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2004-11-02 ADI, TTPCom deliver edge technology in China
Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) and TTPCom have teamed to deliver edge (enhanced data rates for GSM evolution) technology, including ADI's Blackfin SoftFone for edge chipsets and TTPCom's protocol stack and application software to Shanghai-based Simcom, a manufacturer of cellular handsets for the China market.
2012-06-26 ADI, TSMC team up to develop analog process tech
The development of the analog process platform aims to significantly improve analog performance for a number of devices.
2007-07-19 ADI, TSMC bring 65nm tech into baseband processors
Analog Devices Inc. announced that it applied Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd's 65nm process technology to its SoftFone baseband processors.
2016-01-12 ADI, TI drop Maxim acquisition attempts
A recent report revealed that Maxim was not intent on selling, but would have considered any offers that included a large premium over the company's market capitalisation.
2004-11-05 ADI, Siworks to develop modem solution for 802.16 WiMAX
Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) and Siworks Inc., a wireless semiconductor IP company, have signed an agreement to develop the physical layer (PHY) of an 802.16 (WIMAX) broadband wireless baseband modem on ADI's TigerSHARC processor.
2004-06-17 ADI, On2 to port VP6 video codec into Blackfin processor
Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) and On2 Technologies Inc. announced that On2 VP6.2 video compression software codec will be ported to ADI's Blackfin processor family.
2005-02-17 ADI, M-Systems team up on NAND-based multimedia data
Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) and M-Systems have announced a collaboration that allows ADI to deliver multi-level cell (MLC) NAND-based flash memory storage solutions to the feature phone market.
2006-09-06 ADI, Legend Silicon team up on mobile TV solution
Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) announced it has collaborated with Legend Silicon Corp. to accelerate the development of mobile TV receivers for China with the industry's first digital TV standard-compliant receiver solution.
2007-01-30 ADI, Legend Silicon open Shanghai design lab
Analog Devices Inc. and Legend Silicon Corp. announced the opening of a joint design laboratory to develop reference designs for China's emerging mobile TV market.
2009-04-29 ADI, Infineon develop automotive airbag safety system
Analog Devices Inc. and Infineon Technologies AG have agreed to collaborate on the advancement of next-generation automotive airbag systems.
2016-05-13 ADI, Cambridge Consultants to enhance car parking experience
The smart monitoring system promises to save drivers time and makes parking easier by monitoring space occupancy for on-street and indoor garage parking spaces without adding expensive infrastructure.
2013-06-11 ADI, Audi launch progressive semiconductor venture
ADI will provide Audi with pioneering technologies to support their goal of manufacturing the most innovative and appealing vehicles on the market.
2005-08-05 ADI's Stata: Microphotonics could be ready within 5 years
Microphotonics could begin to replace some system electrical components in as few as five years - if not sooner - according to Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) Chairman Ray Stata.
2005-09-30 ADI's new RFIC transceiver targets short range connections
Analog Devices' ADF7020-1 transceiver is designed to address the short range device wireless connectivity apps in home and building automation, wireless video and audio, automatic wireless metering and security.
2005-06-30 ADI's network processors tailored for SME gateway market
Analog Devices unveiled its Fusiv-NP family of network processors, which promises to provide industry-leading network throughput performance with IPSec security.
2014-01-08 ADI's meter-on-a-chip aimed at portable health apps
The ADuCM350 claims to offer easy connectivity to passive and active sensors and supports sensor fusion functionality that enables accurate measurements of human physiological data.
2011-01-20 ADI's MEMS mic features interchip sound, delivers hi-fi audio
ADI's iMEMs microphone is bundled with an industry-standard 24bit data integrated inter-chip sound or I2S interface, thus offering high-fidelity audio for industrial applications and non-handset consumer devices.
2012-10-08 ADI's MEMS accelerometer offers Min/Max offset sensitivity
ADXL350 3-axis MEMS accelerometer guarantees predictable and quantifiable performance across the full temperature range of -40C to +85C.
2005-10-13 ADI's latest product families tailored for high-voltage apps
Analog Devices is rolling out four new product families (A/D converters, intelligent sensors, JFET op amps and voltage references
2005-07-18 ADI's Blackfin processors drive telematics platform
ADI's newest Blackfin ADSP-BF534 and ADSP-BF539 processors drive the company's Blackfin car telematics platform and provide connectivity to the CAN and MOST bus networks.
2004-06-29 ADI VGA offers greater image quality
Analog Devices introduced a quad VGA that enables medical ultrasound engineers to achieve greater image quality while reducing the power, cost and size of new designs.
2014-03-12 ADI unveils low-power 18bit ADCs
The AD7989-1 and AD7989-5 PulSAR ADCs use up only 400uW at 100kSPS and boast ±1LSB and 98dB SNR at 1kHz to deliver high dynamic range with outstanding accuracy and precision, ADI stated.
2007-01-04 ADI unveils HDMI 1.3-compatible devices
ADI continues to expand its line of HDMI interface ICs with the availability of HDMI v1.3-compatible multiplexer, receiver and transmitter circuits.
2007-07-16 ADI unveils 65nm baseband processors
Expanding its product portfolio, ADI rolled out a 65nm version of its baseband processor line, manufactured by TSMC.
2007-12-13 ADI unrolls direct digital synthesis device
The AD9913 from ADI is the first direct digital synthesizer device to deliver a 250MHz clock rate while consuming as little as 50mW of power.
2006-10-19 ADI unrolls clock generator with under 1ps jitter
Analog Devices says its AD9516 series is the industry's first low-phase-noise, 14-channel clock generator with jitter below 1ps.
2008-09-18 ADI unleashes HDTV audio platform, HDMI transmitter
Analog Devices has launched a TV audio platform claimed to reduce HDTV manufacturer design costs by 20 percent and demo what the company says is the world's smallest low-power HDMI transmitter.
2004-08-04 ADI triple differential drives down cost
Fully integrated into a single, 4-by-4mm package, Analog Devices' AD8133 is the industry's smallest triple differential line driver.
2002-04-02 ADI transmit signal processor rolls
A 104MSa/s four-channel transmit signal processor from Analog Devices Inc. is designed to leverage the high-speed performance of the company's TxDAC family of DACs in multimode, multi-standard wireless basestation architectures.
2015-02-27 ADI touts user-programmable voltage output DAC
The AD5761R integrates a 16bit data converter, 2ppm/C 2.5V reference, output buffer and gain scaling function on-chip, allowing for faster and simpler system design.
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