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2012-03-06 Skilled workforce: Key to U.S. manufacturing success
What the U.S. manufacturing base needs is a revival of flexible, design-driven manufacturing and a new, modular approach to training the next generation of workforce
2011-10-12 Singapore launches manufacturing tech hub
Singapore has launched a technology center that will provide engineers with technical knowledge on operational assessment and productivity advancement.
2013-11-25 Singapore bolsters global additive manufacturing competency
The Industrial Additive Manufacturing (AM) Programme aims to develop a number of critical technologies to grow an internationally competitive AM industry.
2014-02-11 NASA joins 3D manufacturing bandwagon
Given NASA's unique needs for highly customized spacecraft and instrument components, additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, offers a compelling alternative to traditional manufacturing approaches.
2014-08-19 Global 3D printing market sparks manufacturing revolution
The global 3D printing market was sized at $3 billion in 2013, and expected to reach $6.1 billion by 2018reflecting the growing number of firms transitioning from analogue to digital manufacturing
2015-02-24 10 IoT-related trends in manufacturing, supply chain
The year 2015 will see innovative manufacturers leap ahead and use more and better sensors, add more comprehensive automation and increasingly choose local fabrication.
2015-06-22 Grasping semi-additive fabrication
Printed circuit board trace width and spacing as fine as 1.25 mils can be maintained over distance within extremely tight tolerance.
2013-10-09 Stratasys seeks wider reach in Asia with SG facility
3D printing firm Stratasys opens seventh Asia-Pacific office in Singapore in a bid to tap the country's engineering talent and facilities for additive manufacturing.
2013-12-06 Stratasys introduces unfilled nylon for 3D printing
Stratasys releases unfilled nylon for additive manufacturing and double-capacity canisters for three materials used in its Fortus production systems.
2015-09-29 Singapore sets up SE Asia's largest 3D printing facility
U.S.-based semiconductor company Ultra Clean Technology has launched in Singapore a $3.5-million 3D printing facility that is believed to be the biggest and most comprehensive in Southeast Asia.
2011-11-24 Singapore collaborations boost remanufacturing efforts
Remanufacturing is under-utilized market that is in line with the trend of the manufacturing industry toward low emissions, high energy efficiency and minimal waste
2015-09-24 Singapore boosts 3D printing capabilities with new cluster
Singapore launched the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster to harness, strengthen and expand the country's growing 3D printing capabilities as an integrated hub.
2014-10-21 Should your company move to 3D printing?
Moving from machining, injection moulding and other manufacturing processes to 3D printing requires analysis of the business case; manufacturers need a cost-benefit analysis
2013-11-22 SG, Finland R&D centres work on next-gen factories tech
A*STAR's SIMTech partnered with a Finnish research centre to address technological competencies and address manufacturing challenges. The research firm also received recognition for efforts in strategic IP portfolio building
2014-12-02 3D printing, quasicrystals yield lighter yet stronger mat'ls
University of Lorraine researchers stated that quasicrystals, a type of complex metal alloy with crystal-like properties, can be used in additive manufacturing to create stronger components.
2014-04-22 3D printing poses environmental health risks
3D or additive manufacturing is carving out milestones for the electronics industry. But like any other technological breakthroughs, this comes at a pricethat which the environment itself has to pay.
2013-10-04 3D printing breaking through concept, prototyping mould
Maker Faire hosted several 3D printing innovations geared towards a wide range of applications that essentially brings the technology outside the realm of concept modelling and prototyping.
2014-08-18 3D printing arrives in the Philippines
Norde International Distributors introduced additive manufacturing technology at the Digital Innovation Summit 2014, launching Stratasys 3D printers that can accelerate design process, and cut costs.
2004-09-08 Hitachi Chemical acquires resist materials patent
Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd has acquired a basic patent regarding resist materials for manufacturing IC package substrates
2013-06-21 Stratasys, open source MakerBot merge for $403M
Stratasys, a 3D printing and additive manufacturing firm, and MakerBot, a company specialising in desktop 3D printing, announced the signing of a definitive merger agreement.
2015-01-14 Cloud, 3D printing, IoE to bring extensive transformation
IHS Technology indicated how the three technologies will shape and revolutionise certain aspects of semiconductor manufacturing, industrial operations and consumer behaviour in the next five years
2014-10-14 Ultrafast charging batteries: 70% full in 2 minutes
The battery replaces the traditional graphite used for the anode with a new gel made from titanium oxide. Found in soil, titanium oxide is commonly used as a food additive or in sunscreen lotions to absorb ultraviolet rays
2015-01-05 Taking to market 3D printer-ready CAD files
Developing legal platforms for the delivery of printer-ready 3D CAD files is seen as the way forward for the 3D printing industry and probably the best counter-measure against unlawful design imitations.
2011-03-11 Singapore takes R&D initiatives to green its electronics
With increased awareness of climate change issues, green electronics will be the underlying theme for both manufacturers and consumers. Singapore is addressing these issues through R&D initiatives.
2014-07-14 Quantum dots make light work of light
The tiny crystals have made its mark in applications including displays, solar panels and, now, in anti-counterfeiting with their ability to emit unique signature of light frequencies.
2014-12-19 Make 3D printing filaments from scrap plastic
Start-up firm ReDeTec promotes the ProtoCycler, a desktop filament extruder that can make printing filaments using low-cost plastic pellets and recycled waste.
2015-07-03 Examining 3D embedded substrate power packaging
Here is a look at 3D embedded substrate power packaging technologies, which will be increasingly deployed in everything from cell phones to hybrid electric vehicles.
2015-08-31 Cloud-hosted software controls, secures materials data
GRANTA MI:Collaborate claims to ease multi-partner research & innovation collaborative projects to develop, manage and use materials knowledge.
2014-12-23 3D printing spins confusion at copyrights
No matter which market analysis firm you go to, it will paint rosy picture for 3D printer and consumables market. Here we look at the current and upcoming capabilities of 3D scanners that help you "copy" designs for your 3D printing needs.
2014-09-16 3D printing machine manufactures solid wood products
4 AXYZ developed a technology to bring forth the first 3D printing machine that would allow production of things such as doors, windows, chair components and even cabinets.
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