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What is a differential amplifier?
An amplifier whose output signal is proportional to the algebraic difference between two input signals; The input stage of operational amplifiers and emitter coupled logic gates.
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2005-08-15 Build a differential circuit for OC-18 clock- and data-recovery
The key is understanding the tradeoffs associated with the potential modulation schemes.
2011-07-28 Buck regulators,?LDOs occupy 69mm2 board area
Analog Devices has unveiled its ADP5024 and ADP5034 regulators/LDOs that features 3MHz and 1.2A step down regulators.
2006-07-06 Buck regulator offers four output-voltage options
Semtech's SC194A 1A DC/DC buck regulator provides a digitally programmable 1-1.8V output for portable apps.
2006-11-16 BroadLight rolls out GPON PHY
BroadLight Inc. has upgraded the physical layer IC in its Gigabit passive optical network (GPON) solution, in the last step prior to creating a single-chip optical line-termination system.
2014-04-17 Broadband amplifiers feature gain range of 32dB to 48dB
The ten 1W and 2W broadband amplifiers from Pasternack utilise a hybrid microwave integrated circuit design and advanced GaAs pHEMT technology. They incorporate several voltage protection features for added reliability.
2011-12-14 Boost lighting efficiency with voltage-mode CRM PFC
Learn about the features of new voltage-mode controllers specifically designed for lighting applications.
2011-10-14 Boost common-mode rejection with right-leg drive amplifier
Read about the implementation of the right-leg drive loop technique to improve CMR using the ADS129x ADCs.
2014-03-14 Boost accuracy with cell-monitoring system
Cell-measurement architectures may be utilised for cell balancing and battery-measurement applications.
2007-10-11 Body fat meter sells for a slim price
Omron's HBF-306 personal body fat meter functions on a surprisingly simple premise with correspondingly Spartanand mostly analogelectronics used for implementation.
2004-11-17 Big Bear crafts Kodiak 40Gbps transponder
Big Bear integrated proprietary silicon for multiplexing, demultiplexing, clock recovery, limiting amps and transimpedance amps into a production-volume 40Gbps transponder.
2007-08-20 Biasing and decoupling op amps in single supply applications
This paper by ADI's Charle Kitchin discusses biasing and decoupling of op amps in single-supply applications.
2013-11-21 BGU8009 matching options for jammer immunity
Here's an alternative input matching option for the BGU8009 GNSS LNA.
2013-11-15 BGA3018: 40-1006MHz push-pull application
Here are the schematic and layout requirements for using the BGA301x family as a wideband push-pull amplifier between 40MHz and 1006MHz.
2011-03-30 Benefits of digital control of analog signal chain
Learn how digital control can enhance an analog subsystem's performance.
2014-10-13 Below sea level: Start-up wants to bring Internet to ocean's depths
Communication under the sea requires a high level of flexibility over physical layer signalling, sensing as well as granular control over timing. But adopting land-based technologies is not possible because electromagnetic waves are rapidly absorbed in water.
2014-07-14 Bell Labs channels 10Gbit/s over copper wires
The speed has been achieved with a broadband-over-copper technology that uses an increased frequency range of up to 500MHz for high-speed data transmission over short distances, targeted to deliver fibre speeds to homes without the trouble of deploying the costly, unsightly fibre optic cabling infrastructure.
2015-02-13 BeBop weaves sensors into fabrics
Rather than measure speed or heartbeat, BeBop's layered sensors can measure bend, location, motion, rotation, angle and torque with applications from athletic clothing to smart insoles.
2014-05-28 Beamforming antenna cancels interferer signals
The system works with four different receivers to take in the desired signal with the same delay, as well as the interferer signal, but with different delaysmaximising the amplitude of the desired signal, while annulling the interference.
2014-09-16 Battery not needed in ant-sized radios for IoT
Miniscule radios-on-a-chip are designed to compute, execute and relay commands using all the power it needs from the same electromagnetic waves that carry signals to its antenna.
2008-12-03 Basic and advanced oscilloscope triggering
This article starts by discussing the typical architecture of a trigger circuit within an oscilloscope. Basic trigger modes will be presented and finally, some of the advanced triggering capabilities available on the market will be discussed.
2012-07-06 Automotive ultrasonic ranging: Gain increase may not boost detection distance
Depending on the noise sources, increasing the amplifier gain may not always lead to better ability to detect objects farther away.
2007-11-23 Automotive FET pre-driver touts industry's widest voltage range
Freescale Semiconductor has introduced a versatile FET pre-driver designed for three-phase motor control in a wide range of automotive and industrial control apps.
2009-09-04 Automating the analog design flow
Complete automation of the analog IC design flow is a concept that has been debated for decades. The EDA community has focused on automating elements of the design process. But why does 100 percent automation evade us stilland, indeed, should it even be the focus?
2013-02-22 Audio synthesis, noise suppression in vehicles
Audio synthesis and noise suppression solutions can contribute in compensating for the absence of engine noise and keeping sound levels down in the vehicle interior.
2012-01-19 Audio processor incorporates MEMS microphones
ST's Smart Voice device integrates an acoustic processing core with a tunable 10-band equalizer, a peak limiter, and gain and volume controls for mobile devices.
2014-06-27 Audio processor boosts clarity, protects speaker systems
ST's MCU boasts the best combination of technologies including HDR sound acquisition and full flexible modulation scheme, optimising acoustic performance appropriate to a given set of system.
2005-01-18 Audio CODECs enable great sound in portable multimedia products
Wolfson Microelectronics has announced a line of audio CODEC chips to address the increasing need for great sounding handheld multimedia.
2004-01-16 Audio chip aims at loaded cellphones
Wolfson Microelectronics introduced a low-power audio chip that integrates many of the audio-related components a cellular multimedia system would need.
2009-08-31 Audio amps cut out inductor-based filters
The new Texas Instruments Class-D audio amplifier boasts EMI suppression that cuts BOM by 50 percent.
2009-10-08 Audio amps are 20x more efficient than Class D
The AS1001 architecture uses patented techniques to minimize fixed and output-dependant variable power losses.
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