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What is a differential amplifier?
An amplifier whose output signal is proportional to the algebraic difference between two input signals; The input stage of operational amplifiers and emitter coupled logic gates.
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2001-06-11 Op-amp gain and offset trim using XICOR digitally controlled potentiometers
This application note discusses how to use Xicor's digitally controlled potentiometers for amplifier gain and offset reduction.
2006-03-02 Op amps draw 13A per amp
Linear Technology announced that its new 1.8V dual and quad operational amplifiers are the first available in a tiny DFN package.
2007-04-20 Op amp/comparators feature low power draw
Rohm's new CMOS op-amp/comparators allow operation from 1.8V, ensuring compatibility with the latest low-voltage CPU and DSP power supplies.
2004-08-30 Op amp with unity-gain stability zips at 1GHz
ADI revealed an op amp that combines easy-to-use voltage-feedback architecture, unity-gain stability, and pin-out optimized for high-performance systems.
2005-04-08 Op amp with Full swing output
The new single supply, quad operational amplifier from New Japan Radio comes with Full swing output
2011-09-14 Op amp touts less than 250?V offset voltage
Linear Tech's high-speed amplifier drives 16-, 18bit SAR ADCs to 0V on a single 5V supply.
2013-02-01 Op amp touts 3pA bias current, 1.6mV offset voltage
Geared for high gain applications, Linear Tech's LTC6090 claims to deliver the precision required for high performance ATE, piezo driver, and DAC buffer applications.
2006-08-24 Op amp targets acceleration, vibration, optical sensors
New Japan Radio has unveiled a low-noise, single CMOS operational amplifier engineered for signal processing of acceleration sensors, vibration sensors and optical sensors.
2005-05-02 Op amp tailored for TFT LCDs
A high-performance step-up regulator with two high-current operational amplifiers for active-matrix, thin-film transistor (TFT) LCDs in notebook and automotive applications was unveiled by Maxim Integrated Products
2006-03-30 Op amp reduces power consumption by 30%
Analog Devices introduced an operational amplifier (op amp) that aims to meet the power, voltage, accuracy and price requirements of portable battery-powered applications.
2005-04-07 Op amp provides high output current
New Japan Radio rolled out a CMOS Quad operational amplifier that permits a full-swing input and output in full-swing under high load
2006-07-26 Op amp promises glitch-free performance
Texas Instruments' OPA365 utilizes a zero-crossover input architecture to achieve glitchless rail-to-rail performance for precision data conversion applications.
2008-09-02 Op amp precision design: Random noise
This application note covers the essential background information and design theory needed to design low noise, precision op amp circuits.
2009-04-16 Op amp precision design: PCB layout techniques
This application note covers PCB effects encountered in high (DC) precision op amp circuits. It provides techniques for improving the performance, giving more flexibility in solving a given design problem.
2008-03-26 Op amp precision design: DC errors
This application note covers the essential background information and design theory needed to design a precision DC circuit using op amps.
2005-11-29 Op amp merges unity-gain stability, wide SFDR, low noise
2006-01-10 Op amp integrates cooling devices
Power Amp Design's operational amplifier boasts rail-to-rail operation at both the inputs and the outputcombined with a power supply voltage range from 8V to 50V (100V total supply voltage) and an output range up to 15A.
2006-04-25 Op amp improves performance of data acq systems
STMicroelectronics announced availability of a new, wide bandwidth operational amplifier intended for high-end industrial, medical and instrumentation applications.
2011-12-19 Op amp ICs operate at 200mV below zero
ST's TSV85x and LMV82x boast the industry's lowest input offset voltage values, cutting production-trimming costs.
2009-08-14 Op amp guarantees operation down to 1.6V
National Semiconductor's PowerWise LPV521 extends battery life in portable equipment, low power apps.
2007-07-05 Op amp features 10MHz unity gain bandwidth
austriamicrosystems has introduced its AS1710 op amp that operates from a single 2.7-5.5V supply and can swing to within 100mV from the rails while sinking or sourcing 50mA of output current.
2011-02-03 Op amp family improves sensor measurement
TI's OPAx320 family supports high-impedance sensor signal conditioning with 0.9pA input bias current, zero crossover distortion, 150?V offset voltage, and common mode rejection rate of 114dB.
2005-12-30 Op amp delivers 2.9?A quiescent current
TI's new op amps feature high performance single-supply operation, very low quiescent current (2.9?A) and low noise (80nV/rtHz) relative to the quiescent current.
2010-05-19 Op amp combines high speed, low DC errors
From National Semiconductor comes a high-speed op amp claimed to deliver the lowest noise (0.69nV/sqrt Hz) with -3dB bandwidth of 900MHz at a gain of 10.
2003-09-19 Op Amp circuit collection
This application note shows various operational amplifier circuit configurations for use in signal generation and signal processing
2003-05-26 Op Amp Booster Designs
This application note discussed the design for integrated operational amplifiers, which ease linear circuit design.
2009-05-20 Op amp architecture aims for zero offset voltage
Microchip Technology Inc. has released the MCP65X series of operation amplifiers (MCP651/2/5) that uses on-chip, one-shot digital calibration to correct the input offset voltage.
2005-04-11 NJR rolls new op amp
New Japan Radio unveiled a new single supply quad operational amplifier with full swing input and output
2004-09-08 NJR RF amp suits VHF/UHF transceivers
New Japan Radio has unveiled a low current, low voltage RF amplifier especially designed for VHF/UHF transceivers.
2004-08-19 NJR op amp features high output current
The new op amp from NJR permits a full-swing input and output in full-swing under high load. The device also has a shutdown input terminal.
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