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What is a differential amplifier?
An amplifier whose output signal is proportional to the algebraic difference between two input signals; The input stage of operational amplifiers and emitter coupled logic gates.
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2004-08-13 NJR op amp comes with full-swing output
The NJM2746 from New Japan Radio is a dual low-supply voltage operational amplifier with full-swing output.
2003-06-05 NJR dual op-amp has full-swing I/O
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd has released NJM2732 single supply dual operational amplifier that has full-swing I/O capability.
2005-10-18 New op amp from TI operates from either single or dual supplies
Texas Instruments introduced a high-current, low-cost power operational amplifier (op amp) designed for driving a wide variety of loads while operating on low-voltage supplies
2008-10-08 Navy taps TriQuint GaAs amp manufacturing tech
The Office of Naval Research has awarded TriQuint Semiconductor a 21-month, $4.5 million contract to advance manufacturing methods used to produce high-power, high-frequency GaAs amplifiers.
2005-09-29 National Semi boosts op amp design process
As the consumer market continues to drive advanced features into smaller form factors that require high-performance amplifiers with lower power and smaller footprints, National Semiconductor caters to such demands with the release of its new process technology for operational amplifiers
2004-10-13 National op amp offers power select pin
The LMV422 from National features a unique power-saving mode that allows customers to reduce power consumption while maintaining an active circuit.
2007-02-08 National intros new Boomer class D audio amp
National Semiconductor has introduced the first product in its new line of Boomer class D audio amplifiers with integrated converter technology that eliminates the need for an external boost converter.
2007-07-04 Multirate limiting post amp fits SFP transceivers
Micrel has begun volume production of the low-power SY88973BL limiting post amplifier designed for use in fiber optic receivers.
2001-04-11 Monolithic op ampThe Universal Linear Component
This application note presents some examples (based on the LM101 op amp and the LM102 voltage follower) that demonstrate the range of usefulness of operational amplifiers in linear circuit design. It also discusses a few practical hints on preventing oscillations in op amps.
2008-07-23 Mobile WiMAX gets high stability from power amp
SiGe Semiconductor has introduced a 2.5GHz power amplifier targeted at the mobile WiMAX market.
2011-11-22 MMIC power amp delivers >22dBm up to 30GHz
GigOptix wideband distributed power amplifier boasts frequency coverage that extends up to 90GHz.
2005-09-16 Mimix's new GaAs amp with self-biased, single supply design
Mimix Broadband introduced a GaAs two-stage low noise gain block amplifier that has a self-biased, single supply design
2006-08-08 Mimix unrolls GaAs MMIC balanced PA, driver amp
Mimix Broadband has introduced a GaAs MMIC three-stage balanced power amplifier and complementary three-stage driver amplifier.
2003-03-03 Microsemi rolls 802.11b-, 802.11g-compatible amp
Microsemi Corp. has introduced the LX5512E three-stage power amplifier, which is suitable for both IEEE 802.11b and 802.11g NICs.
2007-05-07 Microphone amp features integrated AGC
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX9814 microphone amplifier with integrated AGC and low-noise microphone bias.
2008-03-03 Mic array amp enables more natural-sounding voice
National's PowerWise LMV1088 dual-input microphone array amplifier features far-field noise suppression technology that delivers more natural-sounding voice quality.
2007-01-01 Meet amp requirements for high-speed apps
Modern system designers face many design challenges--from interfacing with data converters to maintaining signal fidelity as their systems interface with the analog world. It comes as no surprise then that they turn to op amps to help solve these challenges.
2009-10-16 Measurement amp tailored for gauge sensors
From Burster comes the 9236 series of measurement amplifiers that offer multichannel capability to process the standard output signal from strain gauge sensors.
2004-06-07 Maxim limiting amp suits GPON OLT receiver apps
The new burst-mode limiting amplifier from Maxim is designed for 622Mbps or 1244Mbps GPON optical line terminal receiver apps.
2005-12-13 Maxim Class D amp targets flat-panel display apps
Maxim introduced a high-power, highly efficient, Class D amplifier optimized for flat-panel display applications, including LCD and PDP televisions and home audio equipment.
2002-05-24 Maxim cable modem amp delivers 64dBmV
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX3505 cable modem upstream amplifier that delivers 64dBmV to a 75-ohm cable, using a 5V source.
2004-07-20 Maxim amp forms part of SFP module solution
The MAX3746 from Maxim is a 3.3V, low-power, multirate limiting amplifier with a programmable loss-of-signal indicator.
2002-10-21 Maxim 802.11a SiGe PAs eliminate extra op amp
The MAX2840 and MAX2841 SiGe PAs feature an on-chip power detector that allows for the implementation of an automatic level control function, eliminating the use of an extra op amp required on GaAs HBT PA solutions.
2006-09-21 Low-power post amp features sensitive LOS detection
Micrel said its new 3.2Gbps CML limiting post amplifier is suited for applications requiring a very sensitive LOS detection.
2000-05-06 Low-power op amp reduces cable costs
This application note describes a technique to buffer the extremely high source impedance of a pH probe.
2010-03-23 Low-power current sensing IC amp eases design
STMicroelectronics' TSC102, a low-power current sensing IC offers features aimed at providing design flexibility and increasing sensing accuracy.
2007-10-25 Low-offset op amp family suits portable apps
National Semiconductor has unveiled five new precision operational amplifiers designed for portable test and measurement, industrial and medical systems that require signal-conditioning.
2005-04-20 Low-noise precision amp targets low-voltage apps
Analog Devices is kicking off a new family of precision amps that are optimized for the low-noise requirements of instrumentation, audio, communications and medical apps operating at 5V and less
2006-11-07 Low distortion op amp drives 12-, 16bit ADCs
Texas Instruments' new fully-differential operational amplifier is suited to driving 12bit and 16bit ADCs for 3.3-5V data acquisition systems and wireless communications, test and measurement, and medical imaging.
2005-05-27 Log amp spans 1MHz to 10GHz
Analog Devices released what it claims as the industry's first RF logarithmic detector/controller that accurately measures the power of radio signals from 1MHz to 10GHz.
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