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What is A/D?
An electronic circuit that converts a continuously varying signal (temperature, pressure, voltage, etc.) into digital number comprising zeroes and ones.
Applications include anything that involves the digital processing of signals by a digital signal processor, microprocessor or microcontroller.
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2007-07-24 Board synchronizes 2GHz A/D processing modules
Pentek Inc. releases its Model 6890, a 2.2GHz clock, synch and gate distribution board for synchronizing multiple Pentek I/O modules.
2003-04-04 AVR: Low Cost A/D Converter
This application note discusses the procedure in making a simple ADC with only two external components, a resistor and capacitor.
2000-08-30 AVR401: 8-bit precision A/D converter
This application note describes how to perform a kind of dual slope A/D conversion with an AVR microcontroller. The converter requires only six discrete components in addition to the AVR.
2000-08-30 AVR400: Low cost A/D converter
This application note describes how to make a very compact and inexpensive ADC design with only two external components, a resistor and a capacitor.
2007-02-05 Application of A/D converter (single A/D conversion mode)
This documentation presents a sample program, which uses the 32176 Group on-chip A/D converter in the single mode to perform A/D conversion.
2009-02-06 A/D technology is ultrafast
Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe's new ultrafast ADC IP is based on CHArge-mode Interleaved Sampler technology (CHAIS) for use in its standard 65nm CMOS process technology.
2014-08-29 A/D converters dissipate 1.7mW at 1Ms/s
The A/D converters from Analog Devices come in a 4mm x 4mm LFCSP package and enable industrial and medical equipment designers to improve operating and static power budgets.
2006-09-06 A/D converter offers 'extremely' low power consumption
austriamicrosystems has expanded its high-performance ADC portfolio with the introduction of the AS1534, a parallel interface A/D converter that promises extremely low power consumption.
2005-09-14 A/D converter IP block tailored for battery-powered systems
A new 10-bit successive approximation register (SAR) A/D converter IP block has been designed for portable, battery-powered systems
2005-05-20 A/D converter board boosts signal bandwidth
Pentek customers can now boost signal bandwidth by nearly an order of magnitude with the release of the Model 6826 VME A/D Converter board
2007-02-05 A/D conversion in scan mode
This article describes A/D conversion that is performed for voltage inputs on four channels, and results of which are stored in RAM.
2007-02-05 A/D conversion control of the 7542 group
The function of the A/D conversion in this article is applied to MCUs of the 7542 group with 8MHz oscillation frequency, 32Kbytes ROM and 1Kbyte RAM.
2007-04-02 38D2 group: ADC (8bit A/D mode)
The following article introduces and shows an example of how to use the ADC (8bit A/D mode) on the 38D2 group device.
2007-04-16 38D2 group: ADC (10bit A/D mode)
This application note introduces and shows an example of how to use the ADC (10bit A/D mode) on the 38D2 group device.
2007-02-05 3823 Group: A/D converter (internal trigger)
This article introduces and shows an example of how to use the A/D converter (internal trigger) on the 3823 group device.
1999-11-13 24bit stereo A/D converter for digital audio
The CS5360 is a two-channel, single 5V supply, 24bit ADC for digital audio systems. The device performs sampling, ADC conversion, and anti-alias filtering. This note deals with the CS5360 and its application for digital audio.
2001-10-10 Using the M38067 to perform ADC
This application note briefly discusses the functions of the A/D converter for the M38067 microcontroller. A discussion on the firmware structure and its implementation to the M38067 is explained.
1999-11-22 Using the Analog-to-Digital Converter of the 8XC552 Microcontroller
The 80C552 microcontroller has an on-chip ADC. The converter consists of an 8 input analog multiplexer, and a 10bit binary successive approximation ADC. To obtain the 10bit accuracy, it is important to pay attention to the design of the application. First, the operation of the ADC is described. Then, design and layout subjects are described that can influence the accuracy of the conversion result.
2001-04-02 Using the analog-to-digital converter of the 8XC552 microcontroller
This application note describes how to use the on-chip 10-bit ADC of Philips Semiconductors' 8XC552 microcontroller.
2000-06-01 Using the Analog to Digital Converter
This application note is intended for PIC16C7X users with various degrees of familiarity with analog system design.
2004-01-16 TI raises stakes with 14bit ADC
Texas Instruments is throwing down the gauntlet in 14bit ADCs by unveiling a device that will set new benchmarks for performance and power consumption.
2011-03-09 TI ADCs simplify system-level design
Texas Instruments' 16-bit ADS8363, 14-bit ADS7263 and 12-bit ADS7223 two-channel, SAR ADCs offer two independently controlled internal references, supporting speeds up to 1MSps.
2002-11-20 TDA8752B PLL calculator: method & software
This application note describes the method to calculate the TDA8752B PLL parameters using the PLL calculator program.
2002-02-07 SPT 8-bit ADC dissipates 450mW
Signal Processing Technologies' SPT7722 8-bit ADC consumes only 450mW during operation and 13.5mW during sleep mode, making it suitable for cost- and power-sensitive communication applications.
2004-06-16 Simulators shred the limits of mixed-signal design
Under pressure from 90nm processes and rising clock frequencies, analog/digital SoC tools have stepped up to meet engineers' needs.
2000-05-06 Sample/Hold has zero droop and infinite hold
This application note describes the DAC device with an ADC to provide an overall analog-hold function.
2009-07-09 Replace RS-232 with 802.11n wireless
Know how to replace a wired connection by a wireless one by connecting the device and server with a serial to Wi-Fi bridge.
2012-02-22 R8C/35C ADC in repeat sweep mode
Know the setting method to perform A/D conversion on analog voltage using the R8C/35C Group ADC in repeat sweep mode.
2001-04-03 Performance Of An IF Sampling ADC In Receiver Applications
This paper explores the concept of direct IF sampling and ADC performance characteristics which designers should consider, and highlights the performance of a 12-bit, 125MSa/s ADC design optimized in IF sampling.
2001-09-16 Partitioning and laying out mixed-signal PCBs
Component placement and partitioning, combined with routing discipline, are the keys to success in laying out a mixed-signal PCB梟ot the isolation of the ground planes.
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