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2006-08-11 Maxim launches step-down regulator with internal switch
Maxim's new step-down regulator with 14V internal switch is suitable for LCD displays, POL regulators and other 8V/12V industrial-equipment apps.
2004-09-15 Maxim hot-swap controllers eye IEEE1394/FireWire apps
The new MAX5943 and MAX5944 devices from Maxim allow the safe insertion and removal of IEEE1394/FireWire peripherals from a live IEEE1394/FireWire port.
2007-05-07 Low-profile step-down converter delivers 550mA
AnalogicTech has unveiled the low-profile, high-density AAT1120 step-down converter that delivers 500mA in a 2-by-2-by-0.55mm package.
2006-01-10 Low dropout regulator incorporates ramp control
Micrel launched a 2A low dropout regulator featuring built-in sequencing, tracking and ramp control for low voltage FPGAs, DSPs and ASICs.
2011-06-27 LMZ13610/8/6 and LMZ12010/8/6 evaluation board
The LMZ13610/8/6 and LMZ12010/8/6 Simple Switcher power modules are DC-DC solution capable of driving up to a 10, 8 or 6A load.
2011-07-08 LMZ13610/8/6 and LMZ12010/8/6 demo board
The LMZ13610/8/6 and LMZ12010/8/6 Simple Switcher power modules are DC-DC solution capable of driving up to a 10, 8 or 6A load.
2005-03-21 Linear Tech unveils new controller
Linear Tech released an ultra low voltage Hot Swap controller that protects load voltages ranging from 0 to 6V, and allows for the safe insertion and removal of boards from a live backplane.
2012-11-09 Linear Tech unveils dual Hot Swap controller
The LTC4226 controls external N-channel MOSFETs to gently power up the board, avoiding sparks, connector damage and system glitches, enabling safe board insertion into live 4.5-44V backplanes.
2004-08-04 Linear Tech Hot Swap controller with dual-level circuit breaker
Linear Tech launched a dual Hot Swap controller that features a dual-level circuit breaker and the ability to control a core supply voltage as low as 1V.
2004-04-27 Linear Tech controller handles up to 80V
The company has introduced the LT4256 high voltage Hot Swap controller that handles positive voltages from 10.8V up to 80V.
2004-06-16 Linear IC allows voltage conversion at high frequency mode
Linear Tech introduced a 2-phase dc-dc synchronous controller for converting a high input voltage to low output voltages at a high switching frequency.
2005-06-09 LDO regulator with 2% accuracy
The new dual output low dropout linear regulator from ON Semiconductor provides a 2 percent accuracy over its operating temperature range, and features a fixed output voltage of 3.3V
2004-11-11 IR unveils chipset for telecom input, 48V fixed input systems
International Rectifier introduced a new chipset solution for wide range, universal telecommunications input, and 48V fixed input systems.
2003-02-19 Intersil hot-swap controllers operate in live backplanes
Intersil Corp. has introduced the Endura ISL6117 and ISL6120 low-voltage, hot-swap controllers that allow hot-swapping from live backplanes.
2006-03-01 IC multi-supply powers TV/monitor's LCD panels
Maxim's MAX8728 power supply IC generates all the supply rails for TFT LCD panels in TVs and monitors.
2007-12-19 Hysteretic step-down DC/DC regulator is 96% efficient
A hysteretic 20V step-down DC/DC regulator that boosts battery life in portable applications and delivers 96 percent efficiency has been launched by austriamicrosystems AG.
2004-10-20 Hot Swap controller provides 'sophisticated' power monitoring
Linear Tech introduced a positive high voltage Hot Swap controller that features an on-chip 8bit ADC and I?C compatible interface.
2006-02-21 Hot swap controller includes ADC
Linear Technology introduced a 2.9V to 15V hot swap controller that features an onboard 8bit ADC and I2C-compatible interface.
2009-01-19 Highly-integrated PMICs fit OLED displays
Maxim Integrated Products has developed the MAX17065 highly integrated PMIC that includes a step-up DC/DC converter, an inverting DC/DC converter, regulated positive and negative charge pumps, and a low-dropout linear regulator (LDO).
2007-10-25 High-voltage driver lights up 72 white LEDs
A LED driver capable of driving up to 72 white LEDs has been developed by Power Analog Microelectronics.
2007-07-30 High-efficiency DC/DC converter doubles output currents
austriamicrosystems' AS1326 DC/DC converter doubles output currents while providing an efficiency rate of 96 percent.
2011-01-07 Guide to using LMZ14203 3A demo board
The LMZ14203 Simple Switcher power module is a step-down DC-DC solution capable of driving up to 3A load.
2012-03-19 Guide to using LMZ14202 / LMZ14203 demo board
Read about LMZ14202/3 Simple Switcher power module touted to enhance thermal performance.
2011-01-03 Guide to using LMZ12003 3A demo board
The LMZ12003 Simple Switcher power module is a step-down DC-DC solution capable of driving up to 3A load.
2011-01-05 Guide to using LMZ10504 4A demo board
The LMZ10504 Simple Switcher power module is a DC-DC solution capable of driving up to a 4A load with power conversion efficiency, output voltage accuracy, line and load regulation.
2014-07-24 Fundamentals of resistive memory devices
In this article, we address the basics of resistive random access memory(ReRAM) structures, as well as the test hardware available to characterise them.
2011-05-30 Flyback controller operates at -55C150C temp
Linear Technology introduces the LTC3805/-5, a programmable frequency flyback controller that operates over a -55C150C junction temperature range.
2012-07-27 Fairchild load switches provide advanced protection features for mobile and consumer applications
IntelliMAX Smart Load switches offer high- and low-voltage solutions for greater system power in small form factor.
2007-10-16 Efficient boost converter saves power
Developing a power supply circuit for portable electronic equipment requires design engineers to extend battery life by maximizing the power efficiency and minimizing power dissipation throughout the system.
2009-01-13 Dual-output step-down controller delivers up to 50A
Maxim Integrated Products has released the MAX15034, a high-performance, dual-output, synchronous step-down controller capable of driving external MOSFETs to deliver two 25A outputs or a single 50A output.
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