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2002-07-17 Xtera, University of Michigan receives patent for Raman amplification
Xtera Communications Inc. and the University of Michigan have been granted U.S. patent no. 6,239,902 on Xtera's development of long-haul transport systems employing Lumped or Distributed Raman amplification on most types of NZ-DSF fibers.
2012-05-25 SSC touts high accuracy amplification, precision ADC
ZMD AG's ZSSC3026 16-bit sensor signal conditioner IC calibrates resistive sensor modules in battery-driven low-power medical and industrial applications.
2005-06-20 Scintera offers an alternative to DCF, amplification equipment
Scintera announced an alternative to dispersion compensation fiber and amplification equipment for service providers.
2006-11-29 Power amp loads 20mW for weak signal amplification
New Japan Radio has announced the NJM2278, a 20mW power amplifier designed for use in the transmitters of specific extremely low-power radio equipment using weak signals in the 300/400MHz bandwidth.
2006-01-30 Output transistors designed for audio amplification
ON Semiconductor introduced a new family of ThermalTrak output transistors designed for use in consumer audio applications and high-power professional sound systems.
1999-06-29 High-efficiency audio amplification using class-D audio power amplifiers
The paper deals with audio amplifiers based on a Class-D topology, its advantages with portable audio applications and the potential problems these amplifiers incur when designing without linear audio amplifiers in PDAs, multimedia notebooks, and other portable battery operated equipment.
2007-03-27 GaN HEMTs boost WiMAX power amplification
Cree is shipping sample quantities of three GaN HEMTs that are capable of boosting WiMAX power amplification efficiency by up to 50 percent.
2010-07-05 GaAs MMICs enable signal pre-amplification
Freescale Semiconductor's ultralow-noise GaAs chips promise enable pre-amplification of radio signals without also magnifying noise.
2006-08-11 Digital audio amplification: a new approach
Now that virtually all audio source data is digital, we are compelled to re-examine the basic principals behind conventional amplification to see if it is adequate for today's digital source material.
2004-11-16 Audio power amplification goes beyond Class D
Switching amplifiers with wideband performance and low distortion require innovations beyond basic Class D circuit topology.
2007-11-26 Ultrasmall sensor interface is versatile DAQ device
An ultrasmall sensor interface launched by Semtech is one of the most versatile data acquisition devices available, according to the company.
2002-01-10 Tripath digital audio amplifier delivers 170W in monaural mode
The TK2050 digital audio amplifier chipset consists of a Class-T digital power processor and a new power stage developed in cooperation with STMicroelectronics.
2005-10-12 SigmaTel acquires DDX digital amplifier technology
SigmaTel Inc., a mixed-signal multimedia semiconductor company, has acquired the Direct Digital Amplification (DDX) technology, design team and intellectual property from Apogee Technology Inc. for an undisclosed amount. DDX is a class-D digital amplifier technology that converts digital audio directly into power without the need for a DAC. The technology boasts of an all digital solution with a high efficiency level for small form factor designs and low power dissipation than average analog solutions
2013-03-08 Laird's PowerCycler features ultrafast thermal cycling
The Laird PowerCycler is capable of producing upto a 25C per second temperature ramp in a 50?L sample, which is five times faster than standard cyclers.
2009-06-03 Demonstration board user guidelines for the TSC101 high-side current sense amplifier
This application note describes the DEMO_TSC101, a demonstration board specifically designed for the TSC101 IC.
2008-10-22 Audio power amp targets automotive warning systems
From National Semiconductor Corp. comes a power amplifier touted to be the first monolithic amplifier for automotive warning and alert tone amplification.
2002-03-27 Apogee, ST codevelop semiconductor products
Digital audio amplification developer Apogee Technology Inc. has formed a joint development agreement with STMicroelectronics.
2005-01-28 ADI claims audiophile sound for its Class-D amplifier entry
ADI is targeting a "sweet spot" in the Class D market, the 5- to 40 watts-per-channel amplifiers used by bookshelf stereo systems, integrated DVD players and wide-screen flat panel TVs.
2009-03-26 100Gbit/s regenerator fabricated for optical nets
CIP Technologies has released a new 100Gbit/s version of its all-optical re-amplification and reshaping regenerator for optical networking applications.
2004-05-13 WLAN transceiver MMIC-AN19
This app note presents the P35-4710-1 MMIC, a single WLAN chip transceiver, with amplification, routing, oscillator and mixing functions.
2005-12-22 WLAN gets a boost with a dual PA
SST Communications' new MIMO WLAN system PA provides two amplification channels in the 2.4GHz band for 802.11b/g devices that feature an architecture with two transmitters and two receivers (2x2).
2000-06-14 Transmit and Receive AGC Amplifiers for CDMA Cellular/PCS Phones
This technical note examines RF Micro Devices' RF2607 CDMA/FM receive AGC amplifier and the RF2609 CDMA/FM transmit AGC amplifier, which both provide linear amplification and attenuation to the RF section of a CDMA phone.
2009-06-10 STA328 Evaluation board
The STA328 is a single chip solution for digital audio processing and control in stereo applications. It provides high-quality, high-efficiency, all digital amplification.
2009-06-18 Slew rate verification for wideband amplifiers
Slew rate defines an amplifier's maximum rate of output excursion. This specification sets limits on undistorted bandwidth, an important capability in A/D driver applications. Slew rate also influences achievable performance in D/A output stages, filters, video amplification and data acquisition.
2012-01-25 Signal IC boasts 0.10% FSO accuracy
The ZSSC3016 combines high accuracy amplification, 16bit precision analog-to-digital conversion, and an 18bit DSP for linearization and calibration functions.
2002-05-14 Signal conditioning for IC pressure sensors
This application note describes an amplification circuit for temperature-compensated pressure sensors.
2006-11-24 Signal conditioner IC enhances car sensor accuracy
ZMD's new signal conditioner IC promises highly accurate amplification and sensor-specific digital correction of bridge sensor signals in automotive environments.
2002-09-25 Selecting the Right PIN/Pre-Amp for your Application
This application note outlines the parameters for properly choosing the proper pre-amplification input noise for a users circuit.
2006-08-02 Precision op amps target instrumentation, DAQ apps
A pair of in-amps from Analog Device provide signal conditioning and amplification over large input voltage ranges, with well-defined DC accuracy and gain settings.
2008-12-08 ParkerVision to supply unpackaged RFICs to LG
ParkerVision Inc. announced that it has entered into a joint development agreement with LG Innotek, a division of the LG Group. Under the terms of the agreement, ParkerVision will supply unpackaged RFICs that incorporate the company's proprietary d2p and d2d technologies for the reception, transmission and amplification of RF carrier signals.
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