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2001-04-23 Using NAND tree test circuits for input parametric testing
This application note discusses how to implement a simple NAND tree test structure for input parametric testing of ASIC designs.
2001-04-23 Thermal resistance of packages
This application note is intended to provide thermal information, such as thermal resistance and power dissipation, on semiconductor packages.
2001-04-23 Power estimation
This application note addresses the area of dynamic power estimation for CMOS chips.
2001-04-23 Pad pieces
This application note discusses American Microsystems' "Pad Piece" methodology in gate array and standard cell libraries.
2001-04-23 On-chip pull-up/Pull-down resistors
This application note describes the importance of the on-chip pull-up and pull-down resistors in American Microsystems' gate array and standard cell libraries.
2001-04-23 Metastability
This application note describes metastability in flip-flops and suggests some methods to reduce the problem of metastability in these digital circuits.
2001-04-23 Memories
This application note discusses the process of selection and use of embedded memories available for designing digital ASICs at AMI. It also describes the memory compiler tool and the memory synthesizer tool.
2001-04-23 Boundary scan and internal scan
This application note provides a reference for general concepts and usage of Access tools related to boundary scan and internal scan.
2005-07-29 Leica system cuts ownership cost of semiconductor manufacturers
The new LDS3300 C from Leica Microsystems complements its LDS series by an innovative system, combining micro and macro defect detection at simultaneous use for all 300mm wafer apps
2006-04-21 Allegro, Digi-Key ink distribution agreement
Allegro MicroSystems and Digi-Key announced the signing of a distribution agreement
2004-05-25 Allegro extends distribution channel with Nu Horizons
Allegro MicroSystems Inc., a supplier of mixed-signal power semiconductors and Hall-effect sensors, and Nu Horizons Electronics Corp. have expanded their partnership agreement to cover mainland China and India
2001-04-23 Clocking at AMI
This application note provides a reference for using the Access tools and American Microsystems' generic clock buffer model to implement clocks into a design.
2003-06-24 No shortcuts in stepping up corporate ladder
Arthur Ramos Tan, CEO of Integrated Microelectronics Inc., rose from the ranks and held various technical and managerial positions in engineering, design, and sales.
2003-10-23 Indian fab to pursue smart-card, MEMS manufacturing
Finding no takers because of a small domestic market, India's only major VLSI fabrication facility is set to manufacture smart cards and MEMS devices.
2003-06-16 Early history of the DSP chip
Digital signal processing (DSP) is a technology that has become pervasive in our society, but it did not become pervasive overnight. Here's a look at how DSP developed through the years.
2014-09-09 Austria-based AMS to buy wafer fab in Asia
The analogue semiconductor manufacturer is partial to a 200mm fab that has perhaps run its course as a supplier of digital ICs now mainly produced on 300mm, according to CEO Kirk Laney.
2001-01-01 A faster way to run Reed Solomon decoders
This technology news describes the new Reed-Solomon (RS) decoder architecture that can process multiple symbols per clock cycle.
2008-12-17 Survey: Engineers brave job, economic panic
Engineers weren't supposed to be this fearful of the future but the increasing panic in once-stellar sectors is reminding even the best minds in the world of communication, electronics, IT and manufacturing that they, too, are mere mortals.
2008-12-25 Survey reveals downside of globalization on EEs
EE Times' Annual Salary & Opinion Survey found that while globalization has delivered tremendous opportunities to the electronics industry over the past two decades, it has cost many engineers in Europe, North America and other developed regions, a world of pain in terms of fewer job opportunities and lower wages.
2005-04-20 No signs of 2H recovery for ICs, equipment, says analyst
Contrary to popular belief, there are no signs of a recovery for the semiconductor and chip-equipment industries in the second half of 2005, according to an analyst with Adams Harkness Inc.
2009-03-25 Mounting layoffs fire up offshoring debate
The offshoring debate heats up with labor groups slamming companies for shipping jobs overseas at a time of spiraling U.S. high-tech unemployment.
2002-11-26 MEMS Industry Group, NEXUS partner to boost MEMS technology
The MEMS Industry Group and NEXUS have entered into a partnership to foster the development and commercialization of MEMS and MEMS-enabled devices in Europe and North America.
2013-10-22 Magnetic sensor revenue to rise by 6% this year
Driven by the automotive sector, the magnetic sensor market is predicted to reach $1.73 billion at year-end, stated IHS.
2009-01-20 iSuppli: DTV chip business declined in '08
In a year full of surprises for the business, DTV semiconductor industry revenue declined in 2008 as the overall woes of the broader economy cut consumer demand, limiting total shipments and revenues for the year.
2008-02-20 Investor coalition earmarks $10B for 'cleantech'
A coalition of more than 40 U.S. and European institutional investors, responsible for more than $1.75 trillion in assets, has announced a commitment to invest in $10 billion 'clean technology' over the next two years.
2005-02-16 Happy ending for e-waste
While not as much fun to read at poolside as some trash author,
2002-08-21 Fulcrum IC heats asynchronous design debate
A coolly tantalizing alternative to the latest approaches to blazing IC performance is expected to cut this week's sweltering heat at the Hot Chips conference.
2014-06-12 Fraunhofer fabricates ultrasonic transducers with MEMS
Offering greater sensitivity and broader frequency ranges than the established piezo-based transducers, the CMUTs' MEMS structure consists of two electrodes: one static, and the other, deflectable.
2003-02-04 Cisco forges component road map
Looking to bring cohesion to its distributed operations, engineering, and supply-chain, executives at Cisco Systems Inc. hope to hammer out a set of three-year road maps by summer for the microprocessors, memories, ASICs, and other technologies they intend to use.
2007-06-07 Another iPhone clone? Smart phones get free ride on hype
Just weeks before the iPhone's anticipated debut, a slew of smart phones stormed the market with features that could match the much-touted device that took Apple Inc. two years to develop.
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