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2003-03-05 ADI IC replaces mechanical trimmers in "set and forget" systems
The AD5273 64-step digital trimmer IC from Analog Devices Inc. offers a one-time programmable, digitally controlled variable resistor and replaces mechanical trimmers in "set and forget" factory adjustments.
2014-06-09 ADI holds on to manufacturing amid IoT rise
Analog Devices manufactures some chips in house where it feels the design is closely tied to the manufacturing process and where it feels it is only adding value in standard design, it outsources.
2002-03-11 ADI GSM, GPRS baseband processors eliminate external SRAMs
Designed for GSM and GPRS handsets that feature MP3 playback and streaming media along with wireless voice and e-mail capabilities,
2002-05-14 ADI grayscale generator cuts power consumption
Designed for use in TFT-LCDs of 3G cellphones and PDAs, the ADD8502 programmable grayscale generator from Analog Devices Inc. improves image quality in portable displays and extends battery life by reducing power consumption by up to 75 percent.
2015-07-30 ADI flaunts AFE devices with integrated 24bit ADCs
The AD7124-4 and AD7124-8 AFEs connect directly to all standard industrial signal sources and sensor inputs, while reducing power requirements by 40 per cent over comparable devices.
2002-06-24 ADI fixed-point DSP pursues midrange receivers
After using a floating-point DSP to sew up the market for audio decoders in high-end A/V receivers for home theater sound systems, Analog Devices Inc. is now going after the midrange portion of the market with a fixed-point version of the 32-bit processor.
2004-11-26 ADI expects weak quarter after sales fall sequentially
Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) reported net earnings of $132 million, or 34 cents per share, on sales of $632 million for the fourth 2004 fiscal quarter ended Oct. 30, compared to $169 million, or 43 cents per share on sales of $717.8 million the previous quarter and $88 million, or 23 cents per share on sales of $557.5 million in the year-ago quarter.
2004-06-07 ADI expands video decoder offering
ADI's ADV7189 automatically detects and converts a standard analog baseband television signal into 10-bit precision 4:2:2 component video data.
2010-05-05 ADI expands India dev't facility
Analog Devices, Inc. has launched its new and expanded development facility at the RMZ Infinity Technology Park in Bangalore, India.
2002-05-03 ADI expands 2.7V RS-232 transceiver family
Analog Devices Inc. has expanded its line of 2.7V RS-232 transceivers for portable application with the introduction of the ADM3310E and ADM3315E.
2006-09-28 ADI exec sounds off on global engineering talent
ADI's R&D chief says its engineering recruitment program at universities worldwide typically brings in about half of the company's new engineering hires from North America and half from Europe and Asia.
2003-03-13 ADI embeds VCOs on GSM/GPRS transceiver chip
Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) has released the latest member of its Othello transceiver line.
2005-06-29 ADI electronics ICs target higher resolution digital displays
Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) introduced new display electronics ICs for improving image quality and enabling higher resolution digital displays, such as those used for digital cinema and advanced television applications.
2002-06-11 ADI electro-optical interface ICs fit for fiber
Analog Devices Inc. has introduced three electro-optical interface ICs for use in fiber-optic metro and access networks.
2002-04-09 ADI DSP targets embedded control apps
The ADSP-2199x family of mixed signal DSPs from Analog Devices Inc. integrates a 160MIPs, 16-bit DSP based on the company's 219x DSP core, and an 8-channel, 14-bit 20MSa/s ADC core into a single chip, and is targeted towards signal processing and embedded control applications.
2002-08-26 ADI DSP provides CAN interface capability
The ADSP-21992 mixed-signal DSP includes a CAN interface and additional on-chip RAM, making the device suitable for use in automotive and industrial motor control applications.
2002-11-25 ADI DSP emulator supports 2.2MBps download speed
Analog Devices Inc.'s PCI-based emulator includes the Blackfin, SHARC, TigerSHARC, and ADSP-219x DSP features.
2002-04-29 ADI display interface IC uses
esigned for LC projectors, HDTVs, and projectors, the AD9882 display interface IC from Analog Devices Inc. provides an analog interface and Digital Visual Interface (DVI) capability, and uses the
2003-03-19 ADI digital temperature sensors tout accuracy
The company's two digital temperature sensors, the TMP05 and TMP06, offer single-wire, PWM outputs with accuracy to 1C max.
2003-01-17 ADI digital synthesizers boast low power consumption
Analog Devices Inc. has expanded its portfolio of RF ICs with the addition of a family of DDS that deliver a clock speed of 400MHz.
2003-07-21 ADI digital pots feature smaller footprint
Analog Devices Inc. has expanded its portfolio of digital potentiometers with the release of the AD5160, AD5245, AD5246, and AD5247 devices.
2002-08-28 ADI digital pot enables precision
Analog Devices Inc. claims to be among the first IC vendors to offer an 8-bit, six-channel, digitally-controlled variable potentiometer.
2003-06-19 ADI digital isolators reduce per-channel costs
Analog Devices Inc. has announced the addition of multi-channel digital isolators to its iCoupler family of high-voltage digital isolators.
2002-04-11 ADI detector IC measures next-gen wireless waveforms
The AD3862 RMS detector IC from Analog Devices Inc. has the ability to measure instantaneously the continuously-variable crest factor signals found within CDMA, W-CDMA, 8-PSK, QAM and OFDM signals.
2003-04-15 ADI demodulator eyes IF-to-baseband conversion
The company's broadband quadrature demodulator IC enables IF-to-baseband conversion from 50MHz to 1GHz.
2008-03-25 ADI debuts 'first' gate drivers with isolated power
ADIhas rolled what it claims to be the first isolated half-bridge gate drivers that incorporate isolated power and isolated gate drivers in one package.
2002-07-19 ADI DACs offer 3V operation without performance hit
Three additions to Analog Devices Inc.'s TxDAC family of DACs are said to support 3V operation without sacrificing ac and dc performance.
2004-04-30 ADI DAC resolves space, performance challenge
The company has introduced the first members of its new nanoDAC family of DACs.
2004-02-24 ADI DAC offers 14-bit resolution
Analog Devices Inc. has delivered what it claims as the smallest current output DACs with up to 14-bit resolution.
2004-04-27 ADI DAC offers 1.2 GSPS sample rate
Analog Devices has released what it claims as the industry's first 14-bit DAC to clock at a sample rate of 1.2GSPS.
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