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What is an AC/DC converter?
An AC/DC converter is an electrical device for converting alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC).
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2004-12-07 ST switch IC tailored for AC/DC converters
ST rolled out a primary-side switch IC for AC/DC converters, designed for DVD players, LCD monitors and STBs
2008-09-29 Rohm offers isolated AC/DC converter
The BP5729 from Rohm is a switching power module consisting of a quasi-resonant RCC-type isolated AC/DC converter control module and a built-in power MOSFET.
2005-06-22 Non-isolated positive output buck/boost ac-dc converter
This app note describes how to easily design a simple, non-isolated ac-dc converter for powering the low voltage control portion of line-powered applications that use a triac or SCR power switch
2007-05-07 Non-isolated positive output buck AC/DC converter
This application note describes the way, how to easily design the simple, non isolated AC/DC converter for powering low voltage control part of mains applications with triac, or SCR power switch.
2005-06-22 Non-isolated negative output buck ac/dc converter
This app note describes how to easily design a simple, non-isolated ac/dc converter for powering the low voltage control portion of line-powered applications that use a triac or SCR power switch
2005-06-21 Implementing NCP1207 in QR 24W ac-dc converter with synchronous rectifier
This app note discusses the NCP1207, a controller dedicated for driving the current mode free running quasi resonant flyback offline converter
2006-05-29 AC/DC family adds rugged 30W modules
Bear Power Supplies has added a line of rugged 30W AC/DC converters to its family of 5W, 10W and 15W encapsulated supplies for commercial, industrial and medical applications
2008-08-12 AC/DC converters weather extreme conditions
Aimtec adds another AC/DC product offering with the launching of AMEx15-MAZ family of switching power supplies, ensuring reliable product performance in extreme weather conditions associated with outdoor applications
2011-05-10 AC/DC converter targets standby power supplies
RECOM has released a range of isolated AC/DC power supply modules with low standby input currents, suited for low-power applications or standby power supplies
2008-08-01 AC/DC converter offers high I/O isolation
Aimtec has released the AMEL5-MAZ series of AC/DC switching power supplies that deliver high I/O isolation of 4000Vac within a wide industrial operating temperature range from 40C to +80C
2010-11-11 AC-DC converter has single-stage isolation, voltage transformation, PFC
Vicor Corp. has just introduced its PFM VI BRICK module, an isolated AC-DC converter with power factor correction.
1999-06-29 AC-DC converter design using high-voltage resonant mode controllers
This paper discusses LCL resonant topology for the 70W notebook adapter application with power correction that utilizes high-voltage resonant mode controller IC, which can achieve 90 percent efficiency and is smaller in size.
2010-01-21 20W AC/DC converters meet 2013 EU green rules
Measuring 52.4mm x 27.2mm x 23.5mm, the converters target universal mains with input voltages of 90-264Vac.
2009-11-25 15nH IGBT modules target AC/DC converters
Semikron has developed a low-inductance 1200V Semitrans IGBT module series for use in AC/DC converters in the 20kW to 300kW power range
2006-01-06 XP Power unveils 'most compact' AC/DC switching power supply
The ECM100 single-output AC/DC switching power supply from XP Power is touted to be the world's most compact unit of its type. This device features a 4.5-by-2.5-inch footprint and 1.2-inch height
2005-10-18 PWM advances active-clamp converter designs
National Semiconductor says its LM5026 pulse-width-modulation controller is the industry's most advanced type for forward converter toplogies using an active-clamp/reset design
2004-08-18 Power One ac-dc supply has two high-current outputs
Power One's NET2-4350 is a 400W ac-dc supply featuring a special dual-converter topology that provides two tightly regulated high-current outputs.
2002-01-28 Power Integrations converter IC delivers 290W output
The TOP250 monolithic switcher IC delivers 290W of output power, addressing the high-power needs of applications such as desktop PCs, small servers, DTV receivers and audio amplifiers.
2008-05-13 Power converter weathers extreme conditions
From Schaefer Inc. comes the C4700 series of 2,500W DC/DC converter, AC/DC power supply and battery charging products that use industrial-grade components to withstand extreme environments.
2002-12-24 OPS obtains U.S. patent on ac/dc power technology
OnLine Power Supply Inc. (OPS) has received from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office patent no. 6,493,242 B1, entitled
2006-05-22 MOSFETs designed for switching converter apps
International Rectifier introduced new negative-channel 60, 80 and 100V HEXFET MOSFETs for switching converter applications used in networking and communications systems
2002-03-22 Linear Tech rms-to-dc converter exhibits 0.02% linearity
Claimed to be the world's first monolithic delta-sigma rms solution, the LTC1966 rms-to-dc converter features a linearity of 0.02 percent from 50mV to 350mV, and 0.25 percent untrimmed total error between 50Hz to 1kHz
2007-01-16 Design a smaller, more efficient AC/DC power supply
The possibilities for improvements in AC/DC power supply design will continue to be driven largely by improvements in semiconductor performance and functionality
2008-09-12 Compact AC/DC supply drives medical components
SynQor has created an AC/DC power supply for medical applications, packing 500W of usable power into a form factor that measures 3.5-inch x 5.25-inch x 1.63-inch, making it one of the smallest cardiac care, medical grade AC/DC converter for this power level.
2003-07-18 Comarco power converter suits mobile apps
The company has announced that their ChargeSource product line has completed the development of its next-gen power converter technology
2008-11-17 Aim for compact, high-efficiency AC/DC supplies
Like most electronics systems, power supplies continue to get smaller. These systems leave room for added functions and processing power and the supply fits existing physical formats to avoid the cost of redesign.
2014-04-10 Advances in power converter packaging
Find out how packaging advances are matching semiconductor progress in power converter miniaturisation
2006-03-06 AC/DC switcher delivers any required voltage
XP Power has announced an AC/DC switching power supply that is said to enable users to specify any voltage level up to the maximum rating of each output
2009-06-26 AC/DC power supply boasts 95% efficiency
Power supply tips 95 percent efficiency, eliminating heat sinks, fans and forced-air cooling.
2013-04-03 AC/DC isolated offline LED controller chip
Toshiba's latest IC is an isolated flyback LED power controller that was developed to support triac dimming, reach high PFC and run fewer external parts and not use opto-couplers and detectors.
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