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2007-09-04 Precision op amp eases portable designs
Texas Instruments Inc. has rolled out the what it claims to be the industry's lowest power zero-crossover operational amplifier
2008-04-14 Precision amp claims 'lowest' input bias current
National has introduced the LMP7721, a precision amplifier that's said to have the industry's lowest guaranteed input bias current (20fA) at room temperature and over the extended temperature range of -40C to 125C.
2005-03-22 PA + driver amp deliver 1W
Mimix Broadband introduced a GaAs MMIC three-stage balanced PA and complementary three-stage driver amplifier that both use 0.15?m gate length GaAs pHEMT device model technology.
2006-03-02 Op amps draw 13A per amp
Linear Technology announced that its new 1.8V dual and quad operational amplifiers are the first available in a tiny DFN package.
2007-07-05 Op amp features 10MHz unity gain bandwidth
austriamicrosystems has introduced its AS1710 op amp that operates from a single 2.7-5.5V supply and can swing to within 100mV from the rails while sinking or sourcing 50mA of output current
2005-12-30 Op amp delivers 2.9?A quiescent current
TI's new op amps feature high performance single-supply operation, very low quiescent current (2.9?A) and low noise (80nV/rtHz) relative to the quiescent current.
2009-05-20 Op amp architecture aims for zero offset voltage
Microchip Technology Inc. has released the MCP65X series of operation amplifiers (MCP651/2/5) that uses on-chip, one-shot digital calibration to correct the input offset voltage.
2008-10-08 Navy taps TriQuint GaAs amp manufacturing tech
The Office of Naval Research has awarded TriQuint Semiconductor a 21-month, $4.5 million contract to advance manufacturing methods used to produce high-power, high-frequency GaAs amplifiers
2005-09-29 National Semi boosts op amp design process
As the consumer market continues to drive advanced features into smaller form factors that require high-performance amplifiers with lower power and smaller footprints, National Semiconductor caters to such demands with the release of its new process technology for operational amplifiers
2005-09-16 Mimix's new GaAs amp with self-biased, single supply design
Mimix Broadband introduced a GaAs two-stage low noise gain block amplifier that has a self-biased, single supply design
2003-03-03 Microsemi rolls 802.11b-, 802.11g-compatible amp
Microsemi Corp. has introduced the LX5512E three-stage power amplifier, which is suitable for both IEEE 802.11b and 802.11g NICs
2008-03-03 Mic array amp enables more natural-sounding voice
National's PowerWise LMV1088 dual-input microphone array amplifier features far-field noise suppression technology that delivers more natural-sounding voice quality.
2004-06-07 Maxim limiting amp suits GPON OLT receiver apps
The new burst-mode limiting amplifier from Maxim is designed for 622Mbps or 1244Mbps GPON optical line terminal receiver apps.
2005-12-13 Maxim Class D amp targets flat-panel display apps
Maxim introduced a high-power, highly efficient, Class D amplifier optimized for flat-panel display applications, including LCD and PDP televisions and home audio equipment
2002-05-24 Maxim cable modem amp delivers 64dBmV
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX3505 cable modem upstream amplifier that delivers 64dBmV to a 75-ohm cable, using a 5V source.
2004-07-20 Maxim amp forms part of SFP module solution
The MAX3746 from Maxim is a 3.3V, low-power, multirate limiting amplifier with a programmable loss-of-signal indicator
2002-05-24 Linear Tech op amp offers accurate current output
The LT1970 operation amplifier from Linear Technology Corp. uses a 0Vdc to 5Vdc control signal to set the source and sink currents with a 2 percent accuracy.
2002-09-23 Linear Tech op amp exhibits 0.95nV/Hz noise
Linear Technology's LT6200 unity gain-stable, voltage feedback amplifier exhibits noise of 0.95nV/Hz and operates from a single 3V supply.
2003-09-30 Linear differential receiver amp suits video apps
Linear Technology Corp. has introduced the LT6552 wideband difference amplifier.
2006-09-15 LGE selects RFMD amp module for upcoming EDGE mobile devices
RF Micro Devices Inc. announced that it is currently shipping its high-power, dual-mode amplifier module for EDGE - the RF3158 - to LG Electronics
2004-09-27 Intersil op amp offers better fidelity
Intersil's new high-speed dual op amp is designed for use with VDSL and ADSL line driving in DMT-based solutions aimed at video-on-demand service apps
2008-07-30 Intersil acquires digital audio amp specialist
Intersil Corp. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire D2Audio Corp., a privately-held provider in the design of digital audio power amplifiers for consumer, commercial, automotive and professional audio applications
2010-04-16 Instrumentation amp comes with on-chip diagnostics
National Semiconductor Corp. has launched the LMP8358 zero-drift, programmable instrumentation amplifier with on-chip diagnostics.
2006-12-08 Hybrid sensor/amp eases portable device designs
Honeywell has developed a new magnetic hybrid sensor/amplifier that is expected to simplify the design and improve the performance of portable devices.
2009-05-26 High-voltage amp fits piezoelectrics, MEMS apps
Trek Inc. is offer the PZD350A high voltage power amplifier, which offers wide bandwidth and additional features important in piezoelectrics, electro-optics, MEMS and other applications
2000-06-12 High Efficiency Low Voltage Programmable Gain Amp
This technical note examines the RF2155, an HBT programmable gain power amplifier that is well suited for use in 900MHz application, operates up to 1GHz, and delivers 0.5W at 3.6V with an efficiency of 60 percent
2004-02-16 Gyeonggi line amp offers high thermal conductivity
Gyeonggi Small & Medium Business Center has unveiled a CCTV line amplifier with high thermal conductivity and low dc power consumption
2006-08-23 GaN transistor amp delivers 400W for 3G base stations
NEC Corp. has announced the development of a compact GaN power transistor amplifier, said to have the world's highest output power level of 400W while featuring low-distortion characteristics, targeted at 3G base stations
2007-11-26 GaAs FET amp targets European WiMAX transceiver stations
Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has developed an internally impedance matched high output power GaAs FET for 3.6GHz band WiMAX base transceiver stations in Europe
2006-08-03 Freescale Class D amp enables HiFi audio
Freescale has unveiled the new Symphony Class D amplifier the promises a high-fidelity system solution.
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