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2015-04-29 Grasping DSPism and its limitations
In this article, we explore the cult of DSPism and some of its limitations, as well as how and when microcontrollers can replace analogue circuitry.
2013-11-06 Graphene holds potential to yield terahertz lasers
Despite its lack of a bandgap, Max Planck researchers were able to demonstrate population inversion in graphene at terahertz frequencies after exciting it with an infrared laser.
2009-01-30 GPS Snitch gets scrutinized
The dizzying pace of progress in GPS navigation, Internet mapping and mobile data support has reached an intriguing confluence. As devices such as the Blackline GPS Snitch roll out, live tracking is now in the hands of the masses. Let's spy on the spyware now, with a private eye on the enabling technology.
2007-02-20 GNSS receivers add position location to handsets
SiGe Semiconductor announced the SE4120S and SE4110S global navigation satellite system receiver ICs allowing designers to support position location capabilities in mobile handsets.
2002-07-31 Genoa obtains U.S. patent for optical signal amplifier
Genoa Corp. has received U.S. patent number 6,347,104, for its IC-based optical amplifier and signal power monitor.
2008-02-22 Gennum debuts integrated ROSA line for 10GbE
Gennum will debut a range of short- and long-wave ROSAs for 10GbE and Sonet applications spanning data center to ultra-longhaul distances.
2006-08-23 GaN transistor amp delivers 400W for 3G base stations
NEC Corp. has announced the development of a compact GaN power transistor amplifier, said to have the world's highest output power level of 400W while featuring low-distortion characteristics, targeted at 3G base stations.
2010-02-22 GaAs trumps CMOS for 3G handset PAs
Anadigics believes that GaAs is the best process technology choice for 3G handset power amplifies.
2006-11-20 GaAs ICs target digital radio, sat-com markets
TriQuint Semiconductor has introduced three high-performance GaAs ICs for point-to-point radio and satellite communications that promise size, performance and cost advantages.
2008-02-18 Fundamentals and design principles of RF antennas (Part 1)
Antennas connect RF signals in an electrical circuit, such as between a PCB and an electromagnetic wave propagating in the transmission media between the transmitter and the receiver of a wireless link.
2015-02-24 Fujitsu optical transceiver delivers 100Gbit/s CPU communication
By developing a mathematical model and analytic techniques for the impact of mutual coupling between re-timer circuits, Fujitsu succeeded in laying out re-timer circuits with spacing of just 0.25mm.
2008-02-07 Fujitsu debuts 77GHz CMOS-based power amp
Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a 77GHz millimeter-waveband power amp using standard 90nm CMOS process technology.
2005-12-07 Fujitsu advances use of nanotubes as IC heatsinks
Fujitsu has developed carbon nanotube-based heatsinks for use in high frequency power amplifiers targeted at mobile communications infrastructure.
2015-07-22 Freescale expands broadband RF power amplifier line-up
The Airfast AFIC901N LDMOS RF integrated device and the AFT05MS003N LDMOS transistor can be operated at 3.6V or 7.5V and are geared for industrial radios.
2006-10-17 Freescale accelerometers feature selectable sensitivity
Freescale's dual-axis accelerometers offer a customer selectable sensitivity within a 2.5g to 10g range, which allows the devices to be used for multiple functions.
2015-10-30 Flash storage: 3D TLC NAND to beat MLC (Part 2)
In the first instalment of this series, we discuss alternate methods to increase density, as well as how a new innovation addresses SSD challenges surprisingly well.
2008-12-09 FAQs: Amplifiers (Part 1)
Part 1 tackles questions like what are the advantages of the BiCMOS process? What is Output High Voltage (VOH) for a comparator? What is a Programmable Gain Buffer?
2004-02-23 Fairchild video driver suits HD, SD signal filtering
Fairchild Semiconductor's triple video driver is selectable for High Definition or Standard Definition signal filtering.
2004-01-20 Fairchild video driver has HD/SD filtering capability
Fairchild Semiconductor's FMS6418A device is a highly integrated, triple video driver that is selectable for HD or SD signal filtering.
2005-06-07 Extensible modular DAQ system records to SD memory cards
Dataq Instruments' latest 14-bit eight-channel instruments either stream data to your PC, or collect data as standalone data loggers
2015-02-06 Examining Tektronix RSA306 signal analyser
Read about the trade-offs needed to produce a spectrum analyser in a small form factor while retaining much of the performance and usability of much larger instruments
2014-03-12 Examining field-programmable RF chip
Here's a look at a chip that comes from the wireless domain and is touted to bring exciting new possibilities.
2012-09-26 Erbium-silicon chip acts as optical amplifier
Silicon and erbium integrated on a single chip has the ability to amplify light up to 170 gigabits per second.
2010-01-08 Enterprise SSD achieves 20,000 P/E cycles
The device provides more endurance than SSDs based on commercial MLC NAND flash.
2008-02-18 Enhance the audio experience in flat-panel TVs
Designers trying to achieve high-quality audio from flat-panel TVs are faced with several obstacles, but digital audio processors and amplifiers can be used to both compensate for problems and to improve the audio experience.
2006-05-04 Emerson Electric acquires Artesyn
Artesyn Technologies announced that its shareholders have voted to approve the acquisition via merger of Artesyn by Emerson Electric Co.
2004-07-26 ECI Telecom gets $6M order from the Philippines
ECI Telecom has been awarded a $6 million order by a major Philippines Carrier, for the delivery of its XDM converged-optical-network solution.
2009-12-30 EC motor driver packs protection mechanisms
From Elmos Semiconductor AG comes the E910.87 EC motor driver that pack flexible configuration options and diverse protection mechanisms that make it suitable for a wide range of automotive and industrial applications.
2008-10-16 Dual-SCART switches ease European STB designs
Maxim introduces the MAX9655/MAX9656 low-power switches that support the video portion of dual-SCART, set-top-box designs.
2009-09-10 Dual-axis MEMS gyro tailored for digicams
Invensense Inc. claims to be the first MEMS vendor to offer a digital, two-axis gyroscope chip for camera stabilization.
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