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What is a differential amplifier?
An amplifier whose output signal is proportional to the algebraic difference between two input signals; The input stage of operational amplifiers and emitter coupled logic gates.
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2008-10-10 Class-D amp cuts cost in high-power stereos
NXP Semiconductors has released the TDA8950 highly integrated stereo class-D amplifier suitable for single layer PCB use, delivering bigger, better sound on slim-line audio systems.
2007-04-19 Class G speaker amp loads more output power
Maxim's MAX9730 speaker amplifier features Class G architecture and integrated charge-pump power supply that enable this device to deliver two times more output power than conventional Class AB or Class D speaker amplifiers provide from a Li-ion battery.
2010-03-30 Class G headphone amp extends listening time
STMicroelectronics is rolling out a stereo headphone amplifier IC that achieves high efficiency enabling listeners to enjoy high-quality sound for longer between battery charges.
2007-02-01 Class G amp drives thin piezoelectric speakers
Maxim has introduced the MAX9788, said to be the industry's first mono, Class G amplifier specifically designed to drive the high capacitive load of piezoelectric loudspeakers.
2007-11-08 Class D speaker amp has dual-mode volume control
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX9768 highly efficient, 10W, mono, single-supply, Class D speaker amplifier with versatile, analog/digital volume control.
2007-12-06 Class D audio amp market to hit $688M by 2011
Market research firm Gartner Inc. forecasts that revenues for Class D audio amplifiers will increase from $334 million in 2006 to $688 million in 2011 and display a 15.6 percent CAGR.
2012-04-19 Class D audio amp for MP3 docking station
Know how to incorporate the MAX98400 Class D audio amplifier in a stereo audio docking station application.
2009-05-04 Class D audio amp delivers low quiescent, standby current
AnalogicTech has launched the AAT5101, its first Class D audio amplifier that delivers power savings by combining low voltage operation with low quiescent current and standby current for portable electronic systems.
2009-10-05 Class D audio amp boasts 1W constant power
The constant-power filterless Class D audio amplifier delivers
2009-09-11 Class D amp saves board space, cost
STMicroelectronics' 50W+50W stereo Class D amplifier IC delivers audiophile sound quality.
2010-04-08 Class D amp improves sound quality in portable apps
Analog Devices Inc. is rolling out a pair of Class D audio amplifiers for smart phones, GPS units and other handheld electronics where premium sound quality offers a major competitive advantage.
2006-10-17 Class D amp delivers 15W per channel for LCD TVs
Microsemi's LX1725 class D amplifier delivers 15W per channel, or a single channel output of 30W, for LCD TVs and home theaters.
2008-11-13 Class AB audio amp delivers fast response
ON Semiconductor has launched the NCP2991 Class AB audio amplifier dedicated to providing superior audio performance without sacrificing power efficiency for portable and wireless applications.
2007-08-10 CIP develops reflective optical amp for WDM-PONs
CIP announced it is developing a reflective semiconductor optical amplifier (RSOA) designed to help implement advanced passive optical networks based on wavelength division multiplexing.
2013-05-08 Choosing the right audio amp topology
Here's an examination of the most important characteristics of each class of audio amplifier available today.
2001-04-30 Choosing an ADC and op-amp for minimum offset
This application note discusses problems that arise in using operational amplifiers for signal conditioning, and in interfacing a 10-bit A/D converter to a DSP.
2008-12-05 Chip fuses analog switch, Class D amp in single casing
By consolidating an analog switch achieving -80dB isolation and a 1.6W class D amplifier in a single package, the TS4961T simplifies board design and saves space in cellphones and personal media players.
2010-12-03 China still fueling demand for RF power amp, device markets
Report indicates that RF power amplifier and device sales still reliant on China, TD-SCDMA and GSM/GPRS/EDGE
2012-10-17 Characterizing LMH6881 differential amp
Read about this evaluation board designed to aid in the characterization of LMH6881 differential amplifier.
2002-04-16 Celeritek VSAT power amp provides 34.5dB gain
Designed for transmit subsystem functions in the Ku-band of VSAT applications, the CMM1430-KU 1W power amplifier offers a 34.5dB linear gain and 32dBm of saturated output power.
2007-09-20 CDMA power amp powers LG Chocolate phone
Anadigics Inc. announced it is shipping production volumes of its new AWT6321R dual-band CDMA power amplifier module to LG Electronics for the new Chocolate handset.
2001-06-19 CATV reverse amp with step attenuator
This application note explains the thermal and RF layout considerations for ANADIGICS' ARA05050 CATV reverse power amplifier.
2003-04-01 C&D surface mount inductors handle 2.1A
The 2300 series of miniature bobbin wound, surface-mount inductors from C&D Technologies offers nominal inductance values up to 100?H.
2003-04-10 C&D power supplies offer IPMI module
C&D Technologies (NCL) Ltd has made available a family of CompactPCI power supplies that feature an optional I?C IPMI module.
1999-10-06 Build High-GBW Op-Amp From A Dual Video Amplifier
You can build a composite amplifier featuring high gain, wide bandwidth and good DC accuracy, by cascading the stages of a dual video amplifier and adding two phase-compensating components.
2003-09-15 Buffer op amp to ADC circuit collection
This document describes various techniques that interface buffer op amps to ADCs.
2012-08-22 Buffer amp drives 50? load for 14bit, 16bit ADCs
The LTC6417 from Linear Tech operates from a single 5V supply and is fully specified for 0C to 70C and -40C to 105C (case temperature) operation ranges.
2005-04-06 Buffer amp adjusts for low noise or high power
Mimix introduces a GaAs MMIC three-stage buffer amplifier with ultra wide bandwidth and high dynamic range.
2007-09-28 Broadcom 802.11n chip integrates power amp
Broadcom has started sampling a single chip 802.11n compliant device that is being made in a 65nm CMOS process and integrates the power amplifier on chip.
2007-10-11 Broadband MMIC amp suits high-linearity apps
Filtronic Compound Semiconductors has announced the release of a new high-linearity broadband MMIC amplifierthe FMA3025SOT89E.
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