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2003-01-27 Zoom adopts Conexant ADSL semiconductor solutions
Zoom Technologies Inc. has incorporated Conexant Systems Inc.'s ADSL semiconductor solutions into four of its latest ADSL modems and residential gateways
2003-08-27 Westell modems to feature TI ADSL router-on-a-chip
Westell Technologies Inc. has selected Texas Instruments' DSL router-on-a-chip to support the recently announced expansion of its family of WireSpeed modems.
2009-06-01 TS613 as driver for ADSL line interface - a single supply implementation with passive or active impedance matching
ADSL is a new modem technology that converts the existing twisted-pair telephone lines into access paths for multimedia and high-speed data communications. ADSL transmits more than 8Mbit/s to a subscriber, and can reach 1Mbps from the subscriber to the central office.
2009-06-02 TS612 as driver for ADSL line interfacesa single supply implementation with passive or active impedance matching
ADSL is a new modem technology that converts the existing twisted-pair telephone lines into access paths for multimedia and high-speed data communications.
2003-12-26 Thomson deploys Broadcom-based ADSL CPE
Broadcom Corp. announced that Thomson is shipping a new SpeedTouch ADSL modem, the SpeedTouch 511e.
2003-03-17 Reduce power-supply effects on ADSL data rates
Careful selection of the supply's switching frequency can improve the data rate, size, power consumption, and cost of ADSL modems
2003-05-16 Optimizing I/O protection for ADSL modems
By utilizing ordinary phone lines, ADSL tools need protection from electrical risks such as lightning stresses and other power hazards
2002-08-14 LSI Logic offers ADSL modem chipset
LSI Logic Corp. is moving into the standard-chips business for ADSL modems with the introduction of a three-piece chipset
2002-12-27 LSI ADSL modem design integrates Intersil WLAN chip
LSI Logic Corp. has launched an ADSL modem reference design kit based on the company's HomeBASE chipset, integrated with Intersil's PRISM IEEE 802.11 WLAN chipset.
2003-02-13 Huawei deploys Etek's Conexant-based ADSL modems
Etek Technology Co. Ltd has selected Conexant Systems Inc.'s single-chip ADSL solution to be used on its ADSL CPE modems
2003-04-29 EarthLink deploys DQ Technology ADSL modems
EarthLink Inc. has selected DQ Technology Inc.'s VisionNet ADSL Modems to be deployed in its nationwide marketing of ADSL service
1999-11-01 Designing ADSL in an ATM network
Based on the development of the current standard, you can fit an ADSL modem into the ATM network. The advantage of using a programmable DSP core for this application is that you can quickly adjust to the ever-changing telecommunications standard.
2002-04-12 Conexant releases single chip USB ADSL modem
The CX82320 USB ADSL modem from Conexant Systems Inc. integrates the USB controller, ADSL discrete multi-tone engine, analog front end, and line driver into a single chip, while providing data rates of up to 8Mb downstream and 1Mbps upstream.
2003-09-08 Conexant reference designs to enhance ADSL modems
Conexant Systems Inc. has released reference designs for enhanced-performance ADSL modems
1999-06-29 Application of ADSL in an ATM network
This report investigates and explains how the ADSL modem fits into the ATM network, based on the development of the current standard.
2004-02-02 What does a VDSL modem consist of
With the tremendous market potential of VDSL, a close examination of VDSL technical solutions would seem in order.
2003-06-04 TI ADSL router chipset provides enhanced home networking
Texas Instruments has introduced the AR7 chipset, which it claims is the first fully integrated ADSL access router-on-a-chip device
2002-09-12 TDK ferrite material eyes ADSL, xDSL transformer apps
TDK Corp. has developed the DN70 ferrite material that offers lower total harmonic distortion and is targeted for use in ADSL and xDSL modem line transformers.
2005-06-22 ST unveils new ADSL chipset
STMicroelectronics' CopperWing12e chipset embeds an enhanced Asynchronous Transfer Mode/Internet Protocol cell processor with fast connection speeds and high real-time processing capability.
2006-09-18 SMC rolls out three new ADSL2+ modem routers
SMC Networks has launched three new ADSL2+ Barricade modem routers that promise leading-edge performance and QoS features
2003-12-01 Meeting test challenges for ADSL
Advanced instrumentation used in mixed-signal testers provides dedicated resources to support complex single-tone, multitone and IMD measurements for multi-site test of complex ADSL devices
2003-10-17 Magcom transformer suits VDSL, cable modem apps
Magnetic Communication Corp.'s TA5021 ADSL transformer is suitable for use in ADSL, HDSL, VDSL, and cable modem applications.
2006-02-22 Ikanos acquires ADI's network processor, ADSL ASIC product lines
Ikanos Communications has completed the acquisition of the network processor and ADSL ASIC product lines from Analog Devices Inc
2002-01-31 IDT rolls out design platforms for ADSL, SOHO gateways
Integrated Device Technology Inc. has developed the 79RP351 and 79RP355 reference platforms to help accelerate time-to-market for makers of ADSL and SOHO gateways
2002-11-21 Conexant chip integrates ADSL and .11b capabilities
Conexant Systems' CX82340 ship integrates an ADSL router and Intersil's 802.11b wireless LAN baseband/media-access controller on a single chip
2004-04-16 Carriers have two routes to ADSL testing
SELT and DELT can be used together to yield the best results for the service provider. However, economics may force providers to adopt one technology over the other.
2003-07-30 Tongrun switching power adaptor suits modem systems
The SPS08-12060SPC 10W switching power adaptor from Shanghai Tongrun Electronic features an input voltage of 90Vac to 264Vac.
2010-10-05 Compact wireless module supports speeds faster than ADSL
Fabless semiconductor provider u-blox announced a new family of small, ultra-fast wireless modems, codenamed LISA, which are designed to provide wireless high-speed Internet connection for a wide range of high-bandwidth applications such as mobile computing, car infotainment, telematics systems, handheld terminals and ultra-portable devices.
2002-05-07 Westell selects TI's DSL chipset for WireSpeed products
Westell Technologies Inc., a provider of broadband access solutions, has selected Texas Instruments Inc.'s (TI) ADSL chipsets to support DSL consumer deployments for Westell's latest WireSpeed products
2004-09-29 OEMs dominate electronics industry in China
More original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in China are improving their capacities as iSuppli Corp. notes that 14 out of 22 product categories are dominated by makers of electronic products.
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