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2003-11-03 Zuanbao A/V connectors withstand to 500Vac, 50Hz
The AV2-8.4-35 A/V connector from Zhejiang Zuanbao Electronics Co. Ltd has a withstanding voltage of 500Vac at 50Hz and rated load of 50Vdc 0.2A.
2003-11-13 Zuanbao A/V connectors rated to 50Vdc, 0.2A
Zhejiang Zuanbao Electronics has announced the availability of its AV2-8.4-36 A/V connector that features a withstand voltage of 500Vac per minute.
2003-09-17 Wujin Yumin releases A/V connectors for TV, CATV receivers
Wujin Yumin Electronics Co. Ltd has released its G-07 stereo and mono A/V connectors that are suitable for use in TV and CATV receivers. With a PCB through-hole mount style, the connectors are exported worldwide with a lead time of 30 days
2004-03-12 Lean Horn connector has compact, low profile design
The phone jack series of A/V connectors from Lean Horn features a phosphor bronze contact material, and polyester, UL 94V-0 standard PBS insulator material
2014-06-04 VESA aggregates data, power interfaces into one connector
The DockPort specification reduces the number of external connectors by enabling USB data and DC power over the existing DisplayPort connector, allowing connection to a range of external resources
2006-03-20 Terminal connector is designed for digital broadcast apps
SMK announced the development of a small, low-profile D terminal connector intended for digital broadcast equipment
2004-06-01 SMK card connector compatible with 4 memory card types
SMK has launched a lead-free 4-in-1 memory card connector that comes with an exclusion function
2008-11-20 SCART saves power in STBs, A/V receivers
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX9597, a fully integrated, +3.3V SCART solution for set-top boxes and A/V receivers that have one SCART connector.
2008-01-04 Reference designs support A/V streaming between systems
Pulse~LINK Inc.'s CWave HDMI-Over-Coax and Wireless HDMI production-ready reference designs are now available for consumer electronic device manufacturers.
2004-02-20 Mainland China connector makers churn out green products
Connector makers in mainland China are adopting environment-friendly materials following a ban by Europe and Japan on import of components with lead content
2002-09-20 Kycon combines RCA jack, S-video connector
Kycon Inc.'s latest combo connector consists of three RCA phono jacks and one S-video connector for use in A/V multimedia applications.
2002-05-02 Hosiden card connector measures 24.3-by-27-by-2.5mm
The HVE0112 connector from Hosiden Corp. measures 24.3-by-27-by-2.5mm and is designed specifically for the Memory Stick Duo Card used in portable devices such as PDAs, mobile phones, and portable A/V devices.
2003-06-03 A-Yikuo CF card connector operates to 60C
The YK-4 reverse-type, CompactFlash memory card connector of A-Yikuo Technology Co. Ltd is rated at 100Vac, 0.5A
2003-12-11 Technik connectors withstand 5,000 operating cycles
The TSH-381 A/V connector from Technik Ind. Co. Ltd is housed thermoplastic material with copper alloy contacts covered with plating. The product's adjacent opened terminals have an insulation resistance of >50 milliohms, while contact resistance of normally closed terminals is <0.03 ohms.
2002-12-10 Lih Sheng RCA jacks withstands 500V
The LP-08 series of single-hole RCA jacks features a minimum insulation resistance of 100 megohms, enabling it to withstand a voltage of up to 500V.
2007-04-11 Multitier LED indicator assemblies suit SMT apps
Bivar has introduced a multitier LED indicator assembly, considered the first of its type for surface-mount applications.
2002-04-22 Industry alliance formed to define digital connectivity specification
Hitachi, Matsushita Electric, Philips, Silicon Image, Sony, Thomson and Toshiba have formed a working group to define the next-generation digital interface specification for consumer electronics products.
2015-08-05 Binding the world under one tech: Can USB Type C do it?
Armed with MHL and now with SuperMHL technologies, both from Silicon Image, Lattice introduced its superMHL chips designed to work over USB Type C connectors.
2003-12-24 AVX connectors have flip-lock, slide-type versions
AVX Corp.'s 6238 and 6292 series of FPC/FFC connectors provide design engineers an environmentally-friendly method of enabling PCB connections in PCs, handheld equipment, and digital A/V devices
2007-12-20 Sony base station streams media content anytime, anywhere
The $250 Sony LF-V30 is 4G in the LocationFree line and adds Wi-Fi connectivity to Ethernet in its network interface.
2003-05-30 Mitsumi cradle connectors withstand 125V for 1min
Mitsumi Electric Co. Ltd has released a series of connectors for cradles of PDAs and portable A/V equipment
2008-04-22 3.3V dual SCART is power-efficient
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX9598, a +3.3V dual SCART chip for STB and A/V receivers that have two SCART connectors
2008-03-03 Drive an external display from handhelds
While adding a feature such as VGA or TV-out may seem as simple as adding the appropriate connector, its addition presents many system design challenges in the areas of power management, device interoperability, and user interaction. Judd Heape of QuickLogic discusses these issues and presents a solution to these technical system design challenges based on QuickLogic's programmable solution platform
2003-10-10 CCHT tuner has built-in PLL FM modulator
The CT05-000XX remote-controlled A/V tuner multi-controller from Create Century High-Tech Corp. features a built-in PLL FM modulator
2007-02-16 Video output enhances mobile viewing
The convergence of technology in cellphones and other ultra-portable devices has rapidly increased the use of video in applications requiring extremely small size and low power. A new, emerging feature is the ability to drive a video signal from a cellphone to view that image on a conventional TV set.
2002-07-05 OOC rolls laser module for OC-768 networks
Oki Optical Components has released the OL5155M electro-absorption modulated laser module designed specifically for OC-768-based fiber-optic networks.
2014-09-24 VESA extends DisplayPort support to USB Type-C interface
The specification leverages the Alt Mode functional extension of USB Type?C, repurposing some or all of the four existing SuperSpeed USB lanes to deliver full DisplayPort performance.
2007-03-01 UDI demise sparks HDMI-DisplayPort battle
With the Unified Display Interface's demise, a new battle to crown a convergence digital display interconnect will play out over the next few years.
2007-08-27 TI switches suit DVI, HDMI applications
Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced two new video switches for digital video interface or HDMI.
2011-03-10 Thunderbolt rouses quiet PC world
As Intel tries to promote Thunderbolt, detractors point out perceived weaknesses such as the absence of compelling applications, thus keeping big vendors from supporting the interconnect.
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