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2005-01-17 AnalogicTech DC/DC converter with POK function
AnalogicTech unveiled the latest addition to its converter familythe AAT1152 fully integrated 850kHz 1A buck DC/DC converter.
2003-08-27 AnalogicTech dc-dc converter minimizes part count
Advanced Analogic Technologies has released the AAT1150, a synchronous buck dc-dc converter that delivers an output current of 1A.
2004-09-21 AnalogicTech converters suit space-constrained apps
AnalogicTech introduced two new, compact, high-efficiency step-down converters for space-constrained wired electronic equipment apps.
2002-08-14 AnalogicTech charge pump eyes portable apps
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. has introduced the AAT3110 regulated charge pump designed for portable, battery-powered applications.
2005-02-22 AnalogicTech battery charger reduces external parts count
Advanced Analogic Technologies has developed a new Li-ion/polymer linear battery charger with an integrated pass device.
2006-11-06 AnalogicTech acquires IPCore's subsidiary and power biz for $21.5M
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. has completed its acquisition of the power management analog business of IPCore Technologies Corp., including Analog Power Semiconductor Corp. and certain related assets for $21.5 million.
2006-02-22 AC/USB battery chip charges Li-ions as fast as possible
Advanced Analogic Technologies announced that its AAT3685 is the first chip designed for efficiently charging Li-ion polymer batteries from either an AC adapter or a USB source through a single connector.
2004-11-26 AAT4291 EVAL-RGB I/O expander load switches with serial control
This app note discusses the AAT4291 EVAL-RGB evaluation board and the application of the AAT4291 as an RGB LED driver.
2004-11-26 AAT3190 positive/negative bias supply for CCD camera sensors
This app note demonstrates a typical CCD camera sensors that require a positive and negative bias voltage of +15V and -8V respectively at load currents of up to 10mA.
2004-11-26 AAT3140 EVAL high efficiency 1X/1.5X/2X charge pump
This app note demonstrates the AAT3140 EVAL board and the functionality of the AAT3140 device or the AAT3141 device.
2004-11-26 AAT3110/3111 on/off enable control
This app note describes the AAT3110 and AAT3111 switched-capacitor voltage converters, which are designed to deliver a regulated 3.3, 3.6 or 5V output from an input supply ranging from 1.8V to 5V.
2004-11-26 AAT3110 photo flash LED driver
This app note describes a cellphone camera flash solution using the AAT3110-4.5 charge pump
2007-12-13 WLED driver has two LDOs for portable systems
Advanced Analogic Technologies has released a highly integrated four-channel white LED driver for portable systems operating off a single-cell Li-ion/polymer battery.
2007-11-30 Tiny PMU for mobiles touts above 95% efficiency
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. has released the AAT2504 adjustable 3-channel regulator that combines a step-down converter with two low dropout linear regulators.
2008-01-22 The S?Cwire serial digital interface in real-time systems
The S?Cwire (Simple Serial Control) and AS2Cwire (Advanced Simple Serial Control) single-wire serial interfaces are used to set parameters in AnalogicTech products. Applications include setting current levels in LED driver ICs, programming battery characteristics in battery chargers, or controlling the ON/OFF state of load switches in a multi-output load switch IC
2007-08-31 Step-down converters simplify system designs
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. has introduced the AAT1112 and AAT1145 current mode step-down converters that require no external compensation components and offer designers highly compact and easy-to-implement solutions.
2008-04-22 Step-down converter steps up to power requirements
From Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. comes the AAT1153, a 1.2MHz constant frequency, current mode step-down converter that is capable of delivering up to 2A of output currents
2011-12-02 Skyworks to get AnalogicTech at lower price
The companies have agreed that Skyworks will pay around $250 million in cash for its acquisition of Analogic Tech
2010-08-05 Single input charger protects Li-ion, Li-polymer batteries
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. announced the availability of the AAT3698, a single input 1.6A linear charger to manage the charging, sequencing and protection of Lithium (Li)-Ion and Lithium Polymer-powered portable devices.
2009-03-16 Power switch requires less board space
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. has integrated all three functions into a monolithic device. The company's power switch offers designers a high level of protection available for hot swap in a simple, seamless solution that requires up to one-third less board space than discrete alternatives.
2008-01-17 Power supply selector switch has low dropout
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. announced today two new dual input, single output power supply selector switches with low dropout capability.
2008-07-10 Power management IC eyes mobile GPS
The AAT2603 from Advanced Analogic Technologies, a power management IC targeted at mobile GPS devices, PMPs and other handheld mobile systems operating off a single Li-ion battery.
2007-11-09 Overvoltage protection switch guards portable apps
Advanced Analogic Technologies is offering the first in a family of overvoltage protection devices for portable applications.
2007-08-17 MOSFET power switch targets PC modem cards
Advanced Analogic Technologies has rolled out the AAT4620, a p-channel current-limited MOSFET power switch for high-side load-switching applications in PC modem cards.
2007-10-15 Low-noise switching regulators fit mobile devices
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. has unveiled the first device in an extensive family of switching regulators designed for low-noise operation.
2007-04-11 Linear battery charger delivers 'extremely high' power density
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. has announced the AAT3697, touted to be an extremely high-power-density linear battery charger for Li-ion/polymer batteries.
2009-04-20 Light manager tailored for smart phones
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. (AnalogicTech) has developed the AAT2862 lighting management unit (LMU) that drives up to eight LEDs and integrates four low-dropout linear regulators.
2008-11-03 LED drivers promise simplified configurations
Advanced Analogic has released two 4-channel, charge pump-based LED drivers for bigger LCD screens in compact feature entry-level handsets and portable devices
2008-06-26 LED drivers manage lighting in handsets
Advanced Analogic Technologies has announced the AAT2860, an I?C-based lighting management unit that integrates up to seven LED drivers and three low dropout linear regulators in a single IC.
2010-10-01 LED drivers boast brightness, backlight control
Advanced Analogic Technologies delivers new high efficiency, low-power LED drivers with backlight control and dimming
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