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What is an AC adapter?
An AC adapter is a device used to convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC).
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2003-02-07 Adapters support ICs from Atmel
Two Atmel T89C51CC02 device-programming adapters feature 28-pin small-outline and 28-pin PLCC designs, respectively.
2012-02-21 Adapters enable WAN optimization, load balancing
Chelsio's bypass adapters based on the T4 ASIC also ensure business continuity and wire analytics at the network edge.
2005-09-23 Adapters enable SOIC device interchange
Aries Electronics developed two new Correct-A-Chip adapters that permit the use of small outline integrated circuit D package 150-mil body chips to be used on boards designed for SOIC DW package 300-mil body chips and vice versa.
2005-02-14 Adapters deliver up to 50W for medical/ITE
Astrodyne's GTMD family of single-output desktop-style power adapters, in 23 models, deliver 8W to 50W at 3.3V to 48V for class I and II medical and ITE apps.
2008-07-02 Adapters comply with U.S. Energy Independence, Security Act
Phihong offers an extended line of unregulated switching adapters that comply with the U.S. Energy Independence and Security Act that goes into effect this month.
2010-07-09 Adapters bring wireless displays home
Iogear's Guwavkit is a three-piece set that includes a USB host/transmitter for the laptop or desktop computer and separate STB adapters for audio and video.
2007-01-17 802.11n devices are fully compatible with .11b/g
SMC Networks claims its line of wireless networking products put the performance of 802.11n within reach while keeping .11b/g clients in the loop.
2014-09-04 6GHz RF adapters resistant to dust, water
The IP67 RF adapters, aimed at cellular, aviation and military industries, feature advanced ingress protection to make them virtually impenetrable to contaminants such as dust, sand and water.
2002-05-02 54100A series network analyzers: Precision return loss measurements
This application note describes how PRL measurement technique helps ensure test process compliance by verifying the proper performance of test setup components.
2009-08-19 20W plug adapters are energy-efficient
Phihong's new compact, energy-efficient 20W interchangeable adapters offer single 12-, 24- and 48V outputs.
2004-08-26 10G LLC selects DPAC embedded 802.11b WLAN modules
10G LLC is integrating the Airborne WLAN Node Module from DPAC Technologies into its Wi-Fi communications adapter.
2008-05-23 1.2MHz battery chargers minimize solution cost, size
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX17005/MAX17006/MAX17015 high-frequency, multichemistry battery-charger ICs.
2013-09-13 Wireless power chip eases dev't of Qi charging stations
The bq500212A transmitter from TI allows designers to quickly take to market Qi-compliant wireless charge pads or stations that can operate from a USB port or 5V power adapter.
2000-03-06 USBConnect 2000 User's Guide
This application note serves as a reference manual describing the installation and operation of the USBConnect 2000 adapter. The adapter allows SCSI devices to plug into the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port of your PC or MAC computer.
1999-04-08 Two-step power conversion: Portable power for the future
As microprocessor operating voltages continue to decrease, power conversion for CPU core power is becoming a daunting challenge. A core power supply must have fast transient response, good efficiency, and low heat generation in the vicinity of the processor. These factors will soon force a move away from one-step power conversion from battery or wall adapter to processor, to two-step conversion where the CPU core power is obtained from the 5V supply. This paper discusses about the two-step power conversion.
2007-07-12 Tiny Li-ion chargers enable safe fast-charging
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX8804Y/MAX8804Z devices, the industry's smallest, fully integrated, dual-input, stand-alone, USB/AC-adapter chargers for one-cell Li-ion (Li+) batteries.
2006-04-21 Switching power supply has protection features
Shenzhen Xixing Electronic released a lightweight wall-type switching power adapter with over-voltage, overcurrent and short circuit protection features.
2010-08-27 STB SoC speeds channel surfing
The BCM7002 cable universal digital transport adapter supports the company's FastRTV hardware and software technology that boosts TV channel change speeds by up to five times.
2005-08-31 Stand alone charger expands options
The LTC4076 and LTC4077 standalone linear Lithium-ion battery charger chips from Linear Technology automatically select the charging source, either an AC wall adapter or a USB port.
2003-08-18 Shining Fair device available in desktop mold
The 16W switching adapter from Shining Fair Enterprises Co. Ltd has an input voltage of up to 264Vac and input frequency capacity of up to 63Hz.
2013-01-31 Rectifiers from IR promise to ease design, cut cost
The IR1169 SmartRectifier ICs are geared for flyback, forward and half-bridge converters used in AC-DC adapter, PC, server and telecom SMPS applications.
2007-03-23 Power-management ICs offer integrated charger
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced two highly integrated power-management ICs with USB/AC-adapter linear charger.
2013-03-20 Power adapters to grow by $2B despite charging decline
Driven by new applications, the power adapter market is set to grow by $2 billion despite a forecasted drop off in shipments of cell phone chargers.
2002-03-11 Parvus board handles CompactFlash drives and IDE devices
Designed for rugged mobile PCs and embedded system applications, the company's CompactFlash and IDE adapter module can serve as a carrier for a CompactFlash disk drive or as a controller for up to two IDE devices.
2005-03-11 ON Semi's latest PFC controllers
The two new PFC controllers from ON Semi are suitable for PFC in power supplies in televisions, flat-screen monitors, and PC desktop and notebook adapter SMPS.
2003-12-15 ON Semi IC withstands voltage transients up to 30V
ON Semiconductor has introduced the NCP346 overvoltage protection circuit (OVP) designed for applications with an external ac/dc adapter, a car charger accessory and/or a battery recharger.
2016-04-08 No more frustrating connection tries with AQ15 Series USB
Phihong's latest USB power adapter is versatile enough to be used in a wide range of devices and designs, and is available with North American and European prongs.
2005-01-24 New power management system IC tailored for portable apps
Linear Tech rolled out a complete power management system IC designed for portable apps powered by dual cell alkaline/NiCad/NiMH batteries, USB or wall adapter.
2005-05-11 New battery chargers from Linear Tech maximize charging rate
The LTC4075 and LTC4075X from Linear Tech are standalone dual-input linear battery chargers that efficiently manage charging single-cell Li-ion batteries from two separate power sources: a wall adapter and USB.
2002-05-07 NEC USB 2.0 bridge controller bags USB-IF certification
The 5PD720130 USB 2.0 bridge controller from NEC Corp. has received the Bus-Powered Device certification from the USB-IF, allowing OEMs to develop portable storage devices that operate without an external power adapter.
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