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What is an algorithm?
An algorithm is a list of well-defined instructions for completing a task, such as computing an average value. Starting from an initial state, the instructions describe a computation that proceeds through a well-defined, though not necessarily deterministic, series of successive states, eventually terminating in a final ending state.
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2006-09-25 VGA SoC image sensor integrates advanced ISP algorithms
Fabless semiconductor company Pixelplus Co. Ltd unveiled its new customized VGA SoC image sensor designed for various mobile and non-mobile applications.
2008-09-12 Turnkey algorithms extend benefits of STM32 MCU
STMicroelectronics has extended its library of functions supporting vector control of electric motors using the 32bit STM32 MCU, with new turnkey algorithms supporting single-shunt sensorless control, control of IPM motors, and field-weakening controls for PMSM motors.
2007-04-23 Tool accelerates fixed-point MATLAB algorithms
The MathWorks has released Fixed-Point Toolbox 2, which provides enhanced floating-to-fixed-point conversion capabilities and accelerated fixed-point MATLAB algorithms that execute at compiled C-code speed.
2010-03-17 TMS320DM36x VICP algorithms and codecs integration
This application note intends to help users to design algorithms and H.264 codec to co-exist and work in parallel.
2004-10-01 TI, ObjectVideo offer video analysis algorithms
Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) and ObjectVideo Inc. have launched video content analysis algorithms to run on TI's digital media processors.
2008-01-21 Tested, effective methods for optimizing DSP algorithms
This article describes the optimization process basics and various practical 'C' level skills needed to accelerate an algorithm. Processor and complier specific options are excluded as they are typically found in the respective vendor documents.
2001-11-01 Sympathetic algorithms
This technical article discuss how engineers can be able to control motor functions by sympathetic algorithms and without any use of sensors.
2005-06-08 SVD core generator speeds work on sensor array algorithms
Aimed at sensor array processing, AccelChip's new SVD core generator should cut development time for algorithms that contain SVD matrix inversion and factorization
2002-03-16 Sound algorithms create realistic audio
This technical news article discusses how advance sound algorithm techniques can dramatically create realistic audio beyond that offered by current sound card implementations.
2008-01-16 SoC gives image recognition algorithms added boost
Developed for biometric applications, Pixelplus Co. Ltd. introduces the PM1002 SoC that integrates a 32bit RISC microprocessor and on-chip memories to enhance image recognition algorithms.
2009-04-30 Proximity sensor algorithms
Once the electrical and mechanical design considerations of a proximity sensor are determined, you must test your sensor in your product scenario.
2006-06-19 Programmable chips rev critical algorithms
DRC and XtremeData deliver programmable coprocessors that can accelerate time-critical algorithms run on AMD64 processor.
2011-05-09 Portfolio modeling offers powerful algorithms
MathWorks unveils a portfolio optimization object in its Financial Tool-box for MATLAB, enabling portfolio managers and analysts to easily explore and construct portfolios.
2006-04-27 PMC expansion card accelerates signal processing algorithms
4DSP Inc. has released the FM480, a PCI mezzanine card (PMC) based on Virtex-4 FPGA technology.
2003-07-01 Optimizing image processing algorithms for FPGAs
A high-level algorithmic programming language can be mapped into FPGAs by modifying C and creating SA-C.
2007-08-16 Optimize algorithms with customizable MCUs
Various applications require complex algorithms to be executed in real-time. Many of these algorithms follow periodically upgraded industry standards. Engineers are facing a challenge: to optimize the execution of these algorithms within tight constraints and strict limits on the cost and development time.
2003-06-02 Nallatech offers a path between high-level algorithms, FPGAs
Nallatech Inc. introduced the DIMEtalk tools - providing a pathway between high-level algorithms and reconfigurable computing platform based on the Virtex-II FPGA.
2009-04-29 MEMS accelerometers pack smart algorithms
Freescale's MMA7660FC MEMS accelerometer has three power modes, along with eight power-select options, that allow devices to draw the minimum amount of power necessary for specific applications.
2003-02-26 ISSI fields CAM chip, preps search algorithms
ISSI has unveiled a unique CAM technology that can search for multiple packet addresses simultaneously.
2007-08-16 Incorporate, assess speech algorithms
Maintaining the proper level of performance is the key to integrating speech algorithms. Speech processing mainly involves compression-decompression, recognition, conditioning and enhancement algorithms.
2001-05-08 Implementing vocoder and HF modem algorithms using the TMS320C31 DSP
This application note describes the implementation of a universal DSP module (UDM) to vocoders using the TMS320C31 DSP for a range of bit rates and to modems operating in the voice-band range.
2001-05-02 Implementing speech-recognition algorithms on the TMS320C2xx platform
This application note presents the hidden-Markov-model-based speech-recognition system using Texas Instruments' TMS320C2xx 16-bit fixed-point DSP.
2001-05-07 Implementing fast Fourier transform algorithms of real-valued sequences with the TMS320 DSP family
This application note discusses the theory and usage of two algorithms used to efficiently compute the DFT (Discrete Fourier Transform) of real-valued sequences as implemented on Texas Instruments' TMS320C6x DSP family.
2001-05-02 Implementing a line-echo canceler using the block update and NLMS algorithms on the TMS320C54x DSP
This application note describes the implementation of a line echo canceller (LEC) on Texas Instruments' TMS320C54x family of 16-bit fixed-point DSPs.
2004-12-07 Fuel gauge operates without host-side fuel-gauging algorithms
Dallas' new stand-alone fuel gauge calculates remaining capacity for Li-ion and Li-ion polymer batteries without the need for host-side fuel-gauging algorithms.
2006-06-16 FPGA-based tools rev key algorithms
DRC Computer Corp. and software partner Celoxica Ltd have developed an FPGA-based coprocessor module and software development tools that accelerate key algorithms.
2004-12-29 Embedded algorithms for co and parallel processing
Celoxica announced its new Embedded System Level Algorithmic architectural design tool.
2007-05-21 Development tool features cryptographic algorithms
Atmel's AT88SC-DK1 development kit for their CryptoMemory simplifies the application development process by providing a library which implements host cryptographic operations required for secure communication with CryptoMemory devices.
2005-10-12 Designing your embedded algorithms with high level graphical tools
Using an interactive and iterative graphical approach is necessary so that you can quickly and efficiently move from design, to simulation, to implementation.
2009-09-14 Dealing with capacitance sensor algorithms in multitouch sensing
Using ITO sensors requires thoughtful construction, fast performance and innovative algorithms, embodied in highly intelligent, capacitive touchscreen controller chips that can deliver high channel density, a high SNR and a multitouch capability.
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