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2007-06-25 Dual-output converter powers AMOLED panels
ON Semiconductor introduces the NCP5810a 2W dual-output DC/DC converter that offers both positive and negative output, targeted at active matrix OLED diaplays.
2007-03-01 Dual-input charger needs no external MOSFETs
Maxim Integrated Products introduced a dual-input USB/AC-adapter linear charger with Smart Power Selector for portable devices powered by rechargeable single-cell Li+ batteries.
2009-08-10 DC/DC regulator tailored for POL apps
Analog Devices Inc. has expanded its portfolio of integrated power management switching regulators with the ADP2114 dual-output, synchronous, step-down DC/DC regulator.
2014-07-25 DC/DC converter eases circuit form factor of MR16 LED lamp
The device co-packages a 60V, 3.6A-rated power N-channel MOSFET with all primary functions required by a DC/DC controller into the compact DFN6040-12 dual exposed-pad package.
2003-01-10 dc/dc controller IC has 1 percent output accuracy
The LTC3832 step-down dc/dc controller converts an input ranging from 3V to 8V to an output as low as 0.6V with an accuracy of 1 percent.
2009-07-02 DC/DC charger minimizes heat, charge time
Maxim Integrated Products unveiled the MAX8903A, a switch-mode DC/DC charger with Smart Power Selector circuitry that uses a high switching frequency to minimize heat and charge time.
2005-01-31 Dc-dc controller offers less component count
Linear Tech introduced a new step-up dc-dc controller with a 2-phase operation to deliver high output power using only two inductors.
2008-10-17 Controller IC promises smooth power conversion
A new high-performance triple-output step-down controller IC from Vishay Intertechnology Inc. is designed for efficient power conversion.
2009-02-19 Compact battery charger delivers up to 2A
Linear Technology Corp. has released the LT3650-8.2, a compact, monolithic high-voltage battery charger for 2-cell Li-ion/polymer batteries.
2004-09-23 CAMD regulators provide low cost power solutions
California Micro Devices released its CM3004 and CM3065 families of 1A and 2A low dropout linear regulators.
2011-12-15 Buck regulators operate at 600kHz switching frequency
Micrel's SuperSwitcher II family of integrated MOSFET regulators target power density DC/DC applications.
2008-03-05 Buck regulator powers systems from 3.3-5V supply rails
Micrel has introduced a new member to its high-power-density family of products: A fully-integrated 4A synchronous buck regulator, the MIC22400, intended for powering systems from 3.3V and 5V supply rails.
2006-02-09 Buck regulator employs COT architecture
National Semiconductor introduced the LM3100, a synchronous, monolithic, 1.5A buck regulator with an input voltage range of 4.5V to 36V.
2009-06-19 Battery chargers save cost, space
Linear Technology has introduced two compact, monolithic high-voltage battery chargers for single-cell Li-ion/Polymer batteries.
2009-06-15 Battery charger controllers require no blocking diode
Linear Technology Corp. has introduced the LTC4012, LTC4012-1 and LTC4012-2, fast-charge 4A capable high efficiency switchmode battery charger controllers for multiple battery chemistries.
2004-11-19 Arques linear charger suits single-cell Li-ion batteries
The new AQ9102 from Arques Technology is an integrated charger with a charging profile tailored for single-cell Li-ion batteries.
2005-01-17 AnalogicTech DC/DC converter with POK function
AnalogicTech unveiled the latest addition to its converter familythe AAT1152 fully integrated 850kHz 1A buck DC/DC converter.
2004-09-21 AnalogicTech converters suit space-constrained apps
AnalogicTech introduced two new, compact, high-efficiency step-down converters for space-constrained wired electronic equipment apps.
2005-08-19 ADI offers new way to link photodiode and power monitor
Analog Devices is introducing a high-side monitor that provides a compact solution for the common and often challenging problem of interfacing an optical power monitoring device to the cathode-side of a PIN photodiode.
2008-06-27 AAT4621EV: Evaluation kit guide for AAT4621 PC card supercap charger
This evaluation kit guide for the AAT4621EV demonstrate the features of the AAT4621 SmartSwitch supercapacitor charger.
2008-10-06 500mA step-down converter promises faster transient response
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc., a developer of power management integrated circuits for communications, computing and consumer electronics devices, introduces the AAT1130, a new high performance 500mA monolithic step-down converter.
2008-05-07 32V 500mA buck regulator integrates dual power monitor
austriamicro's hysteretic, high-efficiency step-down regulator in a 4mm x 4mm MLPQ 12-pin package is said to be the industry's first 32V 500mA buck regulator with integrated dual power monitor.
2010-05-26 15V Hot Swap controller packs ADC, I?C interface
Linear Technology Corp. is offering the LTC4280, a 2.9V to 15V Hot Swap controller that features an onboard 8bit ADC and I?C compatible interface.
2005-11-16 Underutilized SEPIC outperforms flyback topology
The article compares SEPIC and flyback power supplies that have identical requirements. See how one solution is more efficient than the other.
2006-04-28 ST HDD controller cuts across 5V, 12V apps
STMicroelectronics' motor control chip integrates all of the circuitry required to drive both the spindle motor and the voice-coil of a PC's hard disk drive.
2013-04-15 Relay drivers tweaked for service disconnect switches
The FAN324x relay drivers provide strong DC output currents to safely open and close a relay contactor and have a wide operating voltage range to use with relays of several voltage rating.
2014-05-09 PWM controller integrates programmable volt-second clamp
The volt-second clamp enables primary switch duty cycles above 50 per cent for high switch, transformer, and rectifier utilisation.
2008-01-10 Power-supply controller saves space, cost in LCD TVs
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX17014 highly integrated, multiple-output power-supply controller that saves space and costs in TFT-LCD TVs and monitors.
2006-10-20 Power supply IC targets high-end car airbag apps
Atmel has announced the availability of an airbag system power supply IC particularly suited for high-end automotive airbag applications.
2006-06-27 Power adapter solution delivers 88% efficiency
ON Semi said its latest design blueprint achieves low standby power and promises 88 percent energy efficiency.
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