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What is an ADC?
ADC stands for analog-to-digital converter. It is an electronic device that converts input analog voltage to a discrete digital number. Applications include anything that involves the processing of analog signals into digital form.
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2004-03-05 Zarlink ADC boosts cellphone performance
Zarlink Semiconductor has developed an advanced digital microphone technology that boosts the performance of next generation cellphones.
2002-06-27 Wolfson ADC performs 40MSa/s
The WM8200 10-bit ADC from Wolfson Microelectronics Ltd delivers 40MSa/s performance and is configured for use as an analog front end for digital still cameras using CMOS sensors.
2002-11-06 Verrillon acquires ADC's passive components unit
Verrillon Inc. has acquired ADC's passive photonic components business unit in Canberra, Australia.
2007-02-28 Using the MAXQ3120 microcontroller's ADC in polled mode
Operating an ADC in polled mode rather than interrupt-driven mode can be preferable in applications where priority or the inherently asynchronous nature of interrupts is a concern. This application note identifies some considerations when using the MAXQ3120 microcontroller's 16-bit sigma-delta ADC in polled mode.
2001-10-10 Using the M38067 to perform ADC
This application note briefly discusses the functions of the A/D converter for the M38067 microcontroller. A discussion on the firmware structure and its implementation to the M38067 is explained.
2004-12-02 Using Atmel's AT84AD001B dual 8bit 1Gsps ADC with Atmel's ATmega128L AVR
This app note provides relevant information for interfacing the AT84AD001B with ATmega128L AVR.
2003-10-01 Using ADC with resistive touchscreens
This paper describes how to wire the touchscreen to the ADC, and how to design the system software to interact with the ADC.
2012-10-18 Understanding SAR and delta-sigma ADC signal path
Learn about the signal characteristics of several representative sensors and signal chain components for each converter type.
2007-05-31 Understanding high-speed ADC testing and evaluation
This document describes both the characterization and production test methods used by ADI's high-speed converter group to evaluate high-speed ADCs.
2015-04-16 Understanding ADC input resistance and sampling
Learn how the input resistance of an analog-to-digital converter depends on the architecture and how to derive a mathematical function for it in a given case.
2013-07-24 Ultra-low power 12bit ADC from Analog Devices
The AD7091 offers ultra-low power consumption of 367?A at 3V and 1MSPS; 324?A at 3V in power-down mode while achieving fast throughput rates.
2007-10-01 Trailblazing dual differential ADC drivers debut
The industry's first dual differential ADC driversthe ADA4937-2 and ADA4938-2have been launched by ADI. The drivers reduce design complexity, cost and board space in industrial and communications applications.
2012-02-23 Touchscreen controller integrates 12bit SAR ADC
The KTF7793 from ICdidik LAB features complete on board switches that have very low on resistance allowing for direct driving of resistive touchscreens.
2008-05-05 Tiny SAR ADC dissipates less power
Operating from a single 2.35V to 3.6V supply, Lineary's LTC2366 SAR ADC consumes only 7.2mW at the maximum output rate, a 20-percent power savings over the nearest competitor.
2006-12-01 Tiny delta-sigma ADC includes temp sensor
Linear Technology has introduced a 4-channel delta-sigma ADC that integrates a temperature sensor and a novel front-end design in a 4-by-3mm DFN package.
2007-11-20 Tiny ADC warrants 16bit performance
The LTC2453 from Linear Technology is a 16bit I2C-compatible delta sigma ADC in a 3mm x 2mm DFN package.
2004-11-18 TI unveils 11bit, 65MSPS ADC for China market
TI released what it claims as the highest performing, lowest-powered, high IF application, 11bit, 65MSPS CMOS pipeline ADC for export to China.
2006-06-29 TI unveils 'fastest' 16bit successive-approximation ADC
TI said its ADS8422 claims the fastest 16bit successive approximation register ADC in the industry33 percent faster than the nearest competitive device.
2003-04-04 TI ships delta-sigma ADC samples at 5Msa/s
Texas Instruments has released the ADS1605, which is touted to be the industry's fastest 16-bit delta-sigma ADC.
2008-07-14 TI rolls 16bit single-channel ADC, low-jitter clock
Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced a 16bit, single-channel, 135MSps ADC and a low-jitter clock synthesizer.
2004-01-16 TI raises stakes with 14bit ADC
Texas Instruments is throwing down the gauntlet in 14bit ADCs by unveiling a device that will set new benchmarks for performance and power consumption.
2006-08-14 TI offers 'first' SAR ADC with LVDS interface
Texas Instruments has unveiled a 16bit, 2MSps SAR ADC family, said to be the industry's first to offer a serial LVDS interface.
2005-09-02 TI makes ADC data capturing faster
Texas Instruments introduced a new tool that promises to save design time and development cost in high-speed applications, allowing for fast digital data capture from TI's high-speed, high-resolution ADCs.
2002-05-08 TI differential amps enable higher ADC resolutions
The THS4500 family of low distortion, differential amplifiers from Texas Instruments Inc. is claimed to surpass competing devices by up to 20dB across the entire frequency spectrum.
2007-01-24 TI adds 210MSps devices to ADC line
TI has introduced two 14bit and 12bit, 210MSps ADCs to its pin-compatible, high-speed ADS5546 family.
2004-11-15 TI ADC offers 50kHz bandwidth
Texas Instruments has introduced what it claims as the industry's widest bandwidth 24bit industrial analog-to-digital converter.
2003-01-13 TI ADC fits portable instrumentation, medical apps
The ADS1244 24-bit delta-sigma ADC draws 90?A and is available in an MSOP-10 casing, making it suitable for use in high-resolution measurements.
2004-06-24 TI ADC eyes high-resolution measurement apps
Texas Instruments Inc. claims that it has developed the industry's smallest four-channel, 24-bit delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter.
2003-12-08 TI ADC eyes advanced signal processing apps
Texas Instruments Inc. has announced the availability of a 14-bit, 125MSPS low-power (750mW) ADC, which targets medical and test and measurement apps.
2004-03-16 TI ADC eyes advanced signal processing apps
Texas Instruments has introduced a pair of high-speed, 14-bit SAR ADCs from its Burr-Brown product line.
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