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What is A/D?
An electronic circuit that converts a continuously varying signal (temperature, pressure, voltage, etc.) into digital number comprising zeroes and ones.
Applications include anything that involves the digital processing of signals by a digital signal processor, microprocessor or microcontroller.
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2001-05-11 Oversampling techniques using the TMS320C24x family
This application note describes the theory of oversampling, the hardware and software implementation on the TMS320C240 DSP and important aspects that need to be considered when using oversampling.
2006-10-02 National unveils 'first' 14bit, dual 105MSps ADC
National Semiconductor recently announced the ADC14DS105, said to be the industry's first 14bit, dual, 1GHz-input bandwidth ADC with serial LVDS outputs.
2000-06-01 Multi-channel data acquisition system
The paper aims to establish a synergy for achieving a high level of analog performance, while keeping system complexity low. An 8-channel system provides several orders of magnitude of improvement over a single channel data acquisition system.
2006-12-18 Mobile TV chip integrates RF, DSP
Telegent Systems Inc. unveiled a single-chip mobile TV architecture late in October that integrates RF, DSP demodulation and video post-processing.
2005-06-06 MCU provides large memory space
Holtek's new MCU contains 4K of OTP Program Memory and 192 bytes of General Purpose Data Memory, providing the user with a flexible and large app memory space for more complicated apps with larger data requirements
2002-02-05 LSICSI clock converters feature x4 resolution
LSI Computer Systems Inc. has released the LS7183 and LS7184 quadrature clock converters that feature x1, x2 and x4 resolution.
2004-12-09 Low-cost Spice program adds features
A new version of B? Spice A/D adds a redesigned user interface, new virtual instruments, and cross-probing between schematics and simulation.
2006-06-02 LDMOS transistors bias control in basestation RF power amplifiers using Intersil's LUT-based sensor signal conditioners
A new way to bias an LDMOS amplifier is presented here, which involves digitally converting temperature information and adjusting the DC bias using look-up table memory.
2001-04-30 Interfacing with the TLV1571/78 analog-to-digital converter to the TMS320C542 DSP
This application note presents a hardware solution for interfacing the TLV1571/TLV1578 A/D converters to the TMS320C542 DSP. It describes the interface hardware and C-callable software routines, which support communication between ADC and DSP.
2001-04-30 Interfacing the TLV2544/TLV2548 ADC to the TMS320C31 DSP
This application note presents a hardware and software solution for interfacing the TLV2544/TLV2548 A/D converters to the TMS320C3X DSP through the use of the TMS320C31 DSP starter kit.
2009-04-08 Integrated RF LDMOS bias controllers debut
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX1385/MAX1386/MAX11008 dual RF laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) bias controllers, which the company claims is the industry's smallest to integrate all of the A/D and D/A interfaces and logic functions for cellular base station control.
2001-08-29 Improving system accuracy
This application note explains how to improve system accuracy by presenting an example on data conversion system design.
2007-05-16 High-speed ADCs pave way for SDRs
This article focuses on the challenges of A/D conversion as they pertain to SDR implementations, and how breakthroughs in ADCs can bring true SDR closer to reality
2006-08-16 High-performance delta-sigma ADCs ease converters' limitations
The integration of ADCs and CPUs has forced IC manufacturers to replace transistor-level design with VHDL code, synthesis and standard-cell libraries. This has resulted in lower-performance analog circuitry.
2014-12-15 Guide to developing high-performance MEMS sensors
Here's an overview of the industry standards for high performance MEMS accelerators and gyroscopes, including design and architecture, metrics and supply chain.
2001-05-09 Generating a PWM signal modulated by an analog input using the TMS320F240 EVM
This application note describes how to convert an input value with the ADC module of the TMS320F240 DSP evaluation module and output a PWM signal corresponding to the digital conversion of the analog input.
2008-01-17 FinePix undergoes postmortem
Fuji's FinePix F460 camera was a midtier, circa 2006 5Mpixel camera with 3x optical zoom and the requisite 2.5-inch LCD.
2003-11-07 EM Micro ADC suits portable sensor, DA instruments
EM Microelectronic has released the EM6415 high-resolution ADC that is designed for use as a programmable link between one to four resistive sensors and a microcontroller.
2001-04-30 Designing with the THS1206 high-speed data converter
This application note describes the criteria applied in designing a system using the THS1206 high-speed A/D converter.
2003-05-23 Datel converter prevents sample loss
Datel Inc. has released its 32-channel PCI-417N series boards for desktop computers that uses an ADC for each channel.
2006-03-01 Cut power consumption for high-speed apps with ADC architectures
CT ADC technology shatters conventional wisdom in delivering dynamic range applications.
2006-11-16 Converter architecture for metering apps
The use of intelligent mixed-signal, multichannel SoC-based programmable devices has already spurred new levels of functionality, performance and cost reduction in metering applications.
2001-09-05 Continuously variable slope delta modulation: A tutorial
This application note discusses the basics of uniform and non-uniform quantization (non-adaptive), differential quantization and CVSD (Continuously Variable Slope Delta modulation) quantization.
2007-02-05 Combination of DMAC and serial interface transmission
This article contains the reference sample program that combined DMAC and serial interface transmission for Renesas' 32176 device group.
2002-12-17 Closed-Loop Control
This technical article details how a derivative and/or integral system is added to proportional controllers to improve the qualitative properties of a particular plant's response.
2000-02-01 Choosing the optimum buffer/ADC combination
The ADC/buffer combination you choose should be compatible with the target system. Consider overall performance, the ADC's input structure and it's effect on the buffer.
2001-04-30 Choosing an ADC and op-amp for minimum offset
This application note discusses problems that arise in using operational amplifiers for signal conditioning, and in interfacing a 10-bit A/D converter to a DSP.
2006-04-12 Chip combines four video decoders
Texas Instruments Inc. introduced a new A/D video decoder that combines four independent video decoders into a single chip.
2003-09-12 Channel switching using sigma-delta ADCs
This application note describes the switching procedure used by the AD7708 and AD7718 A/D converters.
2014-07-14 Calibration of gain, timing errors in ADCs
Here's a look at a novel background calibration method for gain and timing mismatch errors through low complexity digital signal processing algorithms.
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