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2015-02-26 ADI outs 12bit, 8-channel ADC/DAC/GPIO combination chip
The AD5592R features a safe power-up functionality that prevents conflict with external circuitry and boasts a digital temperature indictor/alert that signals fault condition and allows system shutdown.
2008-09-11 ADI optimizes image quality, power efficiency of ultrasound devices
ADI says its AD9272 features the industry's lowest terminated noise for high- and mid-end cart-based ultrasound equipment that need superior image quality, and the AD9273 is said to be the most power-efficient device in its class for addressing the requirements of portable ultrasound systems.
2004-07-23 ADI op amps target communications apps
ADI announced that its latest family of operational amplifiers deliver the optimal combination of low noise and low power at the higher speeds.
2004-08-27 ADI op amps offer high speed, rail-to-rail output
ADI announced that they have developed a family of op amps that deliver many of the performance benefits usually found in more expensive amplifiers.
2002-08-22 ADI offers voltage references in SOT-23, SC-70 packages
Analog Devices Inc. has introduced a family of precision bandgap voltage references in SOT-23-5 and SC-70-5 packages for space-constrained applications.
2004-06-11 ADI offers two PLL synthesizers for wireless apps
Analog Devices developed two PLL synthesizers for the upconversion and downconversion of RF signals in wireless apps.
2002-09-19 ADI offers three-phase metering IC
The ADE7752 three-phase electrical energy metering IC features watt-hour output and is compatible with a wide range of three-phase grid configurations.
2005-08-19 ADI offers new way to link photodiode and power monitor
Analog Devices is introducing a high-side monitor that provides a compact solution for the common and often challenging problem of interfacing an optical power monitoring device to the cathode-side of a PIN photodiode.
2006-12-05 ADI offers chipset at Chinese TD-SCDMA handsets
Analog Devices Inc. started sampling Tier 1 mobile handset makers and local ODMs with a second-gen chipset that complies with the Chinese 3G TD-SCDMA LCR air interface.
2002-05-28 ADI offers 32-channel/dual-16-channel MUXs
Analog Devices Inc. has announced the availability of a series of CMOS 32-channel/dual-16-channel analog multiplexer ICs that addresses the growing port count demand of telecom network systems.
2003-04-29 ADI MicroConverters rev processing capacity
Analog Devices Inc. has launched three additions to its MicroConverter family of devices.
2002-11-19 ADI metering IC provides W, VA, rms values
The ADE7754 metering IC from Analog Devices Inc. meets the growing demand to provide more information about three-phase connections.
2002-04-12 ADI metering IC features on-chip oscillator
The ADE7757 electrical metering IC features a built crystal oscillator and direct stepper motor drive capability, eliminating the need for an external crystal or resonator, thus reducing the parts count and cost of building a watt-hour meter.
2004-01-06 ADI MEMS accelerometers prevent information loss
Analog Devices Inc. has announced that its iMEMS accelerometer technology will be used in multiple platforms of IBM's ThinkPad mobile computers.
2004-02-10 ADI MEMs accelerators target consumer apps
Analog Devices Inc. has released iMEMS (integrated micro electro mechanical system) accelerometers in thin 4-by-4-by-1.45mm plastic Lead Frame Chip Scale Packages (LFCSP).
2003-10-02 ADI low-distortion op-amp features 0.95nV/sqrt-Hz noise
Analog Devices Inc. has introduced an IC that minimizes two fundamental error sources in amplifier design - voltage noise and harmonic distortion.
2003-09-23 ADI LDD features dual loop control
The ADN2870 3.3Gbps laser diode driver (LDD) from Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) is fully compliant with the SFP Multisource Agreement.
2002-01-15 ADI laser diode drivers enable dual-loop capability for 3.3V apps
The ADN2847 and ADN2848 laser diode drivers extend dual-loop capability to 3.3V applications.
2002-01-22 ADI laser diode driver features dual-loop control for fiber-optic apps
The ADN2843 is a 10.7Gbps laser diode driver with dual-loop control for average power and extinction ratio.
2003-06-18 ADI JPEG IC powers NHK broadcast system
NHK, a major national broadcast company in Japan, has selected ADI's JPEG2000 image compression chip to be incorporated into its latest Hi-Vision HDTV system.
2002-11-11 ADI JFET amplifier provides 55MHz gain bandwidth
ADI's AD8067 JFET input amplifier is designed to meet the requirements of high-speed photodiode amplifiers used in fiber-optic apps.
2003-06-04 ADI JFET amplifier offered in SC70 package
The AD8627 from Analog Devices Inc. is claimed by the company as the first precision JFET amplifier in an SC70 package.
2013-09-12 ADI intros dev't kit for SDN/OpenFlow network white boxes
The Gigabit SDN Development Kit from ADI is based on the Intel Atom processor C2000 family and LINC, an open-source implementation of the latest version (1.3) of the OpenFlow standard.
2006-08-22 ADI introduces Class-D audio amps for portable CE
Analog Devices Inc. has introduced two Class-D audio amplifiers designed to meet the low power, small size and growing sound quality requirements of portable electronics.
2003-10-06 ADI integrates four 65MSps ADC in single chip
Analog Devices Inc. has unveiled what it claims is the industry's first quad ADCs. Designed to suit medical imaging systems, as well as wireless communications basestations, the product integrates four ADCs unto one chip.
2002-06-22 ADI instrumentation amp has 80dB minimum CMR
The AD8225 instrumentation amplifier from Analog Devices Inc. offers a minimum common mode rejection of 80dB at frequencies of up to 10kHz.
2003-01-28 ADI instrumentation amp boasts high CMR
The AD8221 instrumentation amplifier from Analog Devices Inc. provides a CMR of 90dB (10kHz) - the highest achieved for an instrumentation amplifier in an 8-pin MSOP.
2012-10-29 ADI inaugurates design contest for universities,colleges
The contest is part of the Analog Devices University Program, which aims to enhance students' education by helping them to easily build and test real-world, functional analogue circuits.
2002-01-21 ADI IF converter consumes less current
The AD9874 integrates the IF-to-digital conversion process onto a single chip that consumes only 21.2mA compared to the 45mA of previous-generation chips.
2004-09-24 ADI IC supports JPEG 2000 standard
ADI announced that its JPEG 2000 video compression technology has led a major breakthrough for the emerging digital cinema market.
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