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What is Ultra SCSI?
Ultra SCSI is also called "Fast-20". It is an enhancement of SCSI that results in doubling the FAST SCSI data throughput speeds to 20MBps for 8bit and 40MBps for 16bit. It reduces the maximum allowable single-ended SCSI cable length to 1.5m for five to eight addresses and 3m for four or fewer addresses. Maximum allowable differential (HVD) SCSI cable length is 25m. It is defined in the SPI document of the SCSI-3 spec.
Source: Paralan Corp.
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2003-01-24 Altera rolls out largest FPGA
Altera Corp. has announced the availability of what the company claims to be industry's largest 0.13?m FPGA available.
2004-07-30 Altera rolls out first MAX II member
Altera announced it has begun shipping the first member of its MAX II device family - the EPM1270 device.
2004-02-11 Altera rolls out faster FPGA devices
Altera Corp. has launched the newly architected, high-density Stratix II family of FPGAs.
2014-08-19 Altera rolls out 20nm design tools
The Quartus II software Arria 10 edition v14.0 software delivers the fastest compile times and enables the highest performance for 20nm FPGA and SoC designs in the industry.
2012-03-30 Altera rolls its 28nm Cyclone V FPGAs
According to the company, the products are the lowest power and lowest cost 28nm FPGAs on the market geared for the industrial, wireless, wireline, military and automotive markets.
2007-11-05 Altera rolls development kit for Arria GX FPGAs
Altera has announced the availability of its first development kit for the Arria GX FPGA family, claimed to be the only risk-free low-cost FPGAs with transceivers.
2012-10-18 Altera rolls 28nm FPGA
Arria V GZ is geared to meet the demand for more bandwidth in communications and broadcast applications.
2002-09-24 Altera renews cost fray with low-cost FPGA launch
Altera has launched the Cyclone device family, which the company claims are priced as low as $1.50 per 1,000 logic elements - half the cost of its competitor's low-cost FPGA.
2005-02-21 Altera releases new version of Stratix II PowerPlay Early Power Estimator
Altera announced v2.1 of the Stratix II PowerPlay Early Power Estimator, which has been updated to reflect an up to 47 percent reduced static power consumption of production-qualified Stratix II FPGAs.
2005-10-27 Altera releases enhanced Quartus II PLD design tool
Programmable logic supplier Altera Corp. introduced early this week an enhanced version of its Quartus II design software.
2008-12-17 Altera readies 40nm Stratix IV FPGA line
Altera has announced silicon availability of the industry's first 40nm FPGAs.
2005-04-04 Altera ramps-up shipment of low-cost FPGAs
Altera Corp. has shipped more than 10 million low-cost Cyclone FPGAs in just over two years.
2005-02-01 Altera power analyzer aims at FPGAs
Power analysis capability is added to Altera's Quartus II design software aimed at FPGAs.
2002-02-26 Altera PLDs offer three times more memory
Designed using the company's TriMatrix memory structure, the new line of Stratix PLDs from Altera offers up to 10Mb of RAM and 1,650 embedded memory blocksclaimed to be three times more than any other device.
2006-01-11 Altera PLDs in U.S. DoD's JTRS Cluster 5 design
Altera announced that its Cyclone II and MAX II devices have been chosen by General Dynamics C4 Systems for applications critical to the U.S. Department of Defense's JTRS Cluster 5 design.
2002-01-09 Altera PLD provides 1Gbps True-LVDS transfer rates
The APEX II EP2A70, the company's largest PLD, offers data transfer rates up to 1Gbps True-LVDS on 36 channels.
2013-05-08 Altera outs SDK, off-the-shelf boards for OpenCL
The SDK enables programmers to access the high-performance capabilities of programmable logic devices while the Preferred Board Partner Programme lets third-party board vendors to work closely with Altera.
2013-10-18 Altera outs low-cost dev kits based on Cyclone V FPGAs
With an entry point of just $49, the company boasts the broadest portfolio of low-cost solutions that claim to deliver optimal power and performance based on customer's unique design requirements.
2010-12-10 Altera opts for TSMC 28HP, 28LP processes
Altera is leveraging TSMC's 28HP and 28LP process technologies for its range of 28nm FPGA products.
2014-02-20 Altera optimises microwave backhaul at 5Gbit/s throughput
The microwave backhaul modem IP from Escape is optimised for use on Altera Cyclone V, Arria V, and Arria V to meet the increasing bandwidth demands of 4G networks.
2004-10-20 Altera operates new sales office in Osaka
Programmable logic device supplier Altera Corp. has opened a sales office in Osaka, Japan to strengthen its customer support throughout the western region of the country.
2002-12-10 Altera opens sales office in India
Altera Corp. has announced that they will be opening a new sales office in India to tap into the potential market for programmable logic in the region and the nearby ASEAN countries.
2007-04-04 Altera opens 30th joint lab, training center in China
Altera announced the opening of its 30th Joint Laboratory and Training Center (JLTC) at South China Normal University in China.
2002-10-10 Altera offers Stratix FPGAs in 484-pin BGA package
Altera's EP1S10 and EP1S20 Stratix FPGAs measure 17-by-17mm, comes in a 484-pin package with Quartus II support.
2012-03-30 Altera offers program to accelerate FPGA design
Through the launch of the Design Services Network, Altera is helping customers accelerate product design and development through access to certified design partners.
2003-03-31 Altera offers FPGAs in new packages
Altera Corp. has announced new packaging options for the Stratix EP1S40 and EP1S80 FPGAs, giving developers more flexibility in their designs.
2002-09-12 Altera offers development kit for reconfigurable DSPs
Alter Corp. has introduced the Stratix DSP development kit, providing engineers with a comprehensive platform for designing, prototyping, and debugging high-performance FPGA-based reconfigurable DSPs.
2002-09-09 Altera offers C-code-based DSP design flow
Altera Corp.has announced the availability of what it claims to be the FPGA industry's first C-code-based design flow for DSP systems, allowing DSP software engineers to target PLDs without having to learn HDL.
2002-08-16 Altera offers 58 IP cores for its FPGA family
Altera Corp. has announced the availability of 58 IP cores optimized for its latest Stratix FPGA family.
2005-11-04 Altera offering x8 PCI Express core for Stratix II
Altera Corp. released an x8 PCI Express MegaCore function optimized for its Stratix II GX FPGAs.
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