltage availability.
2006-02-20 MOSFET handles pre-bias supply circuitry
Zetex Semiconductors has introduced a new high voltage MOSFET to handle the requirements of pre-bias supply circuitry.
2006-02-08 MOSFET designed for pre-bias supply circuitry
Zetex Semiconductors has introduced a high-voltage MOSFET to handle the requirements of pre-bias supply circuitry.
2006-02-27 Miniature bipolar package increases power supply efficiency
The ZXTC2045E6 from Zetex Semiconductors produces the drive requirement needed to switch high power MOSFETs and IGBTs in power supply designs.
2006-07-31 Mid-voltage transistors raise circuit power density
With the 3-by-2.5mm footprint, Zetex said its new bipolar transistors help increase circuit power density by replacing the much larger DPAK, SOT89 and SOT223 packaged parts
2007-01-03 IF switch integrates gain, control functions
Zetex Semiconductors has launched a 4:2 IF switch said to be the first to feature integrated gain and control functions.
2007-03-12 Getting more out of the ZXLD1350: high output current
The ZXLD1350 is a continuous mode inductive step-down converter, designed for driving single or multiple series connected LEDs efficiently from a voltage source higher than the LED voltage. The device operates from an input supply between 7V and 30V and provides an externally adjustable output current of up to 350mA. In order to obtain higher output current to drive LEDs with higher power, a high current externally connected output stage is required.
2007-03-12 Getting more out of the ZXLD1350: dimming techniques
The ZXLD1350 has a versatile adjust pin that can be used in many ways to adjust the brightness of the LED by controlling the current in the LED. This application note deals with some the ways in which dimming the LED can be achieved and discusses the merits of the techniques. These dimming methods discussed include PWM dimming both with a low and high frequency signals, DC voltage control and resistive dimming.
2006-12-13 Current monitor eases bidirectional measurement
Zetex has announced a bidirectional high-side current monitor with a simplified two-way current measurement in battery and power supply management as well as motor control applications
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