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2011-06-01 Wipro, CESA partner to produce aerospace actuators
Under the agreement, CESA will transfer technology and manufacturing workload for aerospace actuators and related precision-engineered components to Wipro.
2012-05-07 Single-chip drivers LIN-ready for BLDC motors, actuators
Melexis' new family of driver ICs claim highly efficient BLDC motor control from a single IC by combining the voltage regulator, LIN-transceiver, MCU, EEPROM, Flash, RAM and power FET pre-driver.
2010-07-01 Passive MEMS, actuators to keep cars safe
The next generation of car automation will be equipped by passive MEMS sensors with active actuators that will increasingly "drive" cars in hazardous situations to avoid accidents, experts said.
2006-07-18 Micro actuators offer more power, configurations
Firgelli's initial offering in its L series of micro linear actuators is the L-12, an axial design like the LS series, which offers greater power and a variety of configurations.
2006-01-31 Linear actuators simplify assembly
Del-Tron has introduced the DL series of linear actuators that offer a compact design, simple assembly and long life.
2007-05-31 Improving test efficiency of MEMS electrostatic actuators using the Agilent E4980A precision LCR meter
This application brief describes how the Agilent E4980A can greatly improve the test efficiency of MEMS electrostatic actuators.
2005-06-15 DSP control of electro-hydraulic servo actuators
This app report discusses some of the issues involved in controlling linear hydraulic actuators, and the suitability of the S320C28x DSP for such systems
2007-05-31 Characterizing electromagnetic MEMS optical switch actuators using the Agilent E4980A precision LCR meter
This application brief describes how the Agilent E4980A improves the test efficiency of electromagnetic MEMS optical switch actuators.
2007-06-20 Accurate evaluation of MEMS piezoelectric sensors and actuators using the Agilent 4294A precision impedance analyzer
This application brief describes the benefits of using the Agilent 4294A for device characterization of MEMS piezoelectric sensors and actuators, along with its wide variety of analysis functions and features and how it improves design efficiency.
2012-11-07 X-Fab increases holding in MFI, expands offering
In a move to focus more on MEMS manufacturing services and technologies, X-Fab has increased its holding in MEMS Foundry Itzehoe GmbH and renamed the company as X-Fab MEMS Foundry Itzehoe.
2013-02-15 Vietnam sees promising future with industrial robots
Local scientists believe that Vietnam is capable of producing and sustaining a low-cost industrial robots industry that can compete with foreign rivals.
2011-08-22 Tactile tech heightens film, video gaming experience
A tactile technology has been developed that enhances the overall experience of film viewers and video gamers with the possibility of feeling a wide variety of sensations.
2013-09-13 Security, assisted living usher 'smart home' in Asia
The popularity of the 'connected home' has steadily risen over the past few years largely due to the ubiquity of smartphones and tablet connectivity and the rapid adoption of the Internet of Things.
2012-04-03 Sales of opto, sensor, discrete devices top ICs
Optoelectronics, sensors/actuators and discrete components sales increased 8.4 percent last year, surpassing the 0.4 percent growth in IC sales.
2013-10-24 O-S-D market still struggling to maintain growth momentum
Total O-S-D sales are expected to grow slightly less than one per cent in 2013 to $58.6 billion after rising just one per cent in 2012 to the current annual peak of $58.2 billion, noted IC Insights.
2013-08-19 New suppliers to shake pneumatic components market
The market for pneumatic valves and actuators, estimated at nearly $8 billion in 2012, is undergoing a competitive shakeup as low-cost Chinese suppliers continue to expand into the U.S. and Europe.
2011-05-27 Moog pays $25M for Animatics
Moog Inc. has acquired Animatics Corporation for $25 million in cash and in stock, to take advantage of the complementation of their product portfolios, marketing activities and distribution networks.
2012-12-24 LIN transceiver optimised for minimal current usage
Melexis' MLX80050 is produced using a 0.35?m HV-CMOS process technology and draws only 15?A in standby mode.
2013-01-10 Lead screws target miniature mechatronic systems
The Micro Series from Haydon Kerk allows for the miniaturisation of products, reduced power consumption and weight reduction without sacrificing performance or reliability.
2005-06-29 EmTech sees growth patterns of MEMS industry changing
Revenues and unit shipments of MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical Systems) both rose by 15.2 percent in 2004, according to a report released by EmTech Research, titled "Entering a New Phase of Growth: 2005 MEMS Forecast".
2010-08-17 CE, mobile MEMS revenue to reach $1.5B in 2010
MEMS sensors in cellphones, CE and emerging devices will continue to grow in 2010 and beyond, forecasts market analyst iSuppli Corp.
2013-11-15 Basics of ARM design on mbed IDE (Part 3)
Take the techniques for function-based program structuring used on the mbed IDE and apply them to various complex functions typical of some high end ARM designs.
2010-09-13 103M MEMS seen shipping in 2010
MEMS sensors, actuators and microvalves are increasingly being used in non-consumer and non-automotive applications because of the value they bring o these high-end products.
2014-11-11 TSMC envisions the next big thing
The framework for "the next big thing," according to TSMC, is being cast at advanced foundries that offer one-stop shopping for fabless innovators who want to integrate MEMS sensors and actuators alongside CMOS circuitry on the same SoC.
2011-11-25 Thermogenerator package yields 100?W to 10mW
The TGP-651 and TGP-751 harvest energy from waste heat to power actuators and wireless sensors.
2007-09-05 Sensor-actuator connectors meet field bus specs
ERNI has expanded its M8/M12 family of round connectors, completing its portfolio that connects sensors and actuators via field buses in industrial automation.
2010-04-14 Optoelectronics, sensors, discretes rebound in 2010
Optoelectronics, sensors/actuators and discrete semiconductor sales are all expected to hit record highs in 2010 following a down year in 2009.
2008-04-04 MEMS market to hit $9.7B in 2012
IC insights forecasts that worldwide sales of MEMS-based semiconductor sensors and actuators are expected to increase at a CAGR of 19 percent between 2007 and 2012, reaching $9.7 billion in five years compared to $4.1 billion in 2007.
2014-04-02 MEMS devices head for double-digit upturn in 2014
MEMS sensors and magnetometers are expected to pull the optoelectronics, sensors/actuators, and discretes out of a market slump brought about by economic uncertainty and inventory adjustments.
2007-04-17 Hybrid linear actuator suits motion control apps
Haydon Motion Europe offers its size 8 hybrid linear actuators with encoder feedback for high- and low-volume motion control applications.
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