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2000-09-08 SCC in binary synchronous communications
This application note examines an approach that implements a communications controller in a binary synchronous mode of operation, with a Z8002 CPU acting as controller for the Z-SCC (Zilog-serial communications controller).
2000-09-08 Practical counter examples using the Z893XX
This application note presents two practical demonstrations of how to implement a general-purpose counter using the on-chip resources of the Z893XX 16-bit fixed-point DSP.
2000-09-06 PIC16C54-to-Z86E02 upgrade
This application note specifically deals with the system upgrade from PIC16C54 to Z86E02 without any new board layout.
2000-09-07 On-chip oscillator design
This application note covers common theory of oscillators, and requirements of the circuitry that come from the theory for crystal and ceramic resonator-based circuits.
2000-09-08 On- and off-hook caller ID using the Z893XX
This application note demonstrates how to implement Caller Identification (herein referred to as "Caller ID" or "CID") as an added feature of the telephone system using the on-chip resources of the Z893XX.
2013-04-24 MCU Reference design features embedded firewall
Zilog and Icon Labs teamed up to develop a microcontroller which features an embedded firewall that provides a critical layer of security that can block Internet-based threats.
2006-11-21 MCU delivers vector control capability
The Z8 Encore! MC (FMC16100 series) from ZiLOG is touted to be the first 8bit MCU to offer vector control capability.
2000-09-07 Low-voltage reset operation
This application note shows how a Z8 MCU's low-voltage protection circuit preserves RAM contents and sets the controller to a known condition and power if disruptions occur.
2006-10-30 Keynoters criticize embedded systems tools
Embedded systems development tools are likely to improve in qualify and simplicity, enabling developers to work faster, according to a speaker at an international conference on embedded systems.
2006-10-25 IR remote MCU integrates learning ability, cuts BOM
ZiLOG has integrated the learning capability into its Crimzon Infrared remote MCU family, thereby reducing development time as well as a customer's BOM by up to 15 percent.
2000-09-08 Interfacing the ISCC to the 68000 and 8086
This application note presents the details of bus interface unit (BIU) operation for both slave peripheral and DMA modes. It provides application examples of interconnecting an ISCC to a 68000 and an 8086 microprocessor.
2000-09-07 Interfacing memory and I/O to the 20MHz Z8S180 system
This application note outlines the speed requirement on memory and peripherals for the Z8S180 by using the Z8S18000ZCO evaluation board as a design example.
2000-09-07 Interfacing LCDs to the Z8 MCU
This application note explains and shows a software method of interfacing a Z8 MCU to an LCD module.
2000-09-08 Improving memory access timing in Z182 applications
This application note demonstrates the calculations of both ROM and RAM access timing, provides examples of a conventional processor/memory interface design, and presents an alternate approach to processor/memory design.
2000-09-07 DTMF tone generation using the Z8 CCP
This application note demonstrates how a Z8 MCU's PWM capabilities allow DTMF tone generation through a software algorithm.
2000-09-06 Direct drive of LCD displays
This application note describes how the designer can interface directly to a simple LCD using the Z86X3X and Z86X4X family of microcontrollers.
2000-09-06 Digital instant water heater
This application note demonstrates how the Z8 microcontroller unit (MCU) is used when implementing control techniques for digital instant water heaters and other duty-cycle control applications.
2000-09-07 Designing a low-cost thermal printer
This application note provides design engineers with information on how the Z86E21 MCU interfaces with thermal printers, creating a platform from which they can customize their designs.
2000-09-08 Data communications IUSC/MUSC time slot assigner
This application note explains the functions of the TSA (Time Slot Assigner) of Zilog's MUSC/IUSC as another technical building block for the networking world.
2000-09-08 Break detection on Z80180 and Z181
This application note discusses the behavior of the on-board UART channels in the Z80 MPUs during break sequence.
2000-09-08 Adding external data memory to the Z893X1 DSP chip
This application note addresses the data memory insufficiency of Zilog's Z893X1 DSP by adding a simple external data interface, and presents some possible design variations.
2000-09-08 Adaptive filtering applications explained
This application note describes the four basic classes of adaptive filtering applications, and details various fundamentals, techniques and algorithms of several selected adaptive applications.
2000-09-08 A practical software debounce using the Z893XX
This application note presents a practical demonstration of how to implement a cost-effective switch debounce using the on-chip resources of the Z893XX 16-bit fixed-point DSP.
2006-05-29 8bit MCU family targeted at China market
ZiLOG has extended its Z8 Encore! XP portfolio of 8bit MCUs with the addition of the F0830 series.
2006-10-03 16bit MCUs target motor control, security apps
The new ZNEO Z16F family of flash MCUs from ZiLOG targets specific markets such as high-end motor control and domestic security applications.
2005-05-20 Z8 Encore! MCU development kit sells for under $10
For a limited time, just $9.95 is all you need to buy a development kit for Zilog Inc.'s Z8 Encore! XP 8-pin microcontroller.
2004-05-04 Using the RZK semaphore object
This app note describes how to use Zilog's RZK semaphore object for synchronization and memory protection.
2010-07-01 MCUs offer enhanced motion detection capabilities
The Zilog ZMOTION microcontrollers are designed for the rapid development and deployment of products requiring control based on passive infrared motion detection.
2004-05-04 Flash loader utility using ZTP
This app note describes a Flash loader utility that can be used to upload a Zilog TCP/IP stack (ZTP)-based user application (firmware) to the eZ80F91 MCU's external Flash memory via the Internet.
2010-11-18 Detection, control solution features passive IR sensor
Zilog Inc. introduces the Zmotion module which integrates an MCU with embedded software for products requiring control based on passive IR motion detection.
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