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2011-12-26 Utilize interrupt features of a MEMS accelerometer
Find out how to implement reliable and robust interrupt-based applications using MEMS-based accelerometers.
2013-08-16 Triaxial DC accelerometer withstands more than 5000G shock
The Model 3803A accelerometer is hermetically sealed in a welded, stainless steel housing and is offered in dynamic ranges from 2G's to 2,000G's.
2012-01-27 Triaxial accelerometer for high-g impact apps
The piezoelectric sensor features an amplified output and is packaged in a rugged aluminum or stainless steel housing with a 60in cable assembly.
2010-05-11 Tilt measurement using?a?low-g 3-axis accelerometer
This application note describes the methods and techniques for measuring tilt angles from a low-g 3-axis accelerometer.
2010-07-06 Three-axis accelerometer consumes as low as 2?A
STMicroelectronics introduces a three axis accelerometer with low power consumption, miniature footprint and enhanced functionality.
2009-05-21 The MMA745xL digital accelerometer
The MMA745xL digital accelerometer is a 3mm x 5mm x 1mm product that can communicate using both I?C and SPI. This technical note details the applications and sensing capabilities of the MMA745XL.
2003-02-20 STMicro three-axis linear accelerometer eye portable apps
The company's three-axis linear accelerometer combines a MEMS-based sensor and interface chip in a single QFN package.
2013-07-26 ST's eCompass combines 3-axis accelerometer, magnetometer
The LSM303C integrates a high-performance three-axis magnetic field sensor with a state-of-the-art three-axis accelerometer to provide an accurate orientation signal at its 16bit digital output
2013-09-03 ST debuts 3-axis MEMS accelerometer for augmented reality
The LIS344AHH full-scale range is user-selectable up to 6g or 18g, enhancing performance over similar devices that measure up to 16g.
2007-05-10 SMT accelerometer targets implantable medical apps
Endevco Corp. has announced the latest addition to its miniature sensing product portfolio, the 40366 SMT accelerometer model claimed to be suitable for implantable medical device applications
2007-06-15 Slim accelerometer eyes consumer sensor designs
By slimming down the MEMS chip to just 0.8mm and adding smart recognition functions, Freescale hopes its slim accelerometer wins design slots in a range of consumer gear.
2007-06-18 Power cycling algorithm using the MMA73x0L 3-axis linear accelerometer
This article describes techniques to minimize the power consumption of the MMA73x0L linear 3-axis accelerometer sensor while retaining the desired resolution and response time.
2004-08-20 Oki accelerometer integrates sensor, control features
Touted to be the world's thinnest ultra small accelerometer module, the new sensor from Oki Electric detects acceleration, inclination and vibration on a tri-axis.
2009-10-15 Multiplexing tri-axis accelerometer outputs
This application note recommends two multiplexers, CD74HCT4051 and SN74CBTLV3253, and provides technical information on how to use the internal multiplexer of several Kionix products.
2014-08-19 Monolithic 3D accelerometer boasts WLP tech
The MXC400xXC three-axis accelerometer boasts a technology breakthrough in combining the 3D IC sensor with full WLP that translates directly to a 60 per cent cost and 50 per cent size reduction.
2002-05-14 Model 3255 accelerometer
This application note illustrates the design and operation of the Model 3255, providing a better understanding of this "breakthrough" in sensing technology.
2014-08-21 Memsic rolls out monolithic 3-axis accelerometer
The MXC400xXC makes use of Memsic's patented thermal convection, heated gas method to detect acceleration and inclination, and the first to use wafer-level packaging.
2010-07-01 MEMS sensors integrate 32bit MCU, accelerometer
From Freescale Semiconductor come the Xtrinsic smart MEMS sensors in system-in-package that combines a ColdFire 32bit MCU alongside a three-axis MEMS accelerometer.
2012-02-24 MEMS accelerometer targets mobile phones, tablets
Kionix rolls its smallest accelerometer, the 2 x 2 x 0.9mm tri-axis KXTJ2, that claims to offer improved shock, reflow and thermal performance with its XAC sensor.
2007-06-19 MEMS accelerometer taps advanced sensing
Smart features embedded in ST's new LIS202DL accelerometer include click and double-click recognition, motion-detection/wake-up and high-pass filters.
2008-10-08 MEMS accelerometer rolls for automotive, industrial apps
STMicroelectronics has developed the AIS326DQ, a three-axis MEMS accelerometer qualified to AEC-Q100 for automotive applications.
2011-05-26 MEMS accelerometer operates at up to 175C
ADI released the ADXL206 dual-axis iMEMS accelerometer with signal conditioned analog voltage outputs and measures both dynamic acceleration such as tilt and static acceleration such as gravity.
2009-06-15 MEMS accelerometer fits ultraslim designs
STMicroelectronics has launched the LIS302DLH, claimed to be the thinnest three-axis digital MEMS accelerometer.
2011-09-01 Meggitt rolls piezoresistive shock accelerometer
The Endevco model 72-60K offers 60,000g measurement range, light gas damping and four times over-range shock survivability.
2007-04-18 Measuring freefall using Freescale's MMA7360L 3-axis accelerometer
This paper discusses the different types of freefall scenarios, the detection method using the MMA7360L accelerometer, and the limitations of the linear freefall detection.
2010-02-17 Low-power accelerometer packs gesture recognition
Freescale Semiconductor has unveiled three-axis MEMS accelerometers that claim to set a record for low-power consumption and provide smarter built-in gesture recognition algorithms.
2007-07-10 Low-g accelerometer fits battery-powered apps
STMicroelectronics has extended its family of ultracompact low-g linear accelerometers with a new solution well-suited for battery-powered portable applications.
2013-01-10 Kionix claims industry's thinnest tri-axis accelerometer
The KXCJA, new low-power, high-performance accelerometer comes in an ultra-thin 3x3x3x0.7mm package.
2009-10-14 Interfacing the KXP94 or KXR94 tri-axis accelerometer with TI's MSP430F149 microprocessor to measure tilt and other motions
This application note describes how to integrate the Kionix KXP94 or the KXR94 tri-axis accelerometer with the MSP430F149 to capture and use the motion sensing capabilities of the accelerometer.
2009-10-21 Handheld electronic compass applications using a Kionix MEMS tri-axis accelerometer
This application note explains the integration of a Kionix MEMS tri-axis accelerometer into a handheld electronic compass application.
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