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What is A/D?
An electronic circuit that converts a continuously varying signal (temperature, pressure, voltage, etc.) into digital number comprising zeroes and ones.
Applications include anything that involves the digital processing of signals by a digital signal processor, microprocessor or microcontroller.
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2006-05-12 Stereo audio CODEC with 1.2W speaker amp
AKM's single-chip 16-bit stereo A/D and D/A converter features a high-quality microphone equalizer and built-in microphone/headphone/speaker amplifier.
2009-06-18 Slew rate verification for wideband amplifiers
Slew rate defines an amplifier's maximum rate of output excursion. This specification sets limits on undistorted bandwidth, an important capability in A/D driver applications. Slew rate also influences achievable performance in D/A output stages, filters, video amplification and data acquisition.
2010-08-20 RMS detector delivers accurate RF power measurements
Linear Technology has announced the release of its LTC5587, a 40dB dynamic range 6GHz RMS detector integrated with a high sampling rate 12-bit serial A/D converter.
2006-03-16 Primitive tools slow analog/digital integration
With the right tools, the job of integrating high-performance A/D circuits on the same SoC could be easier.
2008-06-30 PMC module tailored for software radio apps
Pentek Inc. has introduced the Model 7152, a quad 200MHz, 16bit A/D digitizer with a 32-channel digital down converter configured in a PMC format.
2001-04-17 Noise histogram analysis
This application note is intended to show how histogram analysis is used to quantify static performance of high-resolution A/D converters.
2006-02-01 Next-gen radios bend toward flexibility
Advanced A/D conversion is an important first step for software processing of next-gen radios.
2004-09-21 Multi-channel PMC module is DC-coupled
Interactive Circuits and Systems is debuting its ICS-554D, a DC-coupled version of the company's popular 4-channel ICS-554C A/D PMC module.
2002-04-17 IR Schottky diodes double current density
Packaged in a D-61 casing, the CNQ series of 110A Schottky diodes from International Rectifiers are claimed to offer twice the current density over competing devices in SOT-227 or TO-247 packages.
2003-01-14 IR MOSFETs boast low on-resistance
International Rectifier's IRLR7833 and IRLR7821 HEXFET power MOSFETs are the company's lowest on-resistance, 30V MOSFET in a D-Pak outline.
1999-12-18 Introduction to ISSI's instant voice ROM products
Instant Voice ROMs, IVRs, are specialty devices for storing and playing sound. IVRs utilize the company's EPROM technology together with sound synthesis and D/A technology to make instant sound storing and playing possible. The ISSI IVR products contain an EPROM, ADPCM sound decoder, and an A/D circuit. Users first prepare an 8bit PCM sound file and then use the ISSI IVR development system to do the ADPCM encoding. The encoded data is programmed into a IVR device by using our IVR writer. This application note discusses the IVRs in detail.
2001-04-18 Interfacing the CS5525/6/9 to the PIC16F84
This application note details the interface of Crystal Semiconductor's CS5525/6/9 A/D converters to Microchip Technology's PIC16 microcontroller series.
2001-04-18 Interfacing the CS5525/6/9 to the 80C51
This application note details the interface of Crystal Semiconductor's CS5525/6/9 A/D converters to an 80C51 microcontroller.
2001-04-18 Interfacing the CS5525/6/9 to the 68HC05
This application note details the interface of Crystal Semiconductor's CS5525/6/9 A/D converters to Motorola's 68HC05 microcontroller.
2008-12-01 Integrate video signal capacity with high-speed amplifiers
The composite video signal in the 1950s still has a large influence in today's HD A/D video. Most parameters related to composite video remain major considerations in a system design.
2004-12-08 Implementation OF SIGMA-DELTA ADC with ST7FLITE05/09
This app note discusses how to implement a 10bit sigma-delta a/d converter using a simple external circuit and a sigma-delta conversion program.
2004-12-22 Holtek MCU devices eye automotive peripheral
The new 8bit MCU devices from Holtek provide three new MCU device solutions in the cost-effective A/D series range, said the press release.
2004-10-13 Holtek IC targets CCD sensor apps
The new CMOS vertical clock driver and shutter driver IC from Holtek contains integrated CDS, PGA, Black Level Clamp and A/D functions.
2005-07-18 High-side driver includes error monitoring programmable I/O part
The iC-JX from iC-Haus is a 16-fold, 24V high-side driver with error monitoring programmable I/O device with diagnostic function and A/D converter.
2005-05-18 FPGA-equipped VME data-acq board leverages VXS standard
Billed as the first 6U-sized VXS board to combine five high-resolution A/D input channels with FPGA-based signal processing, the Quixilica Venus VXS-1 is for multi-channel high-end sensor data-acq and processing apps.
2000-06-02 Four-Channel Digital Voltmeter with Display and Keyboard
This application note demonstrates the capability of the PIC16C71 by multiplexing four seven-segment leads into different implementations with the PIC16C71, a 4-by-4 keypad, an A/D channel, and a 4-by-4 keypad and four A/D channels.
2005-06-17 Fiberbyte's modules give synchronous realtime control on USB
Fiberbyte's DAQ-2500X module has four independent 16-bit resolution 100kS/s simultaneous-sampling analog input channels. Each channel packs its own A/D converter.
2016-03-07 Efficient frequency analysis possible with new oscilloscopes
The RTO2000 sets a new standard in this class of oscilloscopes with one million waveforms per second, with the HD mode activating configurable low-pass filtering of the signal after the A/D converter.
2008-02-27 Digital power controller suits high-reliability apps
ADI has developed a digital power controller designed for A/D and isolated DC/DC power supplies used in high-reliability server, storage and communications infrastructure equipment.
2001-04-11 Designing with high-speed analog-to-digital converters
This application note presents some useful guidelines to follow in incorporating high-speed A/D converters in high-performance system designs.
2001-10-12 Designing a DSP system
This application note describes various aspects of DSP system design such as interfacing A/D and D/A converters, DAQ techniques (Busy-Polling, Interrupts, DMA), control interface design, memory considerations, and development systems.
2001-04-17 CS5516 and CS5520: Overcoming errors in bridge transducer measurement
This application note presents some of the errors encountered in bridge transducer digitizers, and indicates how the CS5516 and CS5520 A/D converters can overcome these errors.
2001-04-17 CS5516 and CS5520: Answers to application questions
This application note discusses the answers to a number of application questions about Crystal Semiconductor's CS5516 and CS5520 A/D converters.
2003-06-28 Calibrating the Offset Register of the DS2761
This application note discusses a walk through for proper calibration of the offset of the DS2761's high accuracy current A/D.
2000-03-14 AVR335: Digital sound recorder with AVR and serial DataFlash
This application note describes how to record, store, and play back sound using any AVR microcontroller with A/D converter, the AT45DB161 DataFlash memory and a few extra components.
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