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What is Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (MRAM)?
Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (MRAM) is a non-volatile computer memory (NVRAM) technology that has been under development since the 1990s. Continued increases in density of existing memory technologiesnotably flash RAM and DRAMhave k
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2003-08-15 Zarlink Data Access Arrangement Devices
This application note provides information on the operation and application of Zarlink's range of Data Access Arrangement (DAA) devices.
2002-12-04 Zarlink data access arrangement devices
This article provides information on the operation and application of Zarlink Semiconductor's range of data access arrangement (DAA) devices.
2011-09-22 Wireless mobile system improves WiFi access
Ruckus' WiFi system is a controller-based platform that targets large-scale wireless environments and can support up to 20,000 clients.
2006-06-09 Wintegra adds adaptive clock recovery access suite
Wintegra has announced that it has added adaptive clock recovery to its suite of multi-service access support.
2006-12-14 Wintegra access processor suits security-intensive apps
Wintegra's new access processor supports wireless and other security-intensive applications with the addition of on-board processing blocks for a wide range of confidentiality and authentication processing.
2008-09-24 Viaccess gets help to secure access to mobile TV
Viaccess, a France Telecom company, announces a partnership with LG Electronics, Enensys, Expway and Sagem Orga to secure access to mobile broadcast TV based on the OMA BCAST SmartCard Profile Standard.
2008-02-20 Variable gain amplifier supports multichannel data access
ADI has introduced a general-purpose two-channel, digitally controlled variable gain amplifier developed with specific features for today's cable modem termination system.
1999-10-19 V5 access network interface design using MT9075
This application note discusses the use of the V5 interface to either the Access Network or the Local Exchange to enable a network operator to use the access equipment from any vendor conforming the V5 interface specifications.
1999-04-08 Using DSPs for PSTN-ISDN access
This paper presents a versatile DSP modem architecture for the 56kbps PSTN access and the 64/128kbps ISDN access.
2008-07-24 USB security dongle handles complicated access systems
Using a unique, hard-coded identification number, the USB-Key security device from Future Technology Devices International can interface to any USB host or hub to provide application software access control or as part of a more sophisticated key-based physical access control.
2008-08-27 Understanding load capacitance and access time
Sometimes a design engineer can be tempted to place multiple devices on the same trace. This is especially true if there is no defined bus standard and reducing costs is critical.
2008-08-11 TV Link enables faster access on media content
Iomega has released the new Iomega ScreenPlay TV Link, offering faster and affordable access to multimedia content on any HDTV or home theater system.
2002-07-05 TranSwitch offers single-chip solution for DS3/DS1/E1 access systems
TranSwitch Corp. has introduced the TEPro device, a RISC processor-based SoC with embedded DD-AMPS firmware and host API, to support next-generation channelized DS3/DS1/E1/DS0 applications.
2005-10-19 Transceivers secure auto access
Atmel's new full duplex RF transceiver ICs are optimized for automotive keyless entry/passive entry go and tire pressure monitoring systems..
2002-04-18 Toshiba Flash memories have 60ns access time
Toshiba has announced the availability of its 0.165m page-mode 64Mb and 128Mb NOR Flash memories that feature a random access time of 60ns and page access time of 20ns.
2002-10-03 Toshiba FCRAMs achieve 20ns random access time
Toshiba Corp.'s series of 288Mb network FCRAMs feature a maximum random access time of 20ns.
2002-01-31 Toshiba FCRAM features 25ns access time
The TC59LM806CFT and TC59LM814CFT FCRAM have a random access time of 25ns and a data transfer rate of 400Mbps at 200MHz.
2002-02-04 Toshiba 8Mb SRAM boasts 40ns access time
The company is set to commercialize 8Mb low-power SRAMs designed to maximize the operation of mobile phones.
2003-05-22 TEWS carriers provide front and rear I/O access
TEWS Technologies has announced the release of three 3U CompactPCI Carriers that provide front and rear I/O access for IndustryPack modules TCP211, TCP212, and TC213.
2001-09-18 Testing VF circuits at T1 access points with the T-BERD 224
This application note discusses the issues concerned with the maintenance and troubleshooting of combined analog/digital networks. It provides solutions and troubleshooting techniques using the TTC T-BERD 224 PCM analyzer.
2005-06-01 Telematics control provides car diagnostic access port
The article describes an architecture for a remote-access diagnostic interface based on Bluetooth technology
2000-09-08 Technical considerations when implementing LocalTalk link access protocol
This application note focuses on the details of using an SCC (Serial Communications Controller) to send and receive LLAP (LocalTalk Link Access Protocol) frames.
2005-06-24 System Integrators gain access to serial attached SCSI
Bell Microproducts will deliver small form factor (SFF) serial connectivity to early system integrator and reseller adopters in partnership with Fujitsu Computer Products of America Inc., LSI Logic and Supermicro Computer.
2003-12-22 STMicro strengthens broadband access offering with acquisition
STMicroelectronics has announced the acquisition of WLAN developer Synad Technologies Ltd, a UK startup.
2002-09-11 Startup aims multiservice framer at access apps
Galazar Networks is making its foray into the networking-chip market with the release of the MSF250 OC-48 framer to support GbE, T1/E1, and T3/E3 services in customer-located equipment.
2005-04-28 SRAMs offer fast access time
Designed to meet the stringent radiation, size and weight requirements of space apps, two new sub-20ns 4Mb SRAMs combine radiation hardened capabilities with fast access time over the full military temperature range.
2006-02-10 SRAM delivers 8ns access times
ISSI introduced a 2M x 8, 16Mb, high speed Asynchronous SRAM with access times as fast as 8ns, giving designers a high speed device that utilizes low power technology to minimize power consumption.
2006-04-04 Sony to license Locationfree software to Access
2009-03-12 Smart card allows flexible access to data centers
Raritan today has expanded its smart card solution portfolio to provide data centers with an added level of security for accessing and managing equipment over IP.
2002-07-25 Silicon Access samples latest network processor
Silicon Access Networks Inc. is currently sampling its network processor, the iFlow Packet Processor.
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