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2016-05-17 3.5A switching regulator targets automotive, industrial space
Offering efficiency as high as 96%, the 42V LT8610A and LT8610AB feature Burst Mode operation that keeps quiescent current under 2.5A in no-load standby conditions.
2011-01-12 18-bit serial ADC uses unipolar supply to achieve 101dB SNR
Linear Technology Corp.’s LTC2379 ADC uses the successive approximation register converter architecture to deliver 18 bits resolution at up to 1.6Msps throughput, and a technique called digital gain compression to allow excellent performance from a unipolar supply.
2015-09-25 1.2B sensors set to ship in 284M wearable devices in 2020
An analyst for Yole Developpement gave a bullish forecast for the MEMS market, saying that wearable equipment would be one of the main next opportunities for MEMS components.
2009-02-11 'Project Independence' to bring Xen-based client virtualization
Under an agreement with Intel Corp., Citrix Systems Inc. will produce a new class of virtualization solutions that optimize delivery of applications and desktops to Intel Core2 and Centrino 2 processor-based devices.
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