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2008-07-17 Instrumentation amp touts lowest power, improved accuracy
Texas Instruments Inc. has launched what it claims to be the lowest power zero-drift instrumentation amplifier
2009-04-29 Instrumentation amp is smaller than pencil's tip
Analog Devices Inc. has introduced what it claims to be the smallest and lowest power instrumentation amplifier (in-amp).
2014-08-15 Inductor for TAS2552 boosted Class-D amp
TAS2552 boosted class-D amplifier has a DC/DC converter that requires a properly sized inductor for optimal performance. This application report explains how to choose an inductor for the TAS2552.
2008-07-01 Implement H-bridges to power automotive SoCs
Automotive motor-drivers require circuits that do more than just switch the motor on and off. This article describes design implementation of H-bridges in "smart power" technology for an automotive application: a stepper motor actuator for positioning headlamps
2002-01-21 IBM rolls out SiGe RF power amplifiers
The 800MHz 2022 TDMA IS-54, 2018 CDMA IS-95, and 1900MHz 2017 PCS/CDMA IS-95 power amplifiers are expected to reduce the cost of assembly and board sizes of mobile devices
2015-10-19 How to minimise power use in supercapacitor stacks
In this article, we explain how MOSFET-based current balancing can reduce power consumption in supercapacitor stacks
2007-12-18 How to build efficient power supplies
A solution to one aspect of PoE is discussed utilizing the ON Semiconductor NCP1031 series of monolithic, high-voltage switching regulators with internal MOSFET.
2014-09-08 High-speed design: Signal and power integrity
Here are some insights on the challenges, particularly in terms of simulation, posed by signal integrity and power integrity which are two critical topics in high-speed design
2008-05-29 High-power CATV amp allows deep fiber migration
Anadigics Inc. today launched the ACA2420 power doubler line amplifier, a high output power device designed to ensure optimal video and data delivery in deep fiber HFC architectures and other cable TV deployments that minimize the use of cascaded system amplifiers
2005-04-20 High-power amp IC boosts signals for military, communications apps
Mimix Broadband introduced a GaAs MMIC two-stage, single ended, X-band high power amplifier, which integrates an on-chip gate bias circuit to simplify biasing
2010-09-28 High-bandwidth op amp calibrates Vos on power-up
Maxim introduced the MAX9622, a precision operational amplifier with high gain bandwidth.
2009-04-09 High power amp uses dual-sided bias architecture
Mimix Broadband Inc. has developed a GaAs MMIC high power amplifier with +41dBm pulsed saturated output power and 17dB small signal gain
2007-08-08 Hi-Fi headphone amp consumes very low power
Rohm's BU7839GVW digital input Hi-Fi class-D headphone amplifier LSI for portable audio devices is said to feature the lowest power consumption in the industry
2012-07-27 HBT power amp targets wireless infrastructure apps
RFMD's RFPA2089 is a single-stage InGaP HBT power amplifier that offers high-gain linear operation at a comparably low DC power geared for next generation radios requiring high efficiency
2006-11-22 GaAs Bluetooth power amp extends battery life
TriQuint has introduced a GaAs Bluetooth power amplifier that enables designers to offer 50 percent power added efficiency (PAE) for longer mobile device battery life
2008-02-07 Fujitsu debuts 77GHz CMOS-based power amp
Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a 77GHz millimeter-waveband power amp using standard 90nm CMOS process technology.
2011-06-24 Freescale's AMP addresses explosive IP traffic growth
Running on a multithreaded 64bit Power Architecture e6500 core, the AMP series integrates an array of acceleration engines and power management systems to improve performance and power efficiency.
2015-07-22 Freescale expands broadband RF power amplifier line-up
The Airfast AFIC901N LDMOS RF integrated device and the AFT05MS003N LDMOS transistor can be operated at 3.6V or 7.5V and are geared for industrial radios.
2005-10-17 Filterless amp saves PCB space, power
The choice of power amplifier can impact power consumption in today's mobile devices
2004-09-01 Fairchild RF power amp eyes CDMA2000-1X apps
Fairchild released an RF power amp optimized for CDMA2000-1X applications in the 824MHz to 849MHz frequency band for today's handset requirements.
2002-11-22 Fairchild power amp extends battery life
The FAN7031 CMOS stereo PA from Fairchild Semiconductor consumes 4?A of current in shutdown mode over a power supply range of 2.7V to 5.5V
2002-05-02 Fairchild CMOS power amp produces 1W
Designed for mobile phones, DECT phones, PDAs, and other portable applications, the FAN7021 CMOS power amplifier from Fairchild Semiconductor produces up to 1W of low-distortion continuous output power with supply voltages from 2V to 5.5V
2002-12-18 Fairchild amp delivers 1W of continuous speaker power
The FAN2703 CMOS power amplifier delivers 1W of continuous rms power into an 8-ohm speaker at 5V
2008-07-01 Energy saving op amp targets home electronics
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd has developed the NJM2718, single-supply high-operating voltage dual operational amplifier suitable for home-electronics applications.
2005-08-08 Electric power steering: one good turn deserves another
Current power steering systems are heavy and sap horsepower. All-electrical alternatives are lighter and more adaptable, as this expert demonstrates
2008-02-14 Edge power amp eyes 3G handsets, equipment
Anadigics has released the AWT6155 quad-band polar Edge power amplifier module for 3G wireless handsets and equipment
2009-09-04 Edge power amp delivers 3G performance
Anadigics' quad-band polar Edge power amplifier meets the needs for GMSK and Edge modes in mobile devices
2010-02-17 Dual-band power amp integrates directional couplers
Anadigics' AWC6323 dual-band CDMA power amplifier integrates high-performance directional couplers
2007-09-25 Dual op amp extends battery life in portable apps
ADI's AD8506 is a low-power CMOS dual op amp with rail-to-rail inputs and output and is designed for battery-powered portable applications.
2006-10-03 Dual audio op amp practically 'eliminates' distortion
National Semiconductor has announced a dual, high-fidelity audio op amp claimed to practically eliminate distortion, with a THD+N of 0.00003 percent
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