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What is analogue-to-digital converter?
An electronic circuit that converts a continuously varying signal (temperature, pressure, voltage, etc.) into digital number comprising zeroes and ones.
Applications include anything that involves the digital processing of signals by a digital signal processor, microprocessor or microcontroller.
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2005-10-21 VXS board packs dual 2.2GS/s A/D channels
The new Quixilica Neptune 2 VXS from TEK Microsystems combines field programmable gate arrays with dual 2.2GS/s data conversion channels.
2003-02-11 Ultraview 1.25GSa/s A/D board stores 8GB
Ultraview Corp.'s PCI-bus data acquisition board provides >100 times storage depth of prior A/D boards in the 1GHz range.
2005-05-20 Ultra-fast A/D board packs 2GHz silicon
Pentek continues to churn out DSP, SDR (software defined radio), and ultra-high-speed data acquisition boards and systems at a prodigious rate
2001-09-17 The design and performance of a precision voltage reference circuit for 14-bit and 16-bit A/D and D/A converters
This application note describes the performance and design of a complete precision voltage reference circuit consisting of the VRE3050 precision reference, the MAX1682 charge pump voltage doubler and the THS1265 evaluation board.
2003-12-01 Testing an A/D's power supply rejection ratio
This article describes an easy way to measure the system's AC power supply rejection and quickly determine how badly the power supplies are corrupting the system dynamics.
2002-11-26 TDA8789HL dual 8-bit A/D converter with DPGA demonstration board
This application note describes the design of DPGA demonstration board using the TDA8798HL ADC.
2002-11-20 TDA8764ATS: 10-bit A/D converter demonstration board
This application note describes the design and the realization of the demonstration board using the TDA8764ATS version (n 709) with an application environment.
2001-04-17 Switched-capacitor A/D converter input structures
This application note discusses the input drive requirements of different CMOS A/D converter structures.
2004-05-25 Simplify a/d converter interface with software
This app note presents a simplified form of a/d converter interface with software.
2002-03-16 Selecting A/D converters in microprocessor design
The usual method of bringing analog inputs into a microprocessor is to use an ADC. Here are some tips for selecting such a part and calibrating it to fit your needs.
2001-04-17 Precision temperature measurement using RTDs (resistance temperature detectors) with the CS5516 and CS5520 bridge transducer A/D converters
This application note discusses how the CS5516/CS5520 bridge-measurement A/D converters can be configured for precise measurement of resistance using a ratiometric resistance measurement technique.
2000-06-05 PIC14000 A/D Theory and Implementation
This application note presents an implementation of a DAQ system based on a PIC14000 microcontroller. The PIC14000's AFE performs signal conditioning and A/D conversion of signals used in a battery monitoring application.
2005-11-03 PIC MCU adds extra serial ports, faster A/D converter
The newest members of Microchip Technology Inc.'s PIC18F microcontroller family are the PIC18F8622/8527/6622/6527.
2006-01-09 PCI bus A/D board gobbles data at a whopping 1.5GS/s
The new PCI bus plug-in from Ultraview is capable of continuous acquisition at up to 1,500MS/s (1.5GS/s) and storing up to 16-billion samples of uninterrupted analog data.
2006-02-03 PCI A/D board stores 16 billion samples
Ultraview's new data acquisition board permits uninterrupted acquisition of ultralong bursts of wideband spectra.
2005-07-27 PC/104 board runs eight simultaneous A/D channels
Hardent Canada has a new less-than-$1,000 16-bit PC/104 form-factor analog/digital plug-in board that touts simultaneous channel sampling capability.
2006-04-11 PC/104 A/D I/O card spans wide temperature range
WinSystems rolled out its PCM-MIO, a high-density analog and digital PC/104-compliant I/O card.
2003-10-03 Operation of A-D Converter (in single sweep mode)
This application note presents the operation of A-D Converter in single sweep mode.
2003-10-03 Operation of A-D Converter (in repeat mode)
This application note presents the operation of A-D Converter in repeat mode.
2003-10-03 Operation of A-D Converter (in one-shot mode, external op-amp connection mode)
This application note presents the operation of A-D Converter in one-shot mode and in external op-amp connection mode.
2003-09-15 Micronas, Cabot release A/D video decoder platform
Micronas GmbH and Cabot Communications have announced the first hybrid analog-digital (A/V) video decoder platform to be pre-integrated with an MHEG-5 engine.
2001-04-16 Measuring high voltages (5V to 1,000V) with the CS5521/23, CS5522/24/28 and CS5525/26 A/D converters
This application note discusses the features of the programmable gain instrumentation amplifier of the CS5521/22/23/24/25/26/28 A/D converters and how it can be used to measure large dc voltages.
2001-04-30 Interfacing the TLV1544 and TLV1548 A/D converters to digital processors
This application note describes the hardware and software requirements for interfacing the TLV1544 and TLV1548 A/D converters to a DSP and to a MCU.
2001-05-04 Interfacing a TMS320C3x to the TLC320AD58C 18bit stereo A/D converter
This application note discusses how to initialize the TMS320C3x DSP to interface with the TLC320AD58C 18bit stereo A/D converter without glue logic.
2001-05-04 Interfacing a TMS320C2x, 'C2xx, or 'C5x DSP to a TLC548 8bit A/D converter
This application note describes how to interface a TMS320C2x, TMS320C2xx or TMS320C5x DSP to a TLC548 8-bit A/D converter.
2001-05-04 Interfacing 20MSPS TLC5510 Flash A/D converter to TMS320C2xx and TMS320C5x fixed-point DSPs
This application note discusses how to interface the TLC5510 Flash A/D converter to a TMS320C2xx or TMS320C5x DSP at a data rate of 20MSa/s.
2005-09-29 GHz-speed A/D consumes 1.9W
National Semiconductor expanded its family of gigahertz-speed ADCs with three converters that are said to offer the industry's best performance with ultra-low power consumption
2009-05-07 Do's and don'ts of applying A/D converters
In many applications, the limitation in the performance of a system lies in how the individual components are used. The ADC can also be considered as a component. Therefore, proper design procedures are necessary to obtain the optimum accuracy.
2006-04-27 CompactPCI form-factor board packs eight channels of acoustic A/D conversion
Radstone Embedded Computing is debuting an eight-channel acoustic ADC board designed for military sonar applications.
2007-02-27 Clocking High-Speed A/D Converters
Extremely high-speed ADCs demand a low-jitter sample clock in order to preserve SNR. These 8bit and 10bit converters have best-case noise floors set by quantization noise. In this article, we look at the strategy for optimizing the performance of the sample clock based on PLL/VCO characteristics. This means minimizing overall integrated phase noise, which minimizes clock jitter.
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