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2005-02-07 ADI rolls out toolkit for NI LabVIEW
With ADI's Blackfin Test Integration Toolkit for LabVIEW, engineers can now use NI's LabVIEW graphical development environment with ADI's VisualDSP++ embedded development environment.
2003-07-10 ADI rolls out low-end telematics platform
Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) has rolled out a new telematics platform, which the company claims will cut costs for first-tier suppliers and automakers by 50 percent.
2006-08-24 ADI rolls out HDMI chips for audio, video systems
Analog Devices has extended its line of HDMI ICs with seven new transmitter, receiver and multiplexer chips that support HDMI v1.2a and DVI v1.0.
2013-03-21 ADI rolls out digital power controller armed with PMBus
The ADP1051 is versatile digital controller with six pulse width modulation logic outputs that can be programmed using an easy-to use graphic user interface via the PMBus interface.
2004-06-14 ADI rolls out charge pump regulator for TFT-LCDs
Analog Devices' new charge pump regulator is designed to deliver one of the most accurate backlighting in micro color TFT-LCDs in cellphones, PDAs and digital cameras.
2004-07-05 ADI rolls out ADC offerings with integrated 14-bit ADCs
As Intersil released their DACs with DACs, Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) also introduced its 14-bit dual ADCs that integrate two 14-bit ADCs on a single chip.
2003-02-14 ADI rolls low-cost MEMS accelerometer
The ADXL311 from Analog Devices Inc. is positioned as a low-cost MEMS accelerometer.
2003-03-28 ADI rolls faster Blackfin processors
The company's next-generation Blackfin processor family delivers twice the performance and half the power consumption of conventional DSPs.
2003-04-11 ADI rolls chips for optical-fiber comms
Analog Devices Inc. came to the Optical Fiber Communication conference with a new CDR chip and a pair of 10.7Gbps external modulator drivers.
2003-02-06 ADI rolls 'fastest' 16-bit ADC
The AD7655 SAR ADC from Analog Devices Inc. features four 16-bit channels with a sampling rate of 1MSa/s.
2004-03-22 ADI RF/IF IC measures 3mm-by-3mm
The RF/IF (radio/intermediate frequency) IC from Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) is an active receive mixer designed to address the demanding signal processing requirements of wireless infrastructure designs such as cellular GSMs and CDMAs.
2015-07-30 ADI RF design tools now support Hittite products
Analog Devices acquired Hittite in 2014 and now offers the broadest portfolio of RF and microwave products covering the entire signal chain.
2008-07-02 ADI revs up high-speed data conversion
The sleepy data converter sector is suddenly heating up, as Analog Devices Inc. has leapfrogged the competition to help enable a new class of industrial, medical and related equipment in the marketplace.
2006-12-05 ADI revs TD-SCDMA chipset to full 3G speeds
Analog Devices Inc. is updating its 2yr-old chipset for China's 3G standard, boosting the processing power to handle more multimedia features and revving up the data connection to full-on 3G speeds.
2005-02-16 ADI revs signal converters
After launching 17 high-speed converters in 2004, ADI is back with two ADCs targeted at wireless infrastructure and communications test.
2007-09-10 ADI releases VISUALDSP++ 5.0 IDE
Analog Devices Inc. has unveiled the VisualDSP++ Release 5.0, the latest release of its integrated software development and debugging environment for Blackfin, SHARC, and TigerSHARC processors.
2004-03-08 ADI releases SPDT switch in SC70 package
Analog Devices has released its ADG849 high-performance analog switch that is designed to provide best-of class audio switch quality.
2002-12-26 ADI regulator chipset meets Intel VRD/VRM 10 specs
Analog Devices has introduced a multiphase synchronous buck switching regulator chipset that converts a 12V supply into the core supply voltage required by Intel's VRD/VRM 10 power specification.
2004-02-13 ADI reference design simplifies mobile devices
Analog Devices has released a reference design for the development of GSM/GPRS wireless devices.
2003-11-10 ADI receiver integrates 14-bit ADC, 6-channel DDC
Analog Devices Inc. has introduced a wideband receiver subsystem for cellular base stations that addresses the performance requirements of 3G standards, such as CDMA2000, UMTS, and TD-SCDMA.
2014-11-13 ADI receiver can digitise IF frequencies from 70-450MHz
The AD6676 is a single-chip wideband IF receiver subsystem that can be configured to achieve a noise figure of 13dB, IIP3=36dBM, noise spectral density (NSD) as low as -160dBFS/Hz.
2002-01-02 ADI read-only ADCs simplify interfacing for data-acquisition apps
The AD7782 and AD7783 24-bit sigma-delta ADCs are read-only devices, making interfacing simple for low-frequency measurement and low-power data acquisition applications.
2003-04-21 ADI quad-band GSM transceiver integrate VCO
Analog Devices Inc.'s OthelloOne TV quad-band GSM/GPRS transceiver includes all the features of previous Othello devices but integrates an on-chip VCO.
2006-09-01 ADI quad sequencer IC claims highest accuracy
The new quad supply voltage monitor/sequencer from Analog Devices is accurate to 0.8 percent, which the company says is the best in the industry.
2011-03-03 ADI quad sensor cancels out erroneous signals
ADI's quad-differential sensor has four proof masses that prevent MEMS gyroscopes from sensing movement that is not really there, thereby canceling out erroneous signals.
2007-10-29 ADI provides codecs gratis
ADI is providing 23 of its internally developed codecs as free downloads from its Website.
2002-01-24 ADI power-management ICs fit entertainment, embedded systems
The company has expanded its anyCAP LDO line of power-management chips with the introduction of the ADP3333, ADP3334, ADP3338 and ADP3339 devices.
2002-09-12 ADI power management IC meets IMVP-IV specs
The ADP3205 multiphase core controller and ADP3415 dual MOSFET driver combine to be a 3-phase controller/driver chipset that complies with Intel's IMVP-IV specifications.
2007-02-23 ADI posts $692M revenue for Q1
Analog Devices Inc. announced revenue of $692 million for Q1 of fiscal 2007, which included $657 million of product revenue and $35 million of revenue from a one-time technology license.
2003-03-27 ADI PA module employs closed-loop output measurement
The ADL5551 RF PA module is claimed by Analog Devices to be the industry's first module with integrated power control using closed-loop output measurement.
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