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What is A/D?
An electronic circuit that converts a continuously varying signal (temperature, pressure, voltage, etc.) into digital number comprising zeroes and ones.
Applications include anything that involves the digital processing of signals by a digital signal processor, microprocessor or microcontroller.
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2007-11-13 Audio codecs interface directly to digital, analog mics
Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced three audio codecs with power consumption and noise filtering capabilities, which are capable of interfacing directly to digital or analog microphones.
2001-08-29 Applying the ADC100
This application note details how to use the ADC100 A/D converter.
2000-08-29 Analog-to-digital conversion utilizing the AT89CX051 microcontrollers
This application note describes two low-cost ADC techniques that utilize the analog comparator in the AT89C1051 and AT89C2051 microcontrollers.
2000-09-07 Analog-to-digital conversion techniques using Zilog Z8 MCUs
This application note shows how to achieve A/D conversion (without a separate ADC chip) by using 8-bit MCUs without compromising accuracy, speed or system cost.
2004-07-02 Analog Devices ADCs push architectural limits
Analog Devices will announce two products that represent significant advances in analog-to-digital converter technology.
2004-12-23 Analog decoders outdo digital in wireless test
Advanced digital wireless standards like those overseen by the 3G Partnership Project use iterative communications protocols that provide error correction simultaneously with optimal compression.
2007-02-19 Analog control vs. digital in power management
To shed light on various aspects of the analog and digital control of power management, we'll clarify the fundamental differences between the technologies and determine how they affect system performance.
2003-07-14 AKM audio ADC integrates MIC preamplifiers
Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co. Ltd has introduced the AK5356, an enhanced 20-bit, 2-channel ADC with a built-in microphone preamplifier.
2003-10-15 AKM ADC eyes professional, consumer audio apps
Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co. Ltd has introduced the AK5385A, an enhanced 24-bit 2-channel ADC that supports sample rates from 8KHz to 216KHz.
2003-08-05 AKM ADC device reduces board mounting space
Asahi Kasei Microsystems has introduced the AK5384, a 24-bit, 96kHz 4-channel ADC for high-end A/V amplifiers.
2005-10-13 ADI's latest product families tailored for high-voltage apps
Analog Devices is rolling out four new product families (A/D converters, intelligent sensors, JFET op amps and voltage references
2002-01-02 ADI read-only ADCs simplify interfacing for data-acquisition apps
The AD7782 and AD7783 24-bit sigma-delta ADCs are read-only devices, making interfacing simple for low-frequency measurement and low-power data acquisition applications.
2007-05-31 ADCs eye compact apps, devices
austriamicrosystems AG has rolled out the AS1524/25 ADC family suitable for small battery-powered devices and portable DAQ systems.
2006-12-20 ADC in SOT-23 offers 'highest' resolution
Microchip Technology says its 18bit, delta-sigma ADC for portable measurement is the highest-resolution ADC available in a SOT-23 package.
2000-12-12 A single ramp analog-to-digital converter
This application note presents a simple single-ramp ADC, which incorporates a calibration cycle to insure a 12-bit accuracy.
2016-02-25 A primer on signal bandwidth
As the speed of analogue and digital designs increases, we need an even more thorough understanding of the errors caused by insufficient bandwidth.
2006-10-09 1MSps, 16bit ADCs cut power consumption, board space
Analog Devices says its AD7980, a 1MSps 16bit ADC in the company's PulSAR family, consumes 80 percent less power and board space than the closest competing 16bit converter.
2007-04-23 Using the MAXQ3120 in codec applications
In this article, the A/D channels of the MAXQ3120 and an external DAC are used to encode and decode speech in standard ?-law and A-law format, which leaves a significant amount of processing horsepower available to perform other telecom-related functions.
2001-04-18 Using the CS5525/CS5526 in multiplexed applications
This application note describes the capability of Crystal Semiconductor's CS5525 and CS5526 A/D converters in controlling analog switch or multiplexer in a thermocouple digitizer application.
2001-04-16 Using the CS5521/23, CS5522/24/28 and CS5525/26 charge pump drive for external loads
This application note explains the on-chip charge pump circuitry of the CS5521/23, CS5522/24/28 and CS5525/26 A/D converters and how it can be used in a system design.
2001-04-16 Using the CS5180 with multiplexed inputs
This application note describes two techniques that can be used with Crystal Semiconductor's CS5180 delta-sigma A/D converter to multiplex signals at up to a 5.3kHz rate.
2001-08-28 Upconverting signals with the GC2011 for easier digital-to-analog conversion
This application note describes how signals sampled at a clock rate of Fin and centered from 0 to Fin/2 can be upconverted to be centered from Fin/4 to 3Fin/4 and output to a D/A converter at a sample rate of 2Fin.
2005-01-03 Understanding sensor data acquisition
Sensors are in widespread use, either as part of a microcontroller or separately in an embedded system. However, one of the more efficient circuit implementations combines a high-performance analog-to-digital (A/D) converter with an integrated MCU.
2002-02-25 Troubleshooting aircraft systems using the DaqBook/120
This application note describes how the DaqBook/120's A/D performance and programmable channel/gain sequencer make the system particularly useful for applications, such as aircraft system testing, that require flexibility, high channel-count and speed requirements.
2009-08-25 Trio drives MEMS for aerospace, defense
Tower Semiconductor Ltd, Jazz Semiconductor Inc. and SVTC Technologies have signed an MOU that will expand Tower and Jazz's aerospace and defense (A&D) MEMS customer base.
2001-04-17 The CS5504 family characteristics
This application note details the characteristics of Crystal Semiconductor's CS5504/5/6/7/8/9 series of delta-sigma A/D converters.
2001-04-17 The CS5322 digital filter
This application note is intended to compare the architecture of a general-purpose DSP chip with that of Crystal Semiconductor's CS5322 delta-sigma A/D converter.
2001-04-18 The CS5101A/CS5102A: Minimizing start-up time after coming out of sleep
This application note discusses the sleep function of Crystal Semiconductor's CS5101A and CS5102A A/D converters that helps reduce power consumption.
2001-04-06 Testing and calibrating a DS2760-based circuit
This application note walks through examples of how to test an assembled protection circuit board and a fully assembled pack followed by a step-by-step process to properly calibrate the DS2760's high-accuracy Current A/D.
2004-12-08 STR71X ADC conversion speed-UP
This app note provides an example of how to reduce the conversion time of a/d converter in the STR71x microcontroller when only one input needs to be converted.
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